Seattle Taking Stupid Pills

OK, who put the stupid in Seattle’s water?

The city council in that den of dimwittery has unanimously approved a “gun violence” tax.

Under the new law, referred to as the “gun violence tax,” gun and ammo sales in the city are subject to a tax of $25 per firearm at sale and $0.05 for every round of ammunition at sale ($0.02 for every round of .22 caliber ammunition and smaller). Seattle’s City Budget Office estimates that the gun violence tax will raise between $300,000 and $500,000 per year: revenue raised under the tax will be earmarked for violence prevention.

Some gun rights opponents dolts claim that the tax will deter potential criminals from buying a gun which would be used to commit a violent crime.

Because criminals so often buy their guns legally? Because there are no firearms available on the black market or from a local drug dealer? Because they can’t borrow or steal a firearm? A $25 fee will somehow deter someone intent on committing violence from doing so?

A similar tax was adopted in Cook County, IL, and that apparently has not in any way prevented the carnage that’s going on over there! Do the city council members think that somehow their results will be different?

Chances are a special tax on constitutionally protected purchases will do nothing to stop crime.

What it MIGHT do is prevent those who purchase guns legally from doing so in Seattle. And once Seattle gun shops start losing business – and if they lose enough of it – they might want to consider relocating to an environment that’s more friendly to both the Second Amendment and the free market. And once they relocate, how much in tax revenue are you going to lose, morons?

Additionally, what it also will do is make effective tools of self defense more cost prohibitive to the very people who need said tools the most: the poor, who tend to live in not so nice neighborhoods, and for whom the $25 might mean either purchase of a firearm with which to defend their families from thugs who will more likely than not get their guns illegally anyway or food on the table, but not both.

Why do the elitist members of the Seattle City Council hate the poor?

Given the abject FAIL that was Cook County’s “violence reduction tax,” why do the members of the Seattle City Council insist on repeating the insanity?

Apparently the entire city council fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

I can only hope that every gun shop owner picks up and leaves the city and that businesses outside the city benefit from the sales while Seattle hemorrhages tax revenue. If there’s any common sense or justice in this world, it will happen.


Pant, pant, pant … posting as fast as I can to catch up!

First thing: Thank you BIG TIME to Sheila and Y.B. for carrying the blogging load the last week or so. I’ve been trying to get here for at least a small post but … life.

So I’d just like to give a couple of quick updates:

  • Thanks to everybody who submitted dumb anti-gun quotes for TZP targets. We’ve verified those that can be verified (and thank you so very much to you who submitted quotes with original-source links!) and are now passing the entries around among the TZP leadership group. We’re not sure exactly when we’ll announce the winners, and it may be that after we’ve chosen our “favorites” a designer will have the final say as he fits everything together. But we’ll keep you posted. We definitely got some grins and groans out of your submissions.
  • The same day our quote contest closed, Lucky Gunner announced the final results in its poll to give away the money owed to it by the Brady Center. Your votes kept TZP solidly in the middle of the pack all the way to the end. Our numbers were modest but we still came out in the vicinity of several larger, better-known groups. And the main thing is that we had an unprecedented chance to get noticed. Kudos to you.

Now, that said, here are some links I’ve been collecting for you:

  • A couple of my recent posts were about resistance within Germany to the Nazis. Y.B. sent these links to information on Christians who resisted on principle.
  • “They Hate You Because You’re Jewish, You Idiot!” No comment.
  • Man, this is (almost) enough to make a body like Chuck Schumer. And note how quickly the Obama White House stabbed him in the back.
  • This spring, I stumbled across a weird story about officials in a Greek town demanding — of all things! — that a star of David be removed from a Holocaust museum. Um … srsly? But the actions of a couple of politicians halfway around the world didn’t seem all that newsworthy, so I just sat on the link at the time.
  • Then more recently, Y.B. sent me these poll results — which put the actions of Greek officials into much more chilling perspective. No wonder the Jews of Europe are either getting out or beginning to agitate for the right to bear arms.

The Ever Helpful NRA

Backed by the National Rifle Association, the Senate’s No. 2 Republican leader is introducing legislation that would reward states for sending more information about residents with serious mental problems to the federal background check system for firearms purchasers.

The bill promoted Wednesday by Sen. John Cornyn, who has an A-plus rating from the NRA for his gun rights record, is far more modest than a Senate measure expanding background check requirements that the organization and Republicans helped defeat two years ago. Cornyn’s proposal also is narrower than a measure a top Senate Democrat announced this week.

Recent shootings have drawn attention to weaknesses in the background check system. The gunman in last month’s killings in a Louisiana movie theater had mental problems that went unreported to the federal database.

“Gaps in existing law or inadequate resources prevent our communities from taking proactive steps to prevent them from becoming violent,” Cornyn, R-Texas, said in a written statement.

Jennifer Baker, spokeswoman for NRA legislative affairs, said the bill took “meaningful steps toward fixing the system and making our communities safer.”

Way cool Jen! Everyone wants safer communities. And maybe you have a really good “in” with someone like, oh an Eric Holder, or say a Loretta Lynch? No? Then you are flying as blind as John Heinz-Kerry. While he doesn’t know everything that is in the Iranian nukes side deals that have been made, the NRA, doesn’t know WHO gets to decide WHAT are mental problems and HOW severe they are do they?

The SAF that thinks Universal Background Checks are a peachy idea, and WHAT could possibly be bad about that? The NRA now thinks a federal government that has IRS employees targeting conservatives, the DOJ selling guns to Drug lords, inciting violence and persecuting law enforcement officers, a NSA that has been exposed as spying on ordinary citizens and foreign countries, ICE and Border Patrol that are told to practice catch and release, the EPA wanting to go after farmers for “farm dust” will be responsible enough with the NICS check not to abuse a power to prevent citizens from owning guns which the current regime, well, hates. All that lovely obamacare data, just lingering in a electronic database. The federal government would never abuse that, right? I mean look how well the plethora of other governmental agencies have behaved under the current regime.

So, what are reasons to be denied your Second Amendment rights now, without the NRA’s helpful bill?

Well, if you are a Veteran and need help managing your finances, that will do it.

What kinds of things can cause you to be accused of mental illness? Depends on what country you live in, but some of these, wow.

The NRA will send out those helpful little orange cards, and people will believe them. In my state they have caused harm and prevented some wonderful candidates from being elected. And yet, people think they are a good source of information. Wow. Just, wow.

States are going to be bribed and paid off to send more info on their citizens to the Federal government? What a great bill! Awesome! What could possibly go wrong?


Trying to Snuff Out the Canary


In June I wrote about an informative and new anti-BDS site called Canary Mission.  Their mission is to reveal just who the actors in this  movement really are and what they truly espouse, often with their own words.

Well, the BDS crowd is not happy about Canary Mission.  Not.  At. All.

In a new article from award winning investigative reporter and author Edwin Black, he notes an increasing level of shrill and violent threats against Canary Mission.  Well worth reading in it’s entirety.

And, if you have not yet done so, do please check out Canary Mission’s site, too!  A valuable resource.


My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

I’m of the generation that grew up watching John Wayne and Roy Rogers, and greatly admired both men. After I read a few of the books written by Dale Evans Rogers, Roy’s wife, I admired him even more. They were straight shooting, honest men. Hard working, with guts and integrity. And that was just in their private lives, let alone their persona in the movies. As you can tell, I’m from a time gone by.

I guess what got me to thinking about heroes was a facebook meme I saw a couple days ago. It had a picture of Batman and said “My boss told me to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Now I’m sitting in Human Resources at a disciplinary meeting dressed as Batman.” I was telling a girlfriend about it and said I wanted to find one that said I’m sitting in a disciplinary meeting dressed as Judah Maccabee. She seemed a little astonished. She said Judah’s battles were in many arenas. Spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological. She felt that was quite a chunk to chew. I agree.

The night before I had watched a 1982 movie called “The Wall” about the Warsaw ghetto, and how the resistance came to be. Well, at least Hollywood style. One of the leaders of the resistance turned out to be (in the movie anyway) a woman named Rachel. She was one of the first to insist to the resistance the cattle cars weren’t going to the Ukraine. She was the first to insist they were going to have to be responsible for defending themselves. She was the one that was teaching them how to shoot a pistol. Sadly there is not enough back-story in the movie to know how she acquired such knowledge, but her directions were pretty good. But as best as I can tell, she was just a nice woman who was enjoying a nice Jewish life with her family when the world went crazy.

Judah was the same, he and his family were having a nice Jewish life in Modin. Well, as nice as you can have when Antiochus has decided your religion will not be allowed to exist and you must abandon it and now accept HIS religion. Oh, and if you follow yours, you will die.

My girlfriend pointed out some of my thought processes are a tad bit different than a lot of peoples. Ok, maybe so. So I asked her who HER heroes are? She is quite a bit younger than I am.

Her choices were Corrie Ten Boom, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry and all the founding fathers. For quite similar reasons. Corrie? A nice old lady building and fixing watches, well, until the world went cray-cray. Laura? She and her family were some of the early pioneers. Their lives were not easy and they went through many difficult and trying times. But they stuck it out to help settle their land and have nice lives. The founding fathers? Well, they were farmers and simple men. Men with families just going about their daily lives. Yet, when the need for them to rise to the challenge in the case of freedom and liberty, they did. She summed it up with ordinary, everyday people doing extraordinary things. People with regular lives becoming amazing heroes. Ordinary people overcoming extraordinary odds.

I asked a relative of mine who her heroes were. She is five years younger than I am. Hers? Winston Churchill, “Iron” Margaret Thatcher, and sigh, Colin Powell. All for the same reason, they were people who took unpopular stances when it was necessary to do the right thing, because it was the right thing.

A friend of mine a couple years older? Leonard Bernstein. Because he stepped in and did such a marvelous job when the chips were down. I kind of caught her off guard with the question as our whole conversation up to that point had been a completely different topic.

My point is this, all of the people I surveyed are within about 15 years of each other. We have similar reasons for picking our heroes.

What are children taught today are heroes in the public schools? There are pages on Michael Jordan, paragraph on George Washington? Really. The media tells us it is a football player who is “courageous” enough to tell the world he is “gay”. Ok, takes courage, but is the result the same as Nathan Hale? A man has a sex change operation? Courage? Um, well, ok. But actually I think his/her saying on public television that he/she is a Republican took more. It reminds me of collage in the 60s. All these kids dressed alike, bathing as often, chanting the same slogans and protesting for the same causes claiming they are “bucking the system” and never seeing the irony.

Today we have celebrate “diversity”, as long as you go along with what the liberal political correctness tells you IS diversity. If not? You will be attacked in the media as a hater, your bank account subject to IRS seizure and the tolerant left will try to shut your business down. We must be diverse, as long as we are diverse the way it’s “allowed”. Ahh, what was it Hitler said about giving him a generation? I’m sure professor Bill Ayers said similar though. Just a guess.

So now I will sound like the old person I am. I will bemoan that today the main topic is who will win American Idol, what are the Kardashians wearing and where is Paris Hilton, while they may not know there is a Paris, France.

Perhaps it is just me, perhaps it is the rainy day, but I can not help but wonder, for how little can the title “Hero” be purchased today? Will people be the same today as they were in the meeting in the film clip from “The Wall”, they delayed fighting evil, because they did not recognize evil for what it was, and if they began to they were unable to admit to it. Almost every hero listed above, no matter who selected them, recognized a threat to their area and addressed it.

From 1st Maccabees 3:17

Now when Seron, a prince of the army of Syria, heard say that Judas had gathered unto him a multitude and company of the faithful to go out with him is to war ; he said, I will get me a name and honor in the kingdom ; for I will go fight with Judas and them that are with him, who despise the king’s commandment. So he made him ready to go up, and there went with him a mighty host of the ungodly to help him, and to be avenged of the children of Israel.

And when he came near to the going up of Beth-horon, Judas went forth to meet him with a small company: who, when they saw the host coming to meet them, said unto Judas, How shall we be able, being so few, to fight against so great a multitude and so strong, seeing we arc ready to faint with fasting all this day ? Unto whom Judas answered.

It is no hard matter for many to be shut up in the hands of a few; and with the God of heaven it is all one, to deliver with a great multitude, or a small company: for the victory of battle standeth not in the multitude of an host; but strength cometh from heaven. They come against us in much pride and iniquity to destroy us, and our wives and children, and to spoil us but we fight for our lives and our laws. Wherefore the Lord himself will overthrow lo them before our face and as for you, be ye not afraid of them.

Now as soon as he had left off speaking, he leapt suddenly upon them, and so Seron and his host was overthrown before him. And they pursued them from the going down of Beth-horon unto the plain, where were slain about eight hundred men of them ; and the residue fled into the land of the Philistines.

Then began the fear of Judas and his brethren, and an exceeding great dread, to fall upon the nations.

Judah Maccabee Meme
Judah Maccabee Meme

So who are YOUR heroes, and why?


Lost In the Wilderness

Daniel Greenfield has a superb piece at his Sultan Knish weblog about the  utility of “deeply concerned” Jewish organizations.  He leaves them with nowhere to run after a brief review of their shameful and self-serving history in the face of Zionism, the Holocaust, and demanding freedom for Soviet Jewry.  They are worse than useless.  They prop up evil and line their pockets with kopecs from rubes.

How very similar it is with so many “pro Second Amendment”, and firearms industry groups.  Their forearms grow weary from pulling the dagger out of our backs so as to thrust it in again and again.   Stopping ever so briefly to wipe our blood off their faces and hands, for a photo-op, a fund-raiser with some pin-stripe ghoul, or  to sign off on another mass mailing.

In many ways it reminds me of the Israelites at Kadesh Barnea.  Not only did they just betray G-d with the Golden Calf, but now, they paid heed to ten gutless “scouts”, who, despite personally witnessing miracles, loyalty, and boundless love, despite being wrapped up in the arms of G-d, feared mere mortals.  They thus refused to enter the Land; preferring the familiar, to the challenge of their destiny.

G-d once again had had his fill.  He told Moses that this was the last straw.  Moses pleaded.  G-d relented.  Excepting two ( the budding leader, Joshua and the arguably even finer-souled Calev) all those over the age of twenty would never enter the Promised Land.  They would die in the desert.  Safe.  More or less secure.  But, doomed.

For freedom-oriented organizations, perhaps there is a lesson here.  So enmeshed with being respectable, reasonable, well liked, wealthy, and influential, they have lost their purpose in the wilderness, and are doomed to remain there.


A Sad Study in Contrasts

This week a maniac stabbed six people at a “Gay Pride” parade in Israel.

He had just been released from prison for a 2005 stabbing of three other people at the same parade .

In response, among the chorus of condemnations from Jews in every direction, from the man in the street to the Prime Minister of Israel, religious Zionist leader, Rabbi Chaim Druckman said:

“(He) is a lowly murderer and by his (religious) outward appearance he also adds an awful desecration of G-d’s name.”

“Our rabbis teach us that everyone who has mercy for mankind is known to be of the seed of our forefather Avraham , and everyone who does not have mercy for mankind is known not to be of Avraham’s seed. The behavior of (the maniac) is the complete opposite of Jewish behavior, and he must be treated severely likely every criminal.”


This same week, an Arab family’s home was firebombed. A child died, and others in the family were grievously injured. Although not yet captured, it appears that the attackers were also Jews.

The survivors of this attack are being treated by the best doctors in the finest medical facilities available.

Like the stabbing attack above, the condemnations are resounding and widespread.

The full power of the Israeli police and courts are in play to arrest, try, and punish those who commit such vile acts.

Rabbi Druckman is uncompromising on this abomination, as well:

“I find the need to once again say these are criminal acts that are anti-Jewish, anti-humane, and of course anti-ethical,” said Rabbi Druckman. “These acts must be condemned and denounced.”

In a call for action, he added, “the security forces must do everything to quickly find those behind these awful acts and to bring them to justice.”

“Rid evil from your midst,” he said in conclusion, quoting Deuteronomy 17:7.

Sadly, but predictably, the Arabs are mostly silent on the first case. Their preeminent institutions tend to throw gay people to their deaths off the roofs buildings, hang them from hydraulic construction cranes, or saw their heads off with dull knives.

TEHRAN, IRAN:  From L to R: Amir Fakhri, Payam Amini, and Majid Ghasemi, sentenced to death, are seen dangling from cranes in east Tehran 29 September 2002. Residents of the Iranian capital were treated to a public display of revolutionary justice, with five convicted gang rapists executed by hanging at dawn at different sites in the capital. AFP PHOTO/Behrouz MEHRI (Photo credit should read BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

On the second case, that of the firebombing of a family, the Arabs, true to form, blame the Israeli Government for the act of savages.




A Letter to Heydrich

On July 31st 1941 the order to plan a “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem” was formally placed into motion.

SS Chief Hermann Göring wrote a letter to his director of Reich Security Services, Reinhardt Heydrich, directing him “to carry out all the necessary preparations with regard to organizational and financial matters for bringing about a complete solution of the Jewish question in the German sphere of influence.”

He further ordered Heydrich to prepare and submit to him the resulting overall plan to accomplish this very important task.

As of the Summer of 1941, the “German sphere of influence” already covered over a dozen countries… home to some Eleven Million Jews. Many of whose communities dated back over one thousand years. Some were to twice that old.

By January of the following year, the overall plan was ready. A coordinating conference was held in Wannsee.


The attendees included:
• Heydrich, as chief of the Reich Security Main Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt-RSHA)
• SS Major General Heinrich Müller, chief of the Gestapo
• SS Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann, chief of the RSHA Department of Jewish Affairs
• SS Colonel Eberhard Schöngarth, RSHA commander Government General in Krakow, Poland
• Major Rudolf Lange, commander of RSHA Einsatzkommando 2, then deployed in Latvia
• SS Major General Otto Hofmann, the chief of SS Race and Settlement Main Office.
• State Secretary Roland Freisler of the Ministry of Justice
• Reichs Cabinet Ministerial Director Wilhelm Kritzinger
• State Secretary Alfred Meyer of the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories
• Ministerial Director Georg Leibrandt of the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories
• Foreign Office Undersecretary of State Martin Luther
• Interior Ministry State Secretary Wilhelm Stuckart
• State Secretary Erich Naumann (Office of Plenipotentiary for the Four-Year Plan)
• State Secretary Josef Bühler of the Office of the Government of the Governor General in German-occupied Poland
• Nazi Party Chancellery Ministerial Director Gerhard Klopfer

Heydrich crisply described the disposition of the “Endlsösung” to the attendees in this way:

“(D)uring the course of the Final Solution, the Jews will be deployed under appropriate supervision at a suitable form of labor deployment in the East. In large labor columns, separated by gender, able-bodied Jews will be brought to those regions to build roads, whereby a large number will doubtlessly be lost through natural reduction. Any final remnant that survives will doubtless consist of the elements most capable of resistance. They must be dealt with appropriately, since, representing the fruit of natural selection, they are to be regarded as the core of a new Jewish revival.”

Zyklon B to Smoke and Ash




A friend sent me a story the other day about how Chrysler cars could be hacked and controlled. This is not a trifling deal like the Iranian nuke deal either. This is a big important deal if you happen to be driving one of these vehicles that is connected to the Sprint wireless program Uconnect.

Hackers can cut the brakes, shut down the engine, drive it off the road, or make all the electronics go haywire.

Uh oh.

But to be fair, it seems that the only reason that the article is about Chrysler products is because the investigators are

a tiny team that lacks the funding to keep buying cars and the time to break into them.

Uh oh.

Sprint, as network controller could block the hacks, but has not said if it will do so, just that it is working with Chrysler.

You can read the whole article yourself.

I can save the team some footwork and expense though. Government Motors onStar is a huge liability. At the very least to your privacy, and that’s NOT if it’s hacked. Turns out that onStar collects quite a lot of information on vehicles and sends it to Government Motors. Well, and third parties, not defined or designated. But hacked, why yes indeed. An article came out yesterday that onStar can be hacked and it seems Government Motors is far less willing than Chrysler to acknowledge or discuss fix. Government Motors told the hacker who contacted them it had fixed the vulnerability.

Kamkar said he discussed the fix with representatives from GM, but their efforts failed to thwart the attack method he uncovered, which uses a device he built and dubbed ‘OwnStar.'”

“They have not yet fixed the bug that ‘OwnStar’ is exploiting,” he told Reuters.

I’m shocked, shocked I say. Uh oh.

You can read the whole article yourself.

Beyond that, some people are incredible creatures called “nerds”, and they read changes in things called “Terms and Conditions”. Some of these “nerds” have blogs, where they put in regular people language what these things say. One such “nerd” detailed what he found out about the changes in onStar’s terms and conditions and what it meant for regular humans. Not good stuff, but if you use or have used onStar you might want to give it a read.

You can read the whole article yourself.

The right wing conspiracy publication known as USAToday came out with an article a couple years ago talking about the pending installation of “black boxes” into the moving data collection devices that used to be known as the family car. USAToday does a nice job of detailing what all can and will be collected and again how it can be used. The black boxes are not the same as onStar, this is a separate avenue of data collection. Although we have nothing to fear from this. Nothing at all.

Fears have been “blown out of proportion,” says Mukul Verma, a former top GM safety expert who is now a consultant. “I don’t think there is any chance of it being used or misused without people’s permission.”

You can read the whole article yourself.

Uh oh.

Sure makes one wish for the good old fashioned cars doesn’t it? One you could just drive. Yeah, I did when I needed to get a car a couple years ago. I knew exactly what brand I wanted, and hunted and hunted and hunted for one. Most of the dealerships I stopped at or contacted gave me the same information. “I’m sorry ma’am, but since cash for clunkers happened those are hard to find. In fact good used cars that people wanted that they could just buy outright are VERY hard to find. But we have a really nice Chevy Cruze, or this gently used Chevy Volt. If you don’t mind a little singeing, we have almost all the burn smell out of it now. Can give you a really good deal on it.” Ok, I admit, I made up the last part about the Volt, but not the rest of it.

Yep, I do love technology, I really do. I adore my phone, my computer and my tablet. But let’s be honest, they have vulnerabilities. I suppose if you choose to get one of those cars with that kind of technology you can decide for yourself the risk to benefit ratio.

But any time you get something with mechanical moving parts and introduce electronic control into it I think there is probably a risk. We should each get to decide if we take the risk or no.

That being said the last electronic I wish to draw your attention to is the “smart gun”. From Bearing Arms today comes a article about rifles using TrackingPoint technology. A married couple has figured out how to hack into TrackingPoint. They can use a wireless connection to change the information and even the target the gun tells the shooter they are aiming for. Wired details all the work the couple did and what all they can do with it.

You can read the whole article yourself.

Uh oh.

Smart gun technology, you know, the kind gun grabbing politicians keep telling us will keep us “safe”. It will prevent the “evil handguns that only have a purpose to kill” from doing so, according to Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who wants them banned. Seeing as how they have no “sporting purpose”. Smart gun technology, like having to wear a special watch to be able to use your gun. What could go wrong with that? Or your gun has to recognize your fingerprint to use your gun. While you may be annoyed your spouse used your toothbrush, I’m pretty sure if they need to use YOUR gun, it is important.

I don’t hate technology, but it does seem we are losing choice in just how much of it is allowed into our daily lives. And it seems to me, that when the direction that push is coming from is the government, the results won’t be good. After all, what could go wrong?

From the Bearing Arms Article

By their computerized nature, any computerized “smart” gun can be rendered inoperable just as the TrackingPoint was in this test, and some smart guns are rumored to have been designed from the ground up to be rendered inoperable with the push of a button by either the manufacturer, or by government itself.

Uh oh.

Ok, this one is just for a grin. No “uh oh” honest.


Support your local Jewish gun group

Just a small reminder here that v*ting is still open until Saturday in Lucky Gunner’s effort to give away the money it’s due to receive from the Brady Center. Since it appears the Bradys have given up their appeal of the court judgment against them, the money is no longer theoretical. A bunch of lucky gun groups are going to get a share.

Although The Zelman Partisans have slipped a few places in the ranks, we are still comfortably ensconced in the middle of the pack. CCRKBA and Pink Pistols have moved farther ahead of us, but the NSSF has dropped farther behind. All in all, and thanks to you, we’re doing great for an obscure special-interest group that didn’t even exist this time last year.

The biggies lead the pack, of course. The NRA/ILA and Gun Owners of America are looking to take about one fourth of the prize between them, with some big state groups close behind. But remember — it’s not winner-take-all. Lucky Gunner is awarding the prize proportionally, so even a small vote total can earn a contribution. And just by being up there, we’re getting known.

You can only v*te once per IP address. But even if you’ve already v*ted, you can still spread the word via your social networks, blogs, etc.

Thanks for supporting TZP!


And when it comes to supporting us — and getting yourself some cool gear — don’t forget our new custom kippahs; they’ve gotten raves from those who’ve bought them. And then there are those sleek Kershaw spring-assist knives. I use mine every day; it’s got a super-sharp blade that keeps its edge even under considerable abuse.

Better yet, if you become a three-year member, you get discounts on store merchandise. All members get an intro packet that includes our embroidered morale patch and more.

Here are the kippot, outside and inside:




Note to members

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Great stuff! How can you resist?


Jews. Guns. No compromise. No surrender.

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