Poll: What happens to Katie Couric now?

If you’ve read any gun news this week, you know that “journalist” Katie Couric was caught faking part of a documentary to make gun-rights activists look stupid and ashamed of themselves. Fortunately, one of the participants had made an audiotape — a very damning tape for Couric and her methods.

Even anti-gun NPR thought what Couric and her team did was a huge, manipulative no-no.

So in this week’s poll we ask, What happens to Couric now?


7 thoughts on “Poll: What happens to Katie Couric now?”

  1. What’s the one for “journalism” where they all get together and give each other awards? Well, these are some but there is a new one at the bottom of this comment.

    The Pulitzer Prize
    The Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award
    The Maria Moors Cabot Prize
    The Chancellor Award.
    The Columbia Journalism Award
    The Lukas Prize Project Award
    The John B. Oakes Award

    And the latest one, and best, minted by Claire Wolfe;
    The Full Rather.


  2. She won’t face any negative consequences; she, and the crew, did exactly what her bosses wanted. Just like HBO
    selectively edited to change the meaning of what Jim Sullivan said. Or whichever network that was that pushed the AWB by talking about how destructive “assault weapons” are by showing a cop blowing cinder blocks apart with an M16.

    She’ll be rewarded for her successful propaganda.

    Heck, even compulsive liar Brian Williams got a mere suspension, then a new job as MSNBC’s “Chief Breaking News Anchor.”

    Now they’ll start requiring interviewees to sign nondisclosure agreements to prevent even this minor outing of their tactics. The particularly gullible will sign happily, taking it as a sign that the “journalists” really are taking them seriously.

    Edit to add: For that matter, even if VCDL tried to sue, remember how the judge threw out Zimmerman’s suit against NBC for editing the 911 recording to make him out a black-hating racist. (That was cute: NBC claimed they merely edited “for time.” But oddly enough the same edited material (including the written transcript) was on the non-time restricted web site.)

  3. Those who have ears to hear, will hear… Those who are happy with the Bloomberg line will not.

    Since this didn’t all get buried in the dark closet, at least some “fence sitters” will be informed better and then may choose better.

    But who knows, she may be tapped for the Hilabeast “cabinet” and rise to even more dizzying heights of hypocrisy.

    1. She could become the spokespuke.

      (I wanted to use a different four letter word as the suffix but I decided to restrain myself.)

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