Math is hard

The wisdom of Tom Arnold.

OK, with 80 to 120+ million gun owners in America… times .8…

That would be 64,000,000 to 96,000,000 shootings. Is that per year, Tommie?

Maybe it’s over the course of the gun owner’s life. …men average around 75 years, so…

That would be 853,333 to 1,280,000 shootings per year.

According to Everytown for More Violence (who notoriously look for the worst possible numbers of shootings) we only manage 124,761. That’s everything: homicide, suicide, accidents… the whole enchilada.

That’s less than one-tenth (0.097) to fifteen-hundreths (0.146) of Herr Professor Arnold’s (Ph.D. Remedial Common Core Mathematics) carefully researched, scientific, wild-assed guesstimate.

Darn it! Who’s slacking off?

Added for the benefit of Einstein Arnold: Total shootings — not self and family — are a fraction of his claim on self/family alone. I’m not even going to look up the lower self-inflicted and domestic violence numbers (but you can derive some of them from the Everytown link above).


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4 thoughts on “Math is hard”

  1. I must say it, the slacking off is coming from my guns. I have more than one, and not a single solitary gun has jumped out and shot anyone, on it’s own, or by divine intervention.
    And to think that everyone else’s guns are doing their job of randomly shooting people. I plan on giving my guns a good talking to, this afternoon.

  2. As an actor, Tom Arnold knows that precision in speech isn’t important. Why, he’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and doggone it, people like him!

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