An Epidemic of Evil

Remember the good old days when victim disarmers and power grabbers simply tried to paint gun owners as ignorant, thoughtless rednecks?*

Now, no doubt in support of allowing the CDC to — once again — conduct biased gun control studies and promotion, we’re portrayed as disease-ridden Typhoid Marys spreading death and destruction in our wake.

Is gun violence in the US infectious?
When he connected the dots, he said, the relationship became clear: “This violence had fulfilled the criteria of the population characteristics of a contagious disease.”

Well… except for the whole microbial vector thing. But what’s a few facts amongst victim disarmers?

So what about the distribution of doctors in the US? Using Slutkin’s “methodology,” one could easily assume Doctorates of Medicine are a disease rather than honors awarded by institutions based on work and scholarship.


Considering that medical misadventure kills far more people than “gun violence,” there may be something to that notion.

For that matter, the way language groups are distributed and spread would look a lot like an epidemic to someone who failed to learn the difference between correlation and causation; a person determined to prove a “problem” rather than identify factors he prefers to ignore.

Maybe Slutnik could research how the Spanish language causes Zika.


Probably not, since a plague that could produce a generation of microcephalic Congressional candidates simply isn’t as dangerous as honest gun owners.

The “epidemic” I see is a likely-coordinated attempt to treat firearms ownership as illness, as a disease to be eradicated.

An epidemic of evil, spreading death by victim disarmament.  As we’ve seen all too often through history, when someone found it more convenient to place blame than find the real cause.