Recently UNESCO passed a resolution, for the second time this year, attempting to sever the Jewish People, and the modern State of Israel, from Har Habayit; the Temple Mount.  Yes, the leveled hilltop where the First & Second Temples stood.  The exhibition of such raw hubris in that vote is jaw-dropping.

Lots of ruffled feathers ensued.  The Chair of UNESCO distanced herself & even got death threats.  Mexico fired their (Jewish) ambassador to the UN when he walked out.  Others wanted a do-over.

This stupid vote, one of hundreds of stupid UN votes, is hardly the last.  Some believe that Obama has at least one last nut-kick waiting for Israel, before he leaves office.  Probably so.

During the past few weeks, I have also (against my better judgment) seen chunks of the second and third Presidential Debates between Mr. Trump & Mrs. Clinton.  I was mostly interested in the tactical skills utilized and the degree of overt bias the “moderators” exhibited.  Plenty there to chew on.

What surprised me, however, was when the 2nd Amendment came up.  Hillary was carefully prepped, and exhibited all the attributes of a skilled politician, masterfully stroking her “base” while proffering poll-tested, oleaginous, statements to the “undecided” voter.

Then, like a groggy man stepping in dog-poo in the dark, Mr. Trump maundered about, desperately trying to be all things to everyone. And failing, pitiably.

Most of the response to the UNESCO vote in the Jewish world has been the same time-worn things.  Shock that the presumed leaders of the non-Jewish world still resent and hate them, despite numberless abasements and concessions, spanning two-thousand years of exile.

The tough-talkers typically fall back to established modes of “Hasbara”.  Explanation.  As if Titus, or Martin Luther, or Tomás de Torquemada, or Bogdan Chmielnicki, or Iosif Dzhugashvili, or Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, were merely misinformed about the true nature of the Jew and his mission in this World.  Right.

Likewise, most of the 2nd Amendment groups, starting with that greatest advocate for (and often actual author of) victim disarmament legislation, the National Rifle Association, mewl about. Mincing words, and sharpening their dagger to stab US in the back when the next NRA “A” rated legislator barks.

Think about that the next time some NRA stooge talks about how they oppose “new” laws and only want the Government to enforce “existing” gun laws.  Ahhh…  But, we all have to be reasonable.  Right? Law abiding.

Law. Abiding.

Is a “law” that contravenes the plain wording of the Constitution a “law”?  What if the Constitution was amended to require the gassing of the Gun-Owners, or Jews, or Muslims, or Gays, or Redheads?

A few Jews are openly calling for Israel to withdraw from fishhook stuffed things like the Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Government, and all that money.  American taxpayers’ money.

Some folks have long argued that, history or not, being in the United Nations is a very bad thing (for both Israel, and the U.S., for that matter) and that they should get out. Now.

The late Mike Vandeboegh, of blessed memory, was steadfast in his resolve to both be immovable on principle, and savvy on tactics.  To fight the fight, as much as was possible, with “clean hands”.  A few… sadly, a very few… others in this fight, follow his example.

Most others are satisfied with 2nd Amendment “hasbara”, and relying on the NRA & their Republican politicians “make the best deal we could get” in every future battle.  The slow trudge into a muddy pit, I say.

Each of us has our “Line”.  At least, I sure hope so. The point beyond which we will say “NO”, and mean it.

When do we say…NO? When do we MEAN IT?  Worth thinking about.


5 thoughts on “Hasbara”

  1. perhaps off topic, but relevant to UNESCOs stupidity, is this accurate, if condensed and funny retelling of several thousand years of Israeli history..//www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrBEImNCHFo

  2. While Trump may not be the typical highly prepared and smooth-talking politician who dies well in debates, his heart is in the right place on the Second Amendment. He has consistently stated throughout this campaign that he is in favor of our right to keep and bear arms, and that he will not merely protect the Second Amendment, but all of the Constitution as written. Yes, at one time he was a typical New York City resident who was in favor of gun control. However, since his sons have gotten more interested in guns, hunting and gun rights, he has had his eyes opened up. In any case, between the certainty of Hillary Clinton going after guns against the rather reasonable possibility that Trump will end up being a very pro-gun president, I choose the latter.

    Either Trump or Clinton will be the next President. There is no other alternative. Between the two of them, on issues as diverse as Israel and gun rights, there is simply no contest – Donald Trump is the better candidate without any reservations. People can choose to sit home or vote for a third party candidate on principle, but that is little more than stroking one’s own ego. Not voting against Hillary Clinton my by voting for The Single candidate who is most likely to defeat her, is effectively of a vote for Clinton. Again, the simple fact is that one of them will be President. Now is the time to choose. Hillary Clinton will be a disaster on a multitude of different issues of concern to the readers of this blog, and to hundreds of millions of other Americans. Donald Trump, while not perfect, will certainly be much better on virtually any issue that anybody could raise.

  3. Nothing surprises me from the UN; an organization mainly run by authoritarian governments, something many here in the US are striving for in our own domestic politics.

    Saying No and crossing lines or where is someone’s Rubicon that is a question we must all answer on our own terms some may answer in complete submission to whoever is in power and the decrees that they make.

    With me it isn’t as much of when to say No, in many ways I have already said No but how to live today.

    Mike V’s Three Percent Catechism;

    These four principles — moral strength, physical readiness, no first use of force and no targeting of innocents that is how I intend to live out my remaining days & by not looking for trouble and not bowing to tyranny but if tyranny comes knocking at my door it will be repulsed with extreme prejudice when given no other choice.

    There is a storm coming and those who do not prepare for it will be the first to be swept away.

  4. Y.B., I remember discussing the topic of drawing a line and standing firmly by it sometime ago. Now, just a few months, and many miles later, I look back and realize that I have changed. My determination has gotten if anything, even stronger, and my line has gotten closer to the point where I am no longer as willing to allow as much intrusion on my freedoms before I may have to take action of some type. This does not mean that I will start a war, or fire the first shot, but it does mean that I am no longer content to allow my rights to continuously disappear without protest or debate. I actually have 2 friends from high school who traveled to North Dakota to protest the oil pipeline being built there. I am not saying that is right or wrong, I am not informed at all on the issue, what I am saying is that I am going to get involved like that. I am done just sitting on my hands and waiting for the next shoe to drop. I think that the sleeping giant is waking up.

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