Apparently NOT an obvious question

You may have noticed that I haven’t had much to say lately. I do have things to say, but I’m seeing a distinct lack of point in bothering. For instance…

Gun Control Groups Mailing Birthday Voting Forms to 18-Year-Olds

Anti-Gun Groups Target Teens With Voter Registration Packages

Gun control groups actively registering teens to vote

Experience tells me most readers won’t follow the links, so the TL;DR is that anti-rights groups are sending voter registration forms to 18 and 19 year olds for their birthdays. The intent is to build up an anti-RKBA Democrat voter base.

What I thought was an obvious question is not addressed in any of those links.

Names. Addresses. Ages. Birthdates. For tens of thousands of people.

Where did they get that information? Scraping Facebook? States selling drivers license data?


I seem to be the only one who wonders. You’d think that a well-funded pro-RKBA group like the NRA GOA or such might look into that. One, to see if there was any impropriety in disclosures. Two, if proper, can we do that?

If anyone sees one of these voter registration forms, I’m a little curious whether they come pre-filled. Name, address…

Party affiliation?

But at — this point — what difference does it make?


2 thoughts on “Apparently NOT an obvious question”

  1. I’m wondering about FB, seems people who don’t have accounts have had their data mined. No, I didn’t hear how they know for sure it was FB. But there was speculation as to “how”. Well, many people have the app on their phone, or log in from their phone. I never have. But, you have all those lovely contacts in your phone, with names, address and, birthdays and anniversaries. Then it seems, every web site with a share on FB and Like button FB has had tracking software. There defense in Europistan apparently is “well, we’ve been doing it for years and you didn’t complain. Never mind you didn’t know about it”. That’s their defense.

    Civics lesson column is great. That is a excellent question, not obvious because I didn’t know they were doing it. I knew the “March for our lives” rally was one big Demoncratic voter drive. And the Tide Pod noshers turned out in droves.

  2. I am not much of a joiner. But I did join GOA a bit ago, to try to help the cause, with a group I trust. I am planning on joining my state group soon, as that is where I can be the biggest help. Here in MICHIGAN, there is a rally tomorrow, but I am not able to make it. I am, however, paying attention and getting involved. I have already written to the new Republican who wants to run for the house of representatives for our state in the fall. We don’t have a very good group of politicians, but we do have one great thing. Term limits. Of course, the politicians say that they love it too, until they are coming up to the end of their term, then they say that they didn’t know how long it takes to get up to speed and to build relationships, blah, blah, blah. I am trying to do everything I can to help in my state. I will vote nationally, but I don’t want to spend my time fighting not only the anti gun crowd, but half the time the pro gun people too.
    I have to say that I have gotten almost as much vitriol from gunnies as from leftists. I have asked questions about guns, and have been ridiculed, called names, and used as a bad example. I have even been called a troll for trying to get help with a real concern. And I am a lifelong gun person, who is still learning about handgun issues. I can imagine how they treat people who are completely new to guns and have no idea what to even ask.
    I know that I am complaining here, but my hope is that someone might see this and realize that they are not only hurting the cause, but they are showing themselves to be a person who one would not wish to learn anything about, especially firearms.

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