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The future of the Second Amendment

I’ve written about Shyanne Roberts before. She’s a terrific kid and a champion shooter. I consider her the future of gun rights in America and what every child interested in shooting should look to as an example.

I’ve spoken to Shyanne on the phone. We spent nearly an hour talking about her sport, her future, and her dreams. She’s a sweetheart. She has a wide range of interests that includes things that every normal 10-year-old likes, such as music and cooking, and some that are considered unusual in the culture of fear and apprehension that seems to have permeated our once proud society.

In a world where shrieking shrews and power-hungry politicians try to disarm the populace and turn it into a herd of compliant sheep, Shy Roberts wants to be an inspiration.

“Kids and guns don’t always mean bad things happen.”

In a world where kids are taught to be afraid of tools of defense, and to rely on others for their own safety, Shyanne Roberts is a breath of fresh air.