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Y.B. ben Avraham is the proprietor of Yaakov’s Multivariate Enterprises of 3, Abdulla Kahhar Street, Tashkent, UZB; specializing in Bovine Pheromones, ULF Transceivers, Plus-Size Ladies Skiwear, and many other valuable goods and services for discriminating clientele.

Born to and raised by both a Mother and a Father (an increasing rarity) in the American Midwest, more than a half-century ago, his mind struck out for the shimmering Aurora (his body lagged behind a few years).

Married nearly thirty-six years, he (with the grudging assistance of his lovely and patient wife) sired four offspring. They, in turn are progressively following suit. Each member of the extended clan considers it a badge of honor to be noted as “persons of interest” in a wide variety of (alleged) jurisdictions.

Among Mr. ben Avraham’s panoply of noteworthy skills, writing is, sadly, not included.

He answers reliably to “My Liege” and calls to supper.

His motto (per the aforementioned wife) is “You’re right. I’m sorry. I won’t do that again.”

Lady_LibertySheila Stokes became an activist at her first second amendment rally in Jefferson City when the battle for concealed carry in Missouri was raging in 2003. Her first column in The Bullet “In the Presence of Warrior Angels” detailed the Missouri Supreme Court hearing that resulted from the override of Governor Carnahan’s veto on concealed carry. She wrote regular advocacy columns in the Western Missouri Shooters’ Alliance’s The Bullet until 2014.

Sheila served her regional Second Amendment advocacy group, the Western Missouri Shooters’ Alliance, from webmistress in 2004, to a nine-year term in its leadership, culminating in an eight-year period as its president and chief spokesperson. During her tenure, she spoke at second amendment rallies in Jefferson City, at various political functions, gave radio and YouTube interviews, and testified before Missouri legislative committees.

Sheila has also served on the board of the Missouri Sport Shooting Association from 2005 until Spring of 2014.

Sheila was recruited by Jews For the Preservation of Firearm Ownership in July 2014 as Director of Public Relations until they were taken over by the Second Amendment Foundation.

In September of 2014 she joined with others from the original JPFO to form The Zelman Partisans, a solid no compromise Second Amendment Rights and educational group.

Sheila has been a healthcare professional since 1977.

Sheila believes that G-d intended for people to live in freedom. Sheila also believes that America is asleep because of a “normalcy bias.” The misguided belief that because nothing “really bad” has ever happened in America, nothing ever will. When she says, “Never Again,” she means never again for the Jews, for Christians or any other group of people. Self-defense is granted by our Creator and Firearm ownership is guaranteed by our Constitution, and is essential for “Never Again.”

tzp-bear-pipeCarl “Bear” Bussjaeger is a military veteran, former peace officer, former private security officer, telecommunications technician, and jack of all trades. His hobbies include arming women and writing stuff few people read. His novel Net Assets was probably the least-read book to ever gain a Prometheus award nomination. He blogs at Random Acts of Gibberish.

Professor Yitzhak Goldstein Professor Goldstein grew up on the East and West Coasts of the United States. He graduated three universities, holds a Masters’ Degree in history, taught history and government at the secondary level and is currently a university professor. In addition, he served in law enforcement where he became proficient with firearms. His love for the outdoor doors, the ocean, European sports cars and Formula 1 racing, and cinema is only surpassed by his love of liberty.

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  1. Greetings,

    My name is Lee Williams. I am an investigative reporter at the Herald-Tribune, the daily newspaper in Sarasota, Florida.

    I also have a daily gun blog and a weekly (print) gun column, which are sponsored by my newspaper. They’ve garnered a national audience.

    I would like to do a column on your new pro-gun group.

    I can be contacted easiest on my cell: (941) 284-8553.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request,


    Lee Williams, Investigative reporter
    Herald-Tribune Media Group
    1741 Main Street, Sarasota FL 34236
    941-284-8553 Cell
    941-361-4975 Office
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    Blog: The Gun Writer
    Twitter: @HT_GunWriter

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