Am I a Calzone?

No, I don’t mean the food thingy, I mean the person, as in Ron Calzone.

Ron Calzone is a citizen, a mere mortal citizen. Well, a regular citizen with an incredible energy level. He raises horses and cattle and has a small manufacturing business. And then there is his side line. In his “spare” time Ron goes to Jefferson City to talk to legislators. Ron talks to them from a Constitutional viewpoint. He opposes things like eminent domain, and about anything that gives government more control over people lives or their property. He talks to legislators about having good firearms laws, that protect ownership and their owners. And he is very good at it. He is part of a group in Missouri called Missouri First. Ron is often in Jefferson City at the Capitol wearing down the leather on his shoes. Now not every citizen can get off work to go to Jefferson City to testify before a committee when the bills they are most interested in either seeing go through or stopped dead are to be heard. In those cases Missouri First has come up with something very ingenious, called Liberty Tools. People that are subscribed to their mailing list will be sent a notice when a bill of interest is about to be heard, and if you can’t go, you can fill out your witness statement online, MoFirst will print it off and take it to the hearing FOR YOU. Then your Representatives and Senators can get online and see which of their constituents weighed in on it. Either for or against, doesn’t matter, the choice you made, your comments will be there in the liberty tools section. Even if your vote and comment go the opposite of what Missouri First is recommending, it will be there. Pretty nifty huh? I heard from a very reliable source who was in a hearing for a Missouri Firearms Freedom act bill that Ron showed with a stack of witness forms about 18 inches or so high from people in Missouri who were in favor of it. That is a LOT of input.

So what’s the problem? Sounds like a stand up guy, right? I mean he takes time off from his own business, farm and family to go to Jefferson City and do what groups are always urging their members to do, get involved, go talk to legislators, send emails, write letters, make phone calls. He represents those that can’t be there but want their voice heard with piles of witness forms at hearings. Good stuff for citizens right? What could go wrong?

Well, he is good at being heard. And that has resulted in angering some politicians. Let’s look at a couple things.

When Sen. Kevin Engler thought he was a shoe in for position of the Senate’s President pro tem.

In 2010, along with multitude of Tea Party and Patriot group members, I also quite vocally opposed the election of Senator Engler, who was the majority floor leader, to the position of the Senate’s president pro tem. For the first time in decades, the Senate declined to make the majority floor leader their next president pro tem.

Right, Engler didn’t get it, and he was livid.

Now let’s uncover just a couple more skeletons. This one named Ron Richards. Ron was Floor Majority leader in the house at one time. That time would be 2013 and what was at stake was a fabulous bill called the Second Amendment Protection act. Now Ronnie has proudly proclaimed his pro Second Amendment status. He demonstrated this by running away from this bill screaming like a little girl. Actually I’ve seen some girls with bigger, never mind. Anyway, apparently Ron was upset that the bill would prevent newspapers from being able to publish the names of gun owners, you know, like they have in other states. But he promised he would sponsor an even better bill and get it passed. What can you say, he’s a RINO in Missouri. It’s two years later, and still not done. Then there was that time back in 2010 when Ron fought a bill that then Speaker of the house Ron Richards wanted, later the Missouri Supreme court struck it down, so guess Mr. Calzone was correct after all.

Then just recently, Rep. John Diehl was up to be Speaker of the House. Missouri First took the position that he would not be a good speaker, and set his legislation contact list to calling their elected Representatives to ask that they pick someone else other than a “bad Diehl”. The people did the contacting but the House still elected him speaker. Though they did get rid of him after he was caught in a big sex scandal. Oh well.

So what does all this have to do with the price of Israeli coffee in America?

Well this is where it gets really interesting.

A little more background. The Governor of Missouri is Jay Nixon, anti-gun. He’s the one that did the best barry impersonation “The police acted stupidly” when the Police officer shot thug Michael Brown. Jay promised swift justice for Michael. Actually, I think justice had probably already been done, but that was Jay’s first response. His second was to prevent the National guard from stopping the rioting after he illegally called them in before the riot started. So that’s Jay.

Governor Jay is the one who appointed the six members of the Missouri ethics commission. I’m sure they are all up to Jay’s demanding “standards”. Chuckle.

From the MoFirst website:

MEC says about their mission: “The MEC serves the public interest by promoting and maintaining transparency, accountability, and compliance with campaign finance, lobbying, and conflict of interest laws.”The Ethics Commission claims they have no responsibility to consider constitutional arguments that might otherwise be presented in a defense against complaints.While it’s true that MEC has no authority to declare a statute unconstitutional like a real court of law would, they do have a responsibility to support the Constitution, so they should actually at least be considering the constitutional implications of various interpretations of statutes relating to a complaint. In other words, if there are two possible ways to interpret a statute – one is constitutional and the other is not – they should feel obligated to choose the constitutional approach. They do not feel thus constrained, however, and that does not bode well for our free speech rights.

Ready for the juicy stuff?

At the September 3, 2015, hearing before the Missouri Ethics Commission, a witness called by the Commission’s own attorney revealed during sworn testimony a very interesting and very telling fact. The testimony was that Representative Kevin Engler and Senator Ron Richard had talked to the Missouri Society of Governmental Consultants (MSGC), asking them if they had any interest in my status as a lobbyist. After that, MSGC filed a complaint against me with the Ethics Commission.

Only natural persons are allowed to file with the Ethics (guffaw) commission. And within five days they were to have told Ron who his accusers were. So SEVENTY-FOUR DAYS later the Missouri Ethics (yes, I am having trouble typing that with a straight face) commission told Mr. Calzone who had filed the complaint against him. And it wasn’t a person. In fact the lawyer that drew up the complaint made it clear that the filing entity wasn’t a person.

What is the fallout? Ron has been accused of being a lobbyist. That he hasn’t registered and paid the $10 fee, and hasn’t filled out the necessary paperwork. So that results in a thousand dollar fine. If he persists, he could face jail time.

Ready for the punch line? Ron isn’t a lobbyist. He is a citizen, working with other citizens and with other freedom minded groups. He is paid NO money for going to Jefferson City, and he buys the legislators no gifts, no meals. If he’s a lobbyist? He stinks at it.

That’s what makes this so ugly to me. This is an attempt to keep mere citizens from suiting up and showing up to speak to legislators. At one time this was something I did, and not long ago, I was one of two people tapped to be the citizens showing up to talk to legislators on behalf of a group of combined Second Amendment groups. I could have been in Ron’s boots. This is an attempt to stifle free speech and shut out influence of mere citizens from bothering the elected officials. That and some ugly political payback.

At a time when more than ever citizens need to be involved in the political process in an effort to protect our rights this is a very bad thing. If other states should begin to consider such actions? Citizens need to have access to their elected officials, whether it’s showing up themselves, or if they can’t, filling out a online form to be presented at a hearing, they need to be involved. We all need to be suiting up and showing up in whatever capacity we can.

Am I a Calzone? I hope so.

Politics always take an interest in you
Politics always take an interest in you


Who rules over you?
Who rules over you?

Poll: Most effective way to stop mass public shootings

This week’s TZP poll asks “What’s the most effective way to stop mass public shootings?”

I should add that in coming up with that question I have no expectation (unlike our starry-eyed anti-gunner “friends”) that we can prevent all violent, crazy jerks from being violent, crazy jerks. Feel free to interpret “stop” to mean either “discourage creeps from even trying it” or “end it — NOW.”

You can only choose one option in this poll, but I know your thoughts are likely to be much more nuanced. So as always feel free to comment away!


Four of the best comments on the Oregon campus shooting

Forget the pathetic little mama’s-boy murderer and remember Chris Mintz, the man who charged straight at him.


Stop pretending that your “commonsense” anti-gunnery will end mass shootings. Although this piece by Trevor Burrus advocates paying more attention to mental illness — a dubious proposition when applied to gun owners in this age when 25% of the population is considered “mentally ill” — it also contains some questions we should ask everybody who wants more gun laws:

Perhaps you think all guns should be confiscated. Okay, tell us how you will do that without stormtroopers roaming the country systematically violating our Fourth Amendment rights in a way that makes Donald Trump’s call for the mass deportation of illegal immigrants look like taking a census. …

Perhaps you think that all guns should be registered and licensed. Again, explain how you will do that without a battalion of stormtroopers kicking down doors. Sure, some people will voluntarily register their guns, but they are unlikely to be criminals or would-be mass shooters.


Time to talk about gun-free zones.

As details emerge, it’s clear some that Umpqua Community College students did, in fact, carry firearms despite the school’s weasel-worded anti-weapons policies. But too few — and none of them in that classroom where the little creep chose his victims.


If there were no guns by Joe Huffman. Huffman doesn’t directly address the Oregon killings (though clearly his post was inspired by them).

He says, “Because of this change from a society of force to a society of reason one could, and should, go so far as to say the gun is civilization. Those who claim ‘civilized countries’ are disarmed have it exactly backward.”


Poll closing soon — results so far

This week’s poll will close shortly. Here are the results so far (click to embiggenate):

Screenshot from 2015-10-02 15:23:15

We’ve had 150 votes (usually with multiple votes per person). I’m not surprised that the largest number chose participating in online pro-gun discussions as one of their gun-rights activities. But in second place is hands-on firearm instruction. Kudos to you — especially those of you who regularly train shooters via Appleseed, hunter education classes, 4H, NRA-certified training, or any other regular means.

And hooray for the resisters of bad laws everywhere!


Eitam and Na’ama Henkin, HY”D


Just before 9:00 p.m. local (Israel) time Thursday, Rabbi Eitam and Rabbanit Na’ama Henkin, of Neria, Israel were slaughtered in their car, while driving their children between Elon Moreh and Itamar in the hills of the Shomron.   

It appears Rabbi Henkin was murdered in the initial burst of gunfire by terrorists from the nearby Arab village of Beit Furik.  He was found on the ground just outside the stopped car by rescue personnel.  His wife,  riddled with bullets, was in the passenger seat.  Both were were pronounced dead by medics who soon arrived on the scene. 


Their four children; a four-month-old baby, a four year old, a seven-year-old, and a nine-year-old were extracted from the car by rescue personnel and taken to nearby Itamar Junction with light (physical) injuries.

The Henkin’s taught at the Nishmat Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies for Women in Jerusalem, founded by Rabbanit Chana Henkin, who also serves as Dean of the school.  Rabbi Eitam Henkin also served as an officer in the Zahal commando unit, Sayaret Matkal.

Just the day before, “P.A. President” Abu Mazen, currently in the tenth year of his four-year term of office, had openly renounced (not that the Fakestinian Authority has ever abode by their terms) the 1994 Oslo Peace Accords.

Upon the news of these murders hitting the press, a  spokesman for Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah (HAMAS),  praised the murders, calling it “heroic” and describing it as “brave resistance.”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, in his reaction to the news stated:

“…The killers knew that they were murdering a mother and father, the children were there. It has been proven again that the wild Palestinian incitement leads to acts of terrorism and murder such as we have seen this evening.”

Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau stated:

“Despite the (Sukkot) holiday and its joy, the entire nation is pained and cries at the murder of the parents who were sacrificed in kiddush Hashem (sanctification of G-d’s name) just because they were Jews,”

He called on the Nation to say Tehillim (Psalms) and learn Torah and Talmud in the merit of the deceased.  Focusing then on the orphaned children he stated:

“The tender orphans are the children of the entire people of Israel; we will strengthen them, we will embrace the family and despite the great sadness and the awful pain we will continue to pray and believe that the Guardian of Israel will guard the remnant of Israel, and we will soon merit the redemption of the people of Israel.”

Eitam and Na’ama Henkin…  May your blood be avenged!


San Francisco’s Only Gun Shop to Close

Remember when I wrote a few months ago about the “no brainer” legislation proposed by San Francisco’s own “no-brainer” Mark Farrell to make purchasing a gun in the city even more difficult than it already was?

The law would impact exactly one store – the only one left in the city – and that store is about to close its doors.

Under siege from an increasing amount of regulation from City Hall, “High Bridge Arms” is closing, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

Steven Alcairo, general manager of the modest storefront in San Francisco’s Mission District, says his business is being pushed out by a proposed city law that would require the store to videotape every gun sale, then turn in the footage to the police department.

Gun buyers already have to fill out a detailed form, go through a background check and a waiting period. But sending a videotape of the purchase to local police strikes Alcairo as one regulation too many.

Apparently, once the proposal was announced, the store’s sales dipped, and it decided it wasn’t worth sticking around in a place where they were nothing but vilified and targeted by authoritarian maggots intent on driving them out and ruining their business all for the purpose of looking like they’re doing something.

It’s not difficult to assess that this is part of the gun grabbers’ greater strategy. They’ve failed in the courts to ruin legitimate businesses. They’ve been unsuccessful in electing their minions based on this anti-freedom agenda. And Americans continue to reject more gun control as the answer to violence.

So what’s an enterprising gun grabber to do?

Well, apparently some are targeting legitimate businesses and bogging them down with so many regulations, that they are finding it impossible to operate within city limits. That’s right. They are targeting innocent business owners, threatening their livelihoods, and attacking their right to conduct legitimate business transactions.

This isn’t the first time a horde of economically illiterate, tyrannical swine have caused a company to shutter or relocate. Remember Remington Arms decision not to build a new factory in New York because of its hysterical, ridiculous unSAFE Act? How about Beretta’s decision to move production out of Maryland?

This appears to be the strategy folks. If you can’t beat them in the courts and in the legislature, choke off the supply by bogging them down with so many rules and regulations, they can’t operate. Who cares if jobs and livelihoods are impacted!

This is a sick, twisted strategy to attack property rights and Second Amendment rights all in one fell swoop, and while America focuses on the latest “outrage” that has escaped Trump’s maw, or whether or not crazy woman in Kentucky should have been held in contempt of court, some localities have been slowly destroying legitimate commerce in an effort to find a backdoor entrance to restrict your rights.

Keep watching reality TV and reading tabloid news, America. When you finally wake up and realize that your rights are gone, it will be too late.


Another Nicki fisk: “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes”

Read it all here.

A sample:

In 2012, a deranged loon shot up a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. It was a tragedy in which 12 people were killed and 70 others injured. James Holmes fired 76 shots in the theater: six from a shotgun, 65 from a semi-automatic rifle, and five from a .40-caliber handgun. The shooting prompted the usual calls for more gun control, and Holmes this year was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision over sentencing him to death.

In the aftermath of the shooting, and in an obvious effort to take advantage of an opportunity, the Brady Center and its attorneys brought a pro bono lawsuit on behalf of the parents of one of the victims Jessica Ghawi against Lucky Gunner – the company that sold Holmes ammunition.

They lost.

Further, they were ordered to pay $203,000 in legal fees for this frivolous lawsuit. They’re now crying that they don’t have the money, while at the same time absolving the Brady Center of responsibility for paying this bill, even though they instigated the suit.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I hurt for Lonnie and Sandy Phillips. I know what it’s like to lose a child, and it’s an agony I don’t wish on anyone. But at the same time, when your reaction to such a tragic loss is to work to relieve others of their rights, abuse the legal system in order to punish lawful citizens for engaging in legal business, and then whine about the legal consequences of your actions, you deserve a fisk.

The Phillips couple (he apparently a paid operations manager for the Brady bunch) took their self-righteous and deceptive complaint to HuffPo. TZP’s Nicki Kenyon gives it the fisking it deserves.

Read the rest at Nicki’s personal blog.


This week’s TZP poll: You and gun rights

This week’s TZP poll asks, “What types of gun-rights activities are you personally involved with?”

Choose as many as apply and feel free to add your comments!

This poll will close at 6:00 p.m. CDT this Friday.

Since the only problem people reported with last week’s sample poll (thank you, beta testers) was trouble finding it while on mobile devices, I’ll put all new polls in a regular post. They can also be found in the left-hand sidebar for those who aren’t on mobile.

Remember that polls will open in a new tab or window.


Buyers speak: Hear what they say about TZP custom Kershaw knives

We have just 29 of our TZP custom Kershaw spring-assist knives left and there’s no telling if we’ll continue to carry these after this batch is gone.

So time to hear what some of our knife buyers have to say about them. We asked a few of the earliest purchasers and got these testimonials:

Knives arrived sharp as advertised and appear to hold their edge with repeated usage – while not adverse to sharpening good blades, it’s gratifying to see quality material. Knife has easily replaced previous daily carry as has been the case for those gifted to special friends. Great knife!

— DD (buyer of seven knives)


I am a proud owner of one of your custom Kershaw knives.

It is truly a gentleman knife in its sleek appearance but however once you activate the quick action it becomes a compact tactical weapon that has the bite of a jaguar.

It is a modern day sicae that every true partisan should carry!

— Comrade X


Kershaw produces a fine EDC knife in the Leek; it’s light, easy to open single handed, and sharp out of the box. What I like most about my Zelman Partisans customized version is the reminder, every time I use the knife, of what TZP stands for: no compromise, no surrender.

Furthermore, each sale supports TZP and the extremely worthy mission of carrying on Aaron Zelman’s work in a form that he would undoubtedly approve. The TZP Leek would make a fine gift for like-minded individuals.

— RJ


Such sharpness! I carry my TZP folder every day and have abused it enthusiastically to do everything from opening packages to scraping off old caulk. It never goes dull. Both the point and the edge are as razor-like and unblemished as the day I got it. I also like that it has two mechanisms for opening it and has both a positive lock-open and lock-closed (to keep it from opening in my pocket and stabbing me with that ultra-sharp point).

— VP

So there you have it. If that sounds good to you, please visit our store and purchase your custom Kershaw spring-assist folding knife while you can. (Several other good items there, too, including our new “Whomp the Wacky” targets.)

And remember, if you’re logged in as a three-year member you get a substantial discount on everything in the store. It’s a 10% discount for Three-Year Founding Members, 15% for Three-Year Founding PREMIUM Members.


Jews. Guns. No compromise. No surrender.

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