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Worst year for school shootings?

Supposedly we’ve had a 60% jump in school “violence.” Something must be done, right?

2018 is worst year on record for gun violence in schools, data shows
This year has been by far the worst on record for gun violence in schools, the advocacy group Sandy Hook Promise said, citing research by the US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).

The NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security , a near 60% increase on the previous high, 59, an unwanted record set in 2006.

No. That’s utter crap. I wanted to check the NPS “shooting” raw data. The very first one I semi-randomly selected (wanted something recent) was a guy who drove around town and shot out windows randomly — and happened to include a school — with a BB gun.

What has increased dramatically is news reporting of incidents, and false inclusion of non-firearm/non-violent incidents with no specific relation to schools.

After the very first “incident” I checked was garbage, I couldn’t make myself waste any more time fact-checking what is clearly just another agenda-driven database chock full of BS. Feel free to do your own checks.


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