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Fun with targets — put your thinking caps on

Next item for the TZP store — targets. And we’d like you to help us create the first design.

Here’s the idea: We’ll find five of the dumbest, most idiotic anti-gun quotes we can and print them in the rings of the target. Finding the quotes is where you come in. Please use the comment section on this post to suggest your favorite brain-dead hoplophobe remark.

If you’re the first to suggest a quote that makes it onto one of our targets, you’ll get a free packet of the printed targets.

Rules are simple:

1. The quote must be short enough to fit in the rings of a 8-1/2 x 11 (or maybe slightely larger) target.

2. It must be verifiable (providing a link will help but isn’t required).

3. To have a chance at a free target pack, you must be the first to post it in comments.

4. Entries close midnight EDT July 31, 2015.

So … go for it and have yourself some fun.


And don’t forget the other nifty items in our store. Their numbers are few so far, but their quality high. You can get yourself a membership, a custom Kershaw folding knife, or a highly attitudinal yarmulke with the TZP logo.

I just got my own yarmulke last week and it’s a very nice, well-made, attractive item. Being a Gentile female, I’ll display, rather than wear, mine. But we’ve had multiple purchases from happy customers who plan either to use them as intended or gift them to people who will. We just lowered the shipping cost on the “buy three and save” offer, also.


Have you joined the Partisans yet?

No? Well, why not? Actually, don’t answer that. Just go. Join up. There are options for as little as $20. And all memberships come with several bits of member swag including a morale patch.

Everybody has to have a morale patch, right? (And where else in the infamous freedomista cat herd are you going to get a morale patch to identify yourself uncompromisingly with both Jews and gun rights?)

Three-year memberships come with even more goodies, including discounts in our (so far tiny) little store. The store where you can get that custom Kershaw spring-assist knife.

So what are you waiting for? Seriously. We want you in the Partisans and surely with all that cool stuff — and this quirky blog — and all us amazingly talented and committed volunteer writers — and all this news you can’t get anywhere else — and the ONLY organized hardcore, no-compromise Jewish pro-gun, pro-rights perspective in the universe — you want to be with us.

So then. I’ll just shut up and let you get on with it now. (With bigtime thanks to you who’ve already joined and are continuing to support TZP.)

Oh but don’t forget — TZP custom kippot/kippahs/yarmulkes coming in the next few weeks!

Our store won’t say tiny for long.


Join us!

Here goes, guys! At long last, you can really, truly join a freedom-fighting, kick-ass, no-compromise, no-surrender partisan brigade. And no need to take to the woods. Just … click!

The Zelman Partisans began as a blog (I was going to say “a mere blog,” but there will never be anything “mere” about TZP). But our intention has always been to fulfill the greater, wider mission of the late Aaron Zelman. Our job is to plug the gap left when Aaron’s great Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership was sold to people who reject everything Aaron stood for.

Now we begin … with your help. In exchange, we’ve got some cool stuff to offer you.

First … Join us!. Choose from three levels of membership: one-year charter, three-year founder, or three-year founder PREMIUM. Each level offers its own benefits and each level is discounted for the first 100 to join.

Second … Every partisan needs a patch!. Everyone who buys a membership at any level gets a FREE patch with membership (among other items). Don’t want to join? You can still buy your patch. These are high-quality embroidered morale patches, suitable for wearing or for display. They’re velcro-backed (and you get both the hook and loop pieces).


Every membership level gets a patch, a membership card, and a certificate. The higher levels also get discounts in our store. There’s not much in the store yet: just the patches and copies of RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone (autographed; limited quantity). But we’ll be working on creating more good stuff for you! PREMIUM members get a FREE copy of RebelFire and a 5×7 portrait of Aaron Zelman (the same one you see here).

GOOD NEWS FOR PREVIOUS DONORS: We are incredibly grateful to you who jumped right in with donations before we were even “official.” Because we appreciate the boost you gave us, everyone who has already donated more than $20 will be enrolled as a member in whichever category best matches your donation. We’ll be contacting you soon, but we’ve had trouble in the past with some donors’ email addresses. So if you’re an existing donor and you don’t hear from us shortly, email us at tzpstore-at-zelmanpartisans-dot-com.

Finally, a little housekeeping: TZP is now incorporated, thanks to founding members and sponsors, the Alperts of Missouri Bullet Company. We opted not to go for the 501(c)(3) status that JPFO had because some of our founders want the option to “get political” (and because tax-exempt status involves jumping though horrible IRS hoops). So donations to us are not tax-deductible. Nevertheless, we will make good use of your contributions by continuing to bring you solid, unique blog content, cool stuff, and ultimately special projects to keep reminding the world that gun rights are lifesaving, genocide-preventing civil rights.

Now, join us! And if you should run into any glitches (since the store and membership programs are brand-new and since we are all just volunteers pulling TZP together as we can), please notify us at tzpstore-at-zelmanpartisans-dot-com. We’ll get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you — and glad to have you with us!



What do you want to see?
And some notes on our name and our mission

On the surface, it’s been a little quiet at The Zelman Partisans this week. Behind the scenes — not so! The gnomes of TZP (led by the amazing Jo Ann Alpert of the Missouri Bullet Company, one of our founders) have been busy prepping for our next advance.

‘Til now, we’ve been just a blog. Our next steps turn us into a “real” organization. To some, the updates we’re soon to unveil may seem minor. But trust me, as a step toward our long-term plan of carrying out the legacy of Aaron Zelman, they are huge.

Among other things, we’re developing TZP merchandise to help fund future projects and operations. We’ll start small, but with your help, we’ll build.

With that in mind, I’m asking: What types of merchandise would you like to see (and more important, what would you purchase)? Targets? Posters? Bumper stickers? Reader-friendly booklets? Wearables? Knives? Toss your ideas into comments. How much we’ll be able to do, and how soon, will depend on a lot of factors. But YOU can help point our thinking in the right direction. So have at it!

We’re already working on one cool item suggested by a reader. Then this week we received the delightful suggestion of TZP-logo kippot (yarmulkes) — an idea that would have brought a smile to Aaron’s face. Can you imagine the conversations those might start in Jewish communities?

Heck, personally I’m neither Jewish nor male (and who else has use for a kippah?), but if those became available, I’d buy one. Just because. 🙂


Oh. And as I was writing this The Amazing Jo Ann already intro’d a couple of our new features. Take a look over there on the right, below the banners for our friends and supporters, Dragon Leatherworks and the Missouri Bullet Company. Check out our Queensboro store, which specializes in high-quality wearables with our nicely embroidered logo. Then visit our CafePress store, where you can get logo-printed items for yourself and even your best friend. (A store of our own is yet to come.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post …


The same person who suggested TZP kippot — a business owner and long-time JPFO supporter — also expressed mild concern about us. Or specifically, our identity. He wrote:

It’s really a loss that JPFO went the way it did — the name told you everything you needed to know about the organization. Unfortunately, as important as it is to honor Aaron Zelman’s work and memory, “Zelman Partisans” requires explanation when talking to people who don’t know about JPFO’s (former) mission. I’m not sure what you can do, or what you’d even want to do, about the branding…

I agree that the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership was a wonderfully descriptive name. It was also so clunky that hardly anybody ever used it. One time when the freedomista columnist Vin Suprynowicz did use it, he was accused (seriously!) of being an anti-Semite for “making up” such a “ridiculous” group.

‘Cause everybody knows that all Jews loathe guns. Ptooey! And that is precisely the perception Aaron wanted to change — and so do we. He wanted to change that perception among Jews and Gentiles alike — and so do we.

The name “Zelman Partisans” does need explanation. But that gives us all the opportunity to open conversations. (“What? Why are there rifles crossed on that Star of David?”) Opening conversations can open eyes.

Besides, aside from honoring Aaron, I hope the name draws us together. Jews and friends of Jews, if we all understand that firearms are genocide-prevention tools and we’re willing to stand to protect gun rights as lifesaving civil rights, then we truly are partisans in the fighting sense of the word.

We are together in this. Outnumbered but undaunted. Outsiders united.

Powerful forces oppose us. Our resources are miniscule compared with those of our enemies. As partisans we come from diverse backgrounds and are driven together by need. We find each other in hardship. We join together in times that are increasingly perilous for Jews — and for freedom. We may not enjoy comfort and ease. But, always, the bold outlaw spirit of the partisan prevails.