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Getting Closer to the Mass Raids

As readers of this weblog may already know, despite Elephantine high-fiving, several influential pro-victim disarmament politicians were retained in office and a very wide-ranging firearm transfer/registration scheme was passed in the State of Washington.

Using the pretext of various tragic, yet fortuitously timed shootings, several states now have turned thousands of peace-loving average people into armed felons. The State of New York is even now going to surviving spouses of firearm permit holders to seize those guns.

For many years, freedom oriented groups have warned the police that if their pinstriped masters continue on this path, that THEY, the police, would be forced to be the “point of the spear”; the guys who knock on the thousands of armed everyman’s doors. And wonder if they get to go home again. That time may have come.

The response of the law-enforcement community has been very interesting. All but the upper echelons are quite unhappy. Some county sheriffs are openly stating they will not cooperate. The politicos are furiously handling their tar-baby. Still, elitist ideologues like Bloomberg, Cuomo, Malloy, Hickenlooper, and Gates are proceeding apace.




On November 16th 1940 the Nazi’s closed off the “Jüdischer Wohnbezirk in Warschau” from the outside world. Once sealed with brick and mortar, the Nazis evacuated 113,000 Gentile Poles and filled it back with 138,000 doomed Jews.


Over time the population of this “Warsaw Ghetto” was increased to about 400,000. From this warehouse of human beings, the Nazis extracted slave laborers for their war effort and carefully arranged for the extermination of the rest at Treblinka.


By 1942 the Nazi’s plans were so clear and conditions were so dire that resistance groups began spring up both within the Ghetto and in the concentration camps themselves. From this came many revolts in the Ghettos and Camps and, most notably, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, itself, of April 19th 1943.

By late 1943, a few survivors of the European abattoir had fled some fifteen hundred miles away, to their ancient homeland, trying to rebuild their lives. They were members of The Zionist youth organization, HeHalutz ~ The Pioneer and Hashomer Hatzair ~ The Youth Guard. Mordechai Anielowicz, head of the Żydowska Organizacja Bojowa ~ Jewish Fighting Organization has been a member of Hashomer Hatzair back in Warsaw.

Members of HeHalutz had established an agricultural kibbutz in 1926 in British Mandatory Palestine (Israel) at Ramat Hakovesh , which translates to the Heights of the Conqueror.

Since the 1929 Arab riots and the Hebron Masacre, attacks, with the tacit support of the British, were growing more frequent and more vicious. Anything resembling effective defense against attack was vigorously supressed by the British.


Disgusted, the Palmach had stopped cooperating with the British the year before. But, Allied Polish soldiers had been quietly arming the Jews in these remote settlements for some time.

Claiming to be searching for deserters of the Polish Army, the British soldiers, and Polish MP’s raided Ramat Hakovesh on November 16th 1940. What they actually were after were those hidden stockpiles of guns and ammunition. They tore the place apart; ripped houses down, arrested dozens, and, in their zeal, killed a man named Shmuel Velinitz. No deserters were found, of course. But lots of guns and ammunition were found, and seized.

Two years later the British tried again, this time with the aid of the Haganah. They were soundly rebuffed, and the area was declared a “No Go Zone” for British military units. These, and similar raids, often held with the aid of allied Jewish forces, consistently eroded public support for Mandatory civil institutions. With each passing year, fewer sat on the fence. More, quietly joined the resistance, or turned a blind eye to it.

Eventually, the British were so hated that they withdrew into barbed-wire surrounded encampments, laughingly called Bevingrads, after British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, the point-man on  refusing the Jewish refugees’ entry into Israel.

The raids and arrests also yielded the growth of organizations such as Ha-Irgun Ha-Tzvai Ha-Leumi be-Eretz Yisrael ~ The National Military Organization in the Land of Israel (popularly known as ETZEL or the Irgun), and Lohamei Herut Israel – Lehi ~ Fighters for the Freedom of Israel – Lehi (derisively known as “The Stern Gang”).


Highly controversial, these groups indisputably aided in the protection of Jewish lives, and the liberation of the Land of Israel from British Military occupation.



Of Shattered Glass, Floods, and Covenants

Many of our readers may be aware that November 9th-10th is the anniversary of the 1938 pogrom known as the Kristallnacht.

Germany was under the leadership of Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist German Worker’s Party. His long-time associate, Ernst Röhm, was head of the StürmAbteilung (SA); the notorious “Brown Shirts”.

That night, the paramilitary branch of the SA, with the willing assistance of many German civilians, conducted a series of planned and coordinated violent attacks upon Jews’ homes, property, businesses, and synagogues throughout Germany and Austria. They used fire, fists, boots, sledgehammers and bullets. The hapless victims were beaten, often to unrecognizability, skulls smashed, faces destroyed.

Over thirty thousand people were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Over one thousand synagogues were destroyed. and seven thousand businesses were attacked. Many hundreds of Jews were murdered, and several hundred, in utter despair, committed suicide that night. The Sicherheitsdienst (SD) took claim of the remaining spoils.

Police and other authorities generally refused to intervene. Indeed, the government, acting upon the pretextual killing of Ernst vom Rath, assessed the savaged Jews of Germany a collective fine of a Billion Reichsmarks, and levied a seizure of 20% of their property forfeit to the State, as compensation for harm done by the Jews to the German People.

Persecution of Jews had been growing in Germany since the 1920’s. But, Kristallnacht, and its aftermath was the schwerpunkt about which pivoted the movement toward genocide. The Final Solution to the “Jewish Problem” was ultimately set to paper by the bloodless Wannsee Conference four years later.

Monday, this year, is also the 17th day of the Jewish month of Cheshvan. According to tradition, in the 1656th year after Creation (2105 BCE) the rain began which culminated in the Great Flood. Noach is well known as the builder of the biblical Ark, within which the paired animals and his immediate family survived the destruction of every living thing.

Noach is described as a righteous man “in his time”. The critic would note that “his time” was so corrupt that G-d himself determined it best to wipe the slate clean. Indeed, although Noach had devoted one hundred twenty years in constructing the Ark, that he, nonetheless would not board until the flood waters had risen to his knees. G-d wanted him to be a leader, to influence people to do Good. The world desperately needed leaders, to guide people on the upright path. But, Noach was no leader.

Upon the end of the year-long flood, and the drying of the land, Noach emerged, built an altar, and brought offerings to G-d. In response, G-d blessed Noach and his family, vowing that never again would He seek to utterly destroy his creation. From Noach’s line grew seventy families, with seventy paths, but one universal standard for all; built upon G-d’s relationship with Adam and Chava, the Sheva Mitzvot B’nei Noach or Seven Noachide Laws. They are:

Avodah Zarah: Prohibits idolatry in all its forms.
Birchat Hashem: Blessing of the Name of G-d, and conversely, prohibits blasphemy.
Shefichat Damim: Prohibits murder (the unjust taking of a human life)
Gezel: Prohibits robbery and theft.
Gilui Arayot: Prohibits immorality and forbidden sexual relations.
Ever Min HaChay: Prohibits removing and eating a limb from a live animal (animal cruelty)
Dinim: Requirement to establish justice systems and courts of law.

So long as human beings follow these basic principles they acts righteously and please G-d.

Contrary to the desperate hopes and frenzied declarations of many, that Kristallnacht, and in fact the entire Nazi era, was a historical aberration; a confluence of factors unlikely ever to be repeated, I say, this was, and is the true face of man, as Killer Ape, once given the indulgence of sin and the opportunity to let loose their passions without cost. History is rife with examples.

As Sheila Stokes-Begley has so aptly pointed out, once we accept that the “other” is less than worthy of fundamental rights, and equal protection of law, it is an easy and short step to demonizing them as “sub-human”. So common is this practice today, especially in popular media, that author, Mike Vanderboegh bestows upon the offenders the Julius Streicher Memorial Award

Each of us must redouble our efforts not just to avoid Evil, not to just be righteous “in our time”, but to run to do Good. Moreover, we should strive to be leaders. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.


TZP gets its first media coverage — and it’s great!

Read it and smile.

Reporter Lee Williams, aka The Gun Writer, has a regular column in the Sarasota, FL, Herald Tribune. He knew Aaron and was aware that JPFO had been handed off to the Second Amendment Foundation. So when he saw via Twitter that there was a new gun group in town following in Aaron’s footsteps, he jumped right in.

He opens:

Aaron Zelman was a titan within the gun-rights community.

The group he founded in 1989 — Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership — mimicked his bold, uncompromising personality and his truth-telling style.

Zelman and the JPFO called out anti-gun politicians, many of whom represented districts in the Northeast. He had a loud, powerful voice lawmakers learned to respect if not fear.

Some of Zelman’s tactics, though effective, could appear controversial to the uninitiated.

He once paired a picture of a saluting Adolf Hitler with the caption: “All those in favor of gun control raise your right hand.”

A classic, that.

Zelman never compromised in his support of the Second Amendment, or any other amendment, and his members loved him for it.

And it just gets better from there.


As TZP’s own Sheila Stokes-Begley noted in her interview with Williams, people have given us a tremendous response. People have been asking how they can join and have told us they want TZP logo tee-shirts, fridge magnets, and other swag. We’re workin’ on it, guys. With your help and support, a lot will soon be happening.

Williams got just one small detail wrong in his report (which is really pretty good these days). He’s right that we don’t yet have a button to allow people to join. But we do have a button for donations. Check it out: top right of the page. AND we already have our first two generous donors.

That’s pretty good for a site that been online only a few weeks. We’ll be putting those donations and our behind-the-scenes energies into building an organization that you can join and can be proud of — an organization that will carry out Aaron’s mission. And even if nobody left on earth can conduct Aaron’s mission in Aaron’s unique style, we’ll give you our best.


A personal note: Kudos to my fellow TZP founders — Jo Ann for hosting and site building, Sheila for dynamic public relations, Nicki for more things than I can name but especially social media skills (JPFO lost a dynamo when it lost Nicki), and Brad for good humored moral support. Kudos to all the TZP bloggers, especially our two newest, the famous Ilana Mercer and the more-humble-than-he-needs to be newcomer, Y.B. ben Avraham. What a privilege and a delight it is to be in your company.

And BIG kudos and thanks to Lee Williams for giving us such a superb and honest media launch.


The Ghetto Mentality

Major Jewish communal organizations have a long history of backing Victim Disarmament. We are often our own worst enemies. Aaron Zelman’s forming of JPFO was partially driven as a response to this sad fact. I contend this powerful, self-destructive tendency is part of a larger issue.

About eighteen years ago I was in Mordor on the Potomac. A small group of friends were talking in the hotel when I was asked by one, a very prominent attorney, just why Jews were so often not just politically statist, but rabidly so, especially in the area of Victim Disarmament. At the time, just as now, Jews were among the leaders in this arena.

My theory was that the inclination stemmed from a powerful force; the Ghetto Mentality:

People forget that Hebrew slaves, upon leaving Egypt, were forged by G-d, through Moses, into a powerful guerilla military force. They repeatedly defeated established and skilled armies and conquered the land of Israel. For generations, steeled by their belief, they fought off incursions and carved out their homeland. A Nation of Princes.

Subsequent, progressive, abandonment of the ‘terms’ of the Covenant brought harsh lessons from G’d in the form of civil war, invasion, conquest, the fall of the Holy Temple, and exile to Babylon (and back to Egypt). Lessons learned, the people returned to the Land, only to fail again. Facing a People once again corroded with spiritual debasement, the Romans finished the job. They conquered Israel, sacked Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple, and drove the people into exile.

Jews’ experience in Europe constantly found them pinched between the Church and the Nobility. The nobility required the endorsement of the Church (as the elect of G-d) to lower the cost of retaining power. The Church required the nobility to provide the threat of violence when persuasion and hellfire fell short.

The Church’s vexation with the Jews’ refusal to convert spawned lurid tales of ritual child-murder and “desecration of the host”, just in case deicide was not enough to dehumanize them in the eyes of the people. When the peasants were whipped up into violence in frustration with their lot, the Jew was offered by the Church a natural target.

On the other hand, the nobility tended to like the Jews as they were peaceful, intelligent, hardworking, and kept to themselves. Even better, not constrained by tortured logic on the biblical meaning of Usury, Jews, as a community, were a source of always scarce money, for the constantly broke nobility.

Having few options, when threatened with death at a hands of Church inspired mobs, Jews ran to the nobility for protection. Over time, Jews concluded that working behind the scenes and currying favor with secular power was the only workable survival strategy.

But the time of powerful nobles was coming to an end. So too, the constraints on Jewish access to secular education, to land-ownership, to work in the guilds, and to legal protection by the secular courts were weakening.

Gradually setting aside their fundamental belief in Torah, and longing for Geula, many Jews focused on secular, social action, to satisfy their ingrained drive for Tikkun Olam. After many, many centuries of exile, poverty, suffering, and death, many thought the Enlightenment (and the Jewish variant; the Haskalah) was the correct path. Perhaps, they thought, ‘this’ was the way to bring about the coming of Moshiach?

The first Jewish immigrants to America found that they were once again a minority, but that much (but not all) of the religious antipathy’s vigor had stayed in Europe. Largely of German background, many had been favorably disposed to assimilation via the Reform movement. Intermarriage was very common within two generations. As a guarantee of safety the habit of ingratiating themselves with political power seemed a wise course.

A second wave of Jews came to America in the late 1800’s. These new immigrants had experienced the weakening of the Church and the ascendency of the secular state. They had suffered Pogroms and forced military service. The secular reforms of Western Europe were far slower in coming to the East. Still, they were far more traditionally religious (Today we would call them Orthodox, although that is a better description of congregational affiliation than of people) than those Jews who came in the 1700’s.

This second wave was a profound embarrassment to the established order. Poor, uncultured (in the secular sense), and worst of all, religiously observant, they threatened to remind the Gentile that the first wave immigrants were still Jews. These new (largely Polish, Russian, Baltic, and Slavic) immigrant Jews thus were pressured both from within and without to blend in, and damned fast.

Settling mostly in the large urban centers they naively concluded that American political power was less malignant and dangerous than in the Old World. In a sense they were correct; American politicians were happy to sucker people with little regard to race, creed, color, etc. The Jew responded by the time-proven method of ingratiation.

The aforementioned assimilation was quick in coming. The State became the new focus of worship. Social action in union organizing and Progressive and Socialist politics the new path. For many Jews America was the new Zion, the democratic State was the new Temple, and Social Action was the new Torah. Guns were for gentile hunters, policemen, and soldiers.

The Jewish Poet-Warrior, forged at the foot of Sinai, was all but forgotten. A new day dawned.

And then, a very harsh decree came from the Heavenly Court… An odd little Austrian guy with an amazing gift for oratory started stirring up crowds in beer halls.