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Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve, Or Your Chest

Are you familiar with the old saying “So and so wears their heart on their sleeve”? It is supposed it originated when in the Middle Ages knights who fought at tournaments wore a token of their lady on their sleeves. Today if you make your feelings obvious to everybody you wear your heart on your sleeve.

That can be a bad thing, I’ll admit, it makes it easier for folks to know what you are thinking. But in this situation I’m thinking of now, it can be a good thing!

Have you ever wondered what you could do to help let people know about The Zelman Partisans? The no compromise, no surrender Jewish and friends Second Amendment rights group? Have you had trouble working that into a conversation? Say! How about the incredible weather, the price of corn futures and let me tell you about this great group I found! The one group that actually talked to Ted Nugent when he was accused of anti-semitism. The group that is having a contest for a historic Israeli Mauser, you have told your friends about that, right? Too much of a segue?

I have a far easier way for you to help TZP and a great conversation starter!

Others have listed their favorite items from the TZP store and products, I want to tell you about mine because it has been so helpful for me.

My favorite TZP gear is the items from the Queensboro store. I mean I really, really like Queensboro. They make it easy for me to look better. So here are a few of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews here)

Warm weather choices
Warm weather choices

For summer, we have a buttercream yellow sleeveless polo and a peachy pink sleeveless polo. They are very professional looking. I can wear them either with jeans, capri pants for a slightly dressier look or slacks to look even nicer. There are also Tee shirts, the kiwi color is a very feminine cut with cute cap sleeves and the hunter green is a regular Tee shirt style. I’m sorry the pretty hunter green didn’t show up well, blame the photographer, me.

Sleeve Length Variety
Sleeve Length Variety

Tee shirts are always great, I have the three different lengths, the cap sleeve, the regular Tee shirt and the red is a long sleeve, for slightly cooler mornings or evenings. Also great as we move into fall!

Polo Shirts
Polo Shirts

Speaking of seasonal transitions, there are the most wonderful three quarter length sleeve polos! I have red and spring green. These really are very nice. Believe me when I say they are even suitable for interviewing politicians in foreign countries! And you will look nice and professional.

Cool Weather
Cool Weather

As we swing into fall and cooler weather we have you covered there too. I know, it’s a pretty miniscule joke. But we have lovely sweatshirts like the royal blue ladies cut that is adorable with a little cotton turtleneck shirt under it, and the pink zippy sweatshirt that has seen many races in cool weather and the two sweaters in gray and cerulean blue that when paired with slacks or even a skirt give a very put together appearance.

Baseball Cap
Baseball Cap

And last, but certainly not least if my hunter green and khaki baseball cap. This looks great with or without a ponytail hanging out the back. I wore it during Ethnic Festival. It was required. Well, sort of. It was required I have my hair covered. Most of the ladies wore a bandana, but our commissioner knowing where my heart lies had absolutely no problem with my wearing my TZP logo baseball cap. Considering that part of what I did was hand out the food orders, walk the grounds on various errands and occasionally interact with representatives from other countries a lot of people saw the logo.

I wear TZP logo wear almost anyplace I go. I’ve worn it to take my Mom to her doctor’s appointments. More than one doctor has said “Excuse me, I’m not staring at your chest, but I’m trying to read your shirt”. It’s so easy to smile back and reply “Awesome shirt isn’t it? It’s the Zelman Partisans, a Jewish and friends Second Amendment rights group”. “What do they do? Oh just LET ME TELL YOU!” And then I can tell them a bit about each of us and that we all write from different angles and cover a huge variety of topics. Most of the people I’ve talked to were very excited to find out there was such a group and where they could find us on the internet.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to start a conversation and tell people about TZP, let the Queen help you. No, not me, or the one in England, Queensboro. You too can get clothing from there and dress like a King or Queen. The quality of the items is EXCELLENT! I haven’t had colors fade and I line dry clothes, stitching is nice and everything holds up very well. The prices for the clothes I’ve purchased have been very reasonable. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Sizes for the things I have seem to run true to the charts as well.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, but sometimes on my chest too.


Denial: So much more than an Egyptian river

A reader sent this link to Instagram, where someone has posted his own version of Aaron Zelman’s famous Star of David “gun owner” image.

Aaron may not have known what a meme was, but he created an indelible one. We just added our own sticker version to the store, and as far as we’re concerned, the more this meme gets around, the better.

But it’s the comments on the Instagram page that are notable — and chilling.

The poster repeatedly has to defend himself against accusations of everything from plain bad taste to absurd overstatement.

One comment in particular, from sierraechotangohotel (Seth), a self-identified proud American Jew, reminds us of the famous dictum that the only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. He writes, in part:

Just remember there is in no way shape or format any iota of comparison of the current state of firearms laws to the holocaust! I am a proud Jewish American and I just don’t understand what makes you think these two subjects are in any way comparable. If we lived in Venezuela where they are currently crushing firearms and making its citizens register it’s ammunition, I might understand then but we live in the greatest country this world has to offer!

You’ve got to wonder, don’t you, how many people in early 20th-century Germany, including Jews, thought their own country was the “greatest the world has to offer.” After all, it was a grand center of civilization and had been for centuries. It was the land of Goethe and Beethoven and Schiller. Of Schopenhauer and Kant and E.T.A. Hoffman and entire hordes of Bachs. Men of the mind. Men of the arts. Thriving in Germany’s orderly civil society.

What could possibly go wrong?

Except we all know what did go wrong — and how quickly.

(“Gun control” was an integral part of what enabled things to go bad. That and … that big Egyptian river.)

Still, Seth has a point. Nobody’s crushing firearms in America. Yet. Or at least it’s not being done widely. No one — well, hardly anyone — plans to register ammunition. Not here in the greatest country this world has to offer.

But what about Venezuela? They’re busily crushing guns there, terrified of violence in the streets. Never mind that most criminals in that desperate country are buying their firearms from equally desperate or simply corrupt police. Never mind that the problem isn’t so much guns as an economy in ruins beyond anything we prosperous first-worlders can imagine.

Venezuela was once the most prosperous — one could say the greatest — country in South America. It’s got some of the world’s biggest oil reserves. It had a long, noble tradition. So how long did it take for Venezuela to go from greatness to such hell that people can’t even buy toilet paper? Seventeen years. From the ascension of Hugo Chavez, who vigorously began implementing utopian Socialist plans in 1999 (to the applause of the world’s celebrities) to the muddle of his hand-picked successor Nicolas Maduro. Seventeen little years.

Slightly less time than it took Hitler to go from demonization to destruction of Germany’s Jews. Slightly longer than it took for Germany to go from pre-WWI prosperity to hyperinflation to the Holocaust to bombed-out ruins.

Still, we’ve got nothing to worry about, right? As Seth says, there’s not a thing to be concerned about until the firearms are being crushed en masse and ammo being actively registered.

And by that impeccable logic, the Jews in Germany were perfectly sensible to stay put and stay happy until the boxcars started rumbling down the tracks.



Get those stickers here. Share them with friends.


More Cool Stuff

We’ve added some more nice things to the Store. In Cool Gear you’ll now find this classy little item.

Classic Victorinox design and function. Knife, screwdriver/emory board, scissors, and toothpick; with a nice, if understated, Star of David. Perfect for your keychain. And only $23.95, plus shipping.

Get yours today. (Just leave one for me.)

And while we’re on the subject of cool stuff, make sure you’re entered to win:

Win This Historic Israeli Freedom Tool


10 Reasons You Really, Really, Really Want to Own This Rifle

This post appeared first in TZP’s weekly email alert.

You may know that The Zelman Partisans is holding a contest to award this beautiful Israeli Mauser 98 to one of you out there in the gun world. Entering is as simple as writing a statement on “Why I want to own this rifle” and paying an entry fee.


You’ll have to come up with your own reason (or reasons; we encourage multiple entries and offer discounts for them). But to inspire you, here are 10 things to consider:

You might really, really, really want to own this rifle because:

1. It’s rare. Sure, there are lots of Mauser 98s in the world. But not many of them were made by Nazis then later adopted and adapted to become Israeli liberation tools. You’ve got to admit, that’s amazing.

2. It’s historic. This very rifle helped create the nation of Israel. It may have served the Irgun or the Haganah; it certainly served one of the many liberation forces. From there, it went on to join the IDF and may later have served civilian guards, protecting Israeli citizens.

3. It’s in beautiful condition and comes with a frameable Certificate of History.

4. Where else are you going to get a treasure like this with an investment of only $10? Such a deal! Invest $25 for three entries and have an even better chance; it’s still a deal.

5. Where else are you going to get a treasure like this just for paying your entry fee and writing a simple statement about why you want this rifle? How long does it take to write a sentence or two? You’d regret it if you lost out because you didn’t take time to jot down your thoughts.

6. Okay, true. You might not win. But with only 300 total entries allowed, you have a darned good chance to stand out amid the competition.

7. There’s a reason there are so many Mauser 98s in the world. They’re rugged, durable, reliable shooters. Though we expect this one is likely to end up over a mantelpiece or in a display case next to its framed certificate, in time of need, it can be taken down and put to its historic work of fighting for freedom.

8. Think of this firearm’s symbolic value. Its spirit, if you will. This rifle, this very rifle, already helped bring freedom out of savagery. Look at the Middle East — a cauldron of tyranny, terrorism, perpetual war, and medieval intolerance. Then look at Israel — standing alone amid the chaos, a modern, civilized land. This rifle, and the people who wielded it, helped make that difference.

9. Consider the conversations this historic firearm will start. Think of the awe when your friends learn the meaning of the firearm you so proudly display. It came from savagery; it overcame savagery.

10. We hope you also want this rifle because your entry fee helps The Zelman Partisans stand tall for its mission: Jews. Guns. No compromise. No surrender.

We’d like one of you great-hearted supporters to own this rifle for all 10 of those reasons.

So please enter today. Make one entry or use the special form for multiple entries. Enter as many times as you like. Once we’ve received 300 statements on “Why I want to own this rifle,” we’ll close to contest, judge the entries, choose a winner (and second- and third-place winners, as well), and award this incredible piece of history.

YOU might soon hold this rare and significant rifle in your hands.


And since we’re being “commercial” today …

We’ve just added a small, but very handy item to the TZP store:



Earplugs in a TZP-customized case. Carry one pair in your range bag in case you forget your earmuffs or need to loan a pair. Or carry them on your keychain every day for a noise emergency. Carry three or more so you can give them away to all those newbies you take to the range. The plugs are high quality and make very good ear protection.

Two purchase options, both available on our Cool Gear page:

1. Buy 3 pairs (with 3 cases) for $12.50 plus shipping.

2. Or add a single pair to any order for $5 and no additional shipping charge. (Single pairs are available only as an add-on item.)


While I’m at it, I’ll also second Carl Bussjaeger’s urging that you enter to win our rare, historic Nazi-made Israeli Mauser 98. Entering is super-simple. Just tell us in 50 words or less why you’d like to own this rifle, then pay your entry fee. You can enter as many times as you like. In fact, we have a special form and a discount for multiple entries.

Not a writer? Not to worry! We’re looking for sentiment and ideas more than cleverness or polish. (We’ve already received at least one single-word entry, and while we encourage you to write a little more than that, even a single short sentence could be the winner.)


Everybody needs a good pair of binoculars

… And as of today, The Zelman Partisans just happen to have 35 good pairs for our readers and fans. These are perfect for checking your pistol targets without having to walk downrange. Or for keeping in your truck. Or hanging next to the door at your rural home. They’ve got a thousand potential uses. They’re sleek looking, too. Check the photo:


You’ll find a bigger image of them by going to their page at our store and clicking on the thumbnail.

Did I mention they make terrific gifts? Or that you might want a pair and a spare for yourself? 🙂 Consider it mentioned. We’ve got only the limited number of these, and we’d like to see them go to good homes pretty quickly.

Seriously, these are very nice for their moderate price. They’re roof-prism models with independent focus for each eye (very helpful when your vision doesn’t match on each side). They come with their own case. And they’re just $29.00 plus shipping.

How many times have you really, really wished you had binoculars at hand … and didn’t? Now you can have a pair wherever you need them — and fly your TZP colors at the same time.


Gadsden Kippot

TZP’s custom kippot (aka yarmulkas or kippahs) have been a big hit, thank you very much. Looks as if we’ll be carrying those in the store for a good long time.

We recently learned about somebody else who’s selling Gadsden kippot to raise money for a trip to Israel. Thought our faithful readers and members would like to know about those, too.


You can go here to learn more or contact the seller: davidhunt -@- outdrs –period– net.

His price, as he notes, is a bit “chai” because he’s raising funds. But it looks like a nice item. No financial interest on our part. Just helping a fellow freedomista.


Free(dom)Cycle: Check out our new service

We’ve just added what we hope will be a useful new service for our readers. We call it Free(dom)Cycle (and hope the Freecycle folks don’t get too mad at us).

The idea is simple: You can post free ads offering free items and free services.

Just go here or find the link on the sidebar (scroll down if you’re on a mobile device).

If you already have a TZP member login, it should work for posting classifieds, as well. If not, you’ll need to create a login when you place your first ad. You don’t need a login to answer an ad; just email the person making the offer.

All items and services must be free. However, you can charge a reasonable amount for postage, particularly if your item is heavy or you’re posting multiple offers and don’t want to empty your pockets with all the mailings.

We’ve already posted a few items to kick things off. So please check it out, let us know how it works for you, and start posting your own items.


Buyers speak: Hear what they say about TZP custom Kershaw knives

We have just 29 of our TZP custom Kershaw spring-assist knives left and there’s no telling if we’ll continue to carry these after this batch is gone.

So time to hear what some of our knife buyers have to say about them. We asked a few of the earliest purchasers and got these testimonials:

Knives arrived sharp as advertised and appear to hold their edge with repeated usage – while not adverse to sharpening good blades, it’s gratifying to see quality material. Knife has easily replaced previous daily carry as has been the case for those gifted to special friends. Great knife!

— DD (buyer of seven knives)


I am a proud owner of one of your custom Kershaw knives.

It is truly a gentleman knife in its sleek appearance but however once you activate the quick action it becomes a compact tactical weapon that has the bite of a jaguar.

It is a modern day sicae that every true partisan should carry!

— Comrade X


Kershaw produces a fine EDC knife in the Leek; it’s light, easy to open single handed, and sharp out of the box. What I like most about my Zelman Partisans customized version is the reminder, every time I use the knife, of what TZP stands for: no compromise, no surrender.

Furthermore, each sale supports TZP and the extremely worthy mission of carrying on Aaron Zelman’s work in a form that he would undoubtedly approve. The TZP Leek would make a fine gift for like-minded individuals.

— RJ


Such sharpness! I carry my TZP folder every day and have abused it enthusiastically to do everything from opening packages to scraping off old caulk. It never goes dull. Both the point and the edge are as razor-like and unblemished as the day I got it. I also like that it has two mechanisms for opening it and has both a positive lock-open and lock-closed (to keep it from opening in my pocket and stabbing me with that ultra-sharp point).

— VP

So there you have it. If that sounds good to you, please visit our store and purchase your custom Kershaw spring-assist folding knife while you can. (Several other good items there, too, including our new “Whomp the Wacky” targets.)

And remember, if you’re logged in as a three-year member you get a substantial discount on everything in the store. It’s a 10% discount for Three-Year Founding Members, 15% for Three-Year Founding PREMIUM Members.


Target the terrible, whomp the wacky

Those long-awaited TZP targets have arrived!


Two ways to get ’em:

Download the FREE pdf and print your own targets at home or work. Here’s the place for that.

Or Buy a packet of 10 for just $5.00 postpaid from the TZP store.

And the winners are …

The targets feature quotes submitted by our faithful readers. We promised that if your submitted quote was used, you’d get a free packet of targets. So free targets will be on their way to:

Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger
J. Eric Andreasen

We’ll be checking with you to see what address we should send to. And if I missed anybody, please let us know (we now have a Contact Us link; just use the About Us drop-down menu).

Thanks to all!