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Poll: Most effective way to stop mass public shootings

This week’s TZP poll asks “What’s the most effective way to stop mass public shootings?”

I should add that in coming up with that question I have no expectation (unlike our starry-eyed anti-gunner “friends”) that we can prevent all violent, crazy jerks from being violent, crazy jerks. Feel free to interpret “stop” to mean either “discourage creeps from even trying it” or “end it — NOW.”

You can only choose one option in this poll, but I know your thoughts are likely to be much more nuanced. So as always feel free to comment away!


Poll closing soon — results so far

This week’s poll will close shortly. Here are the results so far (click to embiggenate):

Screenshot from 2015-10-02 15:23:15

We’ve had 150 votes (usually with multiple votes per person). I’m not surprised that the largest number chose participating in online pro-gun discussions as one of their gun-rights activities. But in second place is hands-on firearm instruction. Kudos to you — especially those of you who regularly train shooters via Appleseed, hunter education classes, 4H, NRA-certified training, or any other regular means.

And hooray for the resisters of bad laws everywhere!


This week’s TZP poll: You and gun rights

This week’s TZP poll asks, “What types of gun-rights activities are you personally involved with?”

Choose as many as apply and feel free to add your comments!

This poll will close at 6:00 p.m. CDT this Friday.

Since the only problem people reported with last week’s sample poll (thank you, beta testers) was trouble finding it while on mobile devices, I’ll put all new polls in a regular post. They can also be found in the left-hand sidebar for those who aren’t on mobile.

Remember that polls will open in a new tab or window.