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Astro-Turf Alert

A media/advertising group is trying to start a new astro-turf group to violate rights.

United Rifle Association:

The Brief: Help Stop Gun Violence
This may be one of the world’s most difficult briefs: Tackle the gun-fatality epidemic in a way that could help lead to a solution.
Creating a counter-balance to the NRA’s political power and influence is no small task. We will start by chipping away at it bit by bit. Our strategy will be to attract moderate and progressive gun owners, with a more reasonable approach to gun rights and ownership. The result will be uniting disgruntled NRA members, moderate gun owners and disenfranchised public representatives in a place where it is safe to vote their conscience.

Speaking personally as “disgruntled” former NRA member, let me tell you that I’m not in the market for more freaking gun people-controlling human/civil rights violations.

Got ideas? Submit them to Creativity Editor Ann-Christine Diaz at adiaz@adage.com.

Oh, yes. Do.

Possible talking points:

  • The anti-gun VPC admits several hundred thousand defensive firearms uses per year. Won’t that be difficult if the defensive tools are locked up?
  • Roughly two-thirds of firearms-related deaths are suicides. Won’t the suicidally inclined simply unlock the implements, or use something else?
  • The vast majority of murders are committed by prior felons with stolen guns. How do you propose to get them to “safely secure” their weapons?
  • Accidental firearms-related deaths are at a decades (possibly all-time) low. Maybe we’re already fixing the problem.
  • Guns and honest gun owners don’t seem to be the problem. Have you considered incarceration, education, and self-defense?
  • We already have a pro-gun people-control group. It’s called the National Rifle Association.

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