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OK, not that any of us like this part, but it is necessary to establish some rules for posting comments on this site.

It is not our intent to limit anyone’s ability to comment. Everyone is welcome, and all different points of view are appreciated. We will not delete comments, UNLESS…

You post spam. Our spam filter is pretty good at trapping spammers, but all comments will be moderated the first time you post something, so if we think it’s spam, off you go! After you have posted once, you should be able to comment without moderation, but in our experience, you will get trapped if you post too many links, so be aware of that.

You’re personally abusive. We all get passionate about the topic at hand, and honest debate and disagreement are welcomed and encouraged. That said, if your reply to someone is merely to call them names, your comment will be deleted. Period.

You post racist or anti-Semitic remarks. No, your link to Stormfront will not be accepted. No, your paranoid claims of Zionism and references to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion will not be allowed to remain, and will probably be ridiculed. A lot. And G-d help you if you use the “N-bomb” or any other racist invective!

Other than that, have at it. We encourage healthy debate. We like disagreement, even. But that also means that whatever you post is subject to criticism/ridicule if warranted. (Note we said “whatever you post,” not “you personally.”)

Happy commenting!

7 thoughts on “Posting Rules”

  1. Gosh! I’ve been call a “Noodnik” many times, and I still forgave the offender.

    Seriously, this is always a difficult area, but who wants the exceptional visitor to poop right in your front yard? These rules are more than fair.

    I promise to behave myself.


      1. Oooh. Um. Well. In the Old Country that always led to piles of vodka bottles outside the bedroom window and big families. Oww! I was kidding! (wife twisting my ear… hard.)

  2. I am glad to see ‘correct wing’ (my word for right wing) Jewish groups proliferate. The more the merrier. I take no sides on the differences between Zellman, JFPO, JDL etc, to me it’s different flavors at a darn good festival. The various groups are all based on correct basic assumptions. If I were forced to name a premier pro gun Jewish group I nominate the IDF. But it is so hard to carry an F16 concealed or not. Anyway glad to see this website, best wishes.

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