Profiles in Courage-updated

One of the museums we visited was the Etzel museum in Tel Aviv. That monthly pass really is a good deal. I still have a couple days left on it, I keep contemplating popping back over there to just add a bit to my story, but I guess I won’t. There is more than one Etzel museum in Tel Aviv and this one was named for Amichai (Gidi) Paiglin.

This is one of those things that at the time seemed like a good idea, and seemed like it would be simple. I’d just make a few notes on the people and topics that really struck me and I wanted to share with our readers and then supplement with info from the net and put in a few links. That’s not how this turned out. What seemed to me, like something that would certainly have a page on Wikipedia, or I could find information “somewhere” on the web, there is nothing but a barren wasteland of info. At least for my first part, which is going to have to be done only from my notes and memory. Which at times is a barren wasteland in and of itself.

Ten days before the State of Israel was declared by David Ben-Gurion (whom I like less all the time) was the last day of a truce. The British were going to be pulling out, and The Irgun had decided to capture Jaffa. The battle had been pretty fierce and there were a many lives lost. In the area of of town where our story takes place the Irgun thought that they had an area where it would be safe for the women to bed down for the night, and that by the next morning they would finish the operation. That probably seemed like a good idea at the time as well. It didn’t work out the way it was planned either. The Arabs managed to sneak past the Etzal during the night and were in the parts of the town where most of the women were.

Marion Aharoni was one of the two women in the minaret who woke up to the sound of Arabic voices the next morning and realized that there were enough of them that the forces in that part of the town wouldn’t be able to hold it. Apparently communications had already been disrupted, and so Marion told the other gal to try to get to headquarters and advise them of the situation. In the meantime headquarters had become aware of what was happening and was trying to sort out their resources and their people to figure out how to best deal with the situation at hand. One of the people in charge of a unit was Ruth Moritz, I believe I have her code name down as Dvora. Ruth was amazing, she was a beautiful woman, I think, and had shown a lot of command skill. Her boyfriend Avaham Canaaite had been killed at the battle of Yafo (Jaffa). Ruth was near headquarters when the other lady finally arrived and informed them of the situation. Headquarters informed Ruth they had talked to their people in that area and no one was left in the minaret. Ruth said she was going to head over there anyway to make sure Marion got out. Headquarters told her no. Ruth said she was going and for everyone else who had legs to get out of there now. Headquarters advised Ruth she should go see to her unit and make sure they were all ready to roll, either evacuate or fight. Ruth told them she would just go check the minaret herself and make sure no one was left behind to face the Arab mob alone. And so she went. If she met fighters along the way, she advised them to get out. She made it to the minaret where Marion was still holed up waiting for orders. Not that there was a thing she could have done. By the time Ruth made it there the Arab mobs were very close. And there were a lot of them. And so to avoid falling into the hands of the Arab mobs they chose to jump from the minaret. Many Arabs at that time, as now, have the same unfortunate goal and tendency to slaughter Jews when possible. No one really knew what happened to the women. After two years a mass grave was found with the bones of two women and three men. I believe it was four years later that they finally found out what had happened.

Another update: We knew Ruth had incredible courage to go back and try to get out Marion who was in her company because she felt she was responsible for Marion. But something that is in the video that I had forgotten is Marion’s incredible courage. Marion was still in that tower because she had not heard the command to retreat. She heard the Arab mobs, she knew they were close. But she stayed and held her position because she had not heard the retreat command. What kind of incredible courage would that take? These were two amazing, smart, strong, courageous women. They deserve to have their names known and remembered outside of Israel.

The view of the minaret I think they jumped from was visible from my “office”.

View from my "office"
View from my “office”

And the evening we walked home from Yafo to Tel Aviv we walked by what I believe is the tower they jumped from.

The minaret
The minaret

The other thing that was striking to me was the Altalena. Yes, of course I knew about the Altalena, the ship. I did not know that was the name Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote under in Russian newspapers though. The other thing was the date. I was at this Etzel museum on 1 June. 1 June 1948 was the day the Irgun, Hagana, and Lehi were all to have been disbanded and incorporated into the newly formed IDF. The cliff notes version of this is the Altalena was a ship bound for Israel carrying fighters and much needed weapons to the Irgun. Timing was an issue, and David Ben-Gurion, was aware the ship was coming in and basically sold the Irgun and Menachem Begin out. The IDF was ordered to attack the Altalena if they wouldn’t turn over all the weapons to the new IDF. That did not happen, and a firefight broke out between the IDF and the Irgun. Menachem Begin headed for the Altalena in a rowboat under fire from the IDF. He made it to the ship and they sailed for Tel Aviv where there were more IDF forces. Ben-Gurion ordered the ship sunk on the high seas by the new Israeli air force before it reached Tel Aviv.

Heiman Shamir Deputy Commander of the Air Force, tried to convince non-Jewish pilot volunteers to attack the ship. However, three pilots refused to participate in the mission, one of them saying, “You can kiss my foot. I did not lose four friends and fly 10,000 miles in order to bomb Jews.”

I told a Rabbi once, not everything that wasn’t born Jewish is an enemy of Jews. These three pilots would nicely prove this point.

In the end, Jews fired on Jews, and the Altalena was sunk despite having raised a white flag on Begin’s orders as he attempted to prevent a civil war.

Take-a-way thoughts of mine. We know the name of the shooter in the church in South Carolina, we know the name of several famous gangsters in America’s history, and possibly some names of famous Israelis. Certainly Ben-Gurion and Begin. While I was at the museum some groups of young soldiers were coming through. They were to study at the museum as part of the class apparently. In fact one room we were unable to access. It was a room where perhaps there was a movie you could view, but it was being used for a party of some sort. But these student soldiers study the people, the events and the history. And it matters to some of them, and perhaps to some, not so much. I was actually very surprised there was nothing on the net about Ruth Moritz and Marion Aharoni, but there isn’t, and so perhaps this telling, as imperfect as it is, will keep a memory of valor, courage and leadership alive.

Ruth Moritz and Marion Aharoni
Ruth Moritz and Marion Aharoni

And make no mistake, Ruth was a leader. When we have people like Shannon Watts, Dianne Feinstine, Nancy Pelosi and every other anti-gun harpie out there telling women that they won’t be safer if they can defend themselves, you know what crap it is. When you have the screeching harpies telling women that if they have a gun someone will take it away from them and use it on them, that’s crap. When you have the faux feminists telling women that a gun is too complicated, that they should get mace and a whistle, you know it’s crap. When the faux feminists tell women to just call the big strong policeman and wait, that’s crap. Ruth and Marion were true feminists, they were strong, beautiful women that fought in defense of themselves, their families and their country.

Right now part of America is busy throwing away the heritage that they have been sold by a liberal educational system and biased media. They throw it away with both hands because they don’t know true history, and don’t understand what they are throwing away. I was very glad to see those young Israelis going through that museum.

When in a dire situation, more people on your side is a very good thing.

The Altalena take-a-way? Politicians do what’s best for politicians. Betrayal sadly, apparently, should be expected. It’s about the power baby, it’s about the power.

Etzel Museum
Etzel Museum


I have never been so happy to need to update something as I am to add this. If you whine to the right people, sometimes, just sometimes, really great things happen. The whining was about the lack of information on Ruth online. The victim listener of my whining suggested that some problems are solved by going back to the language in which the incident occurred. That would be Hebrew. JACKPOT!!!

I had forgotten that Marion was in Ruth’s unit. A bit more than friends, I believe Ruth was her leader.

These sites are all in Hebrew, but with evil google’s translate you can read a rough version in English. Enough to get more information. AND, a movie. I’ve written the museum to see if they would consider posting the English version I saw while I was there.


Etzel Museum remembrance page

Irgun Fighters of Independence

תודה לך דב עוד פעם


At least he wasn’t beheaded…

Or had his family slaughtered in their beds.

A Chabad rabbi in Los Angeles has launched a mitzvah campaign called “Fighting Fire With Fire” after his car was torched in an arson attack that took place outside his home while the family was asleep during the night.


“We were awakened by the blaring of a car alarm and what sounded like gunfire, explosions and fireworks. It was 2 a.m. My wife and I ran out to see what was going on,” recounts the rabbi. “To our shock and disbelief, we saw our car engulfed in a blazing inferno of fire. There were explosions coming out of it every few seconds.

“We immediately woke up the children from their beds and we ran with them outside, far down the street, fearful that the fire would spread to the house.”

Rodal Arson

People always say that America is different, and thus immune to Jew Hatred.  Really?


Give it time.

It’s getting closer.



Mark Vaughan, Armed And Awesome

“True bravery is shown by performing without witness what one might be capable of doing before all the world,” said a wise man named La Rochefoucauld, centuries ago. That man’s definition excludes most of America’s contemporary heroes. But not the executive of Vaughan Foods. Mark Vaughan is the real deal.

As reported (if you can call it that) by Megyn Kelly impersonating Barbara Walters’ journalistic porn, this reserve Oklahoma County deputy shot, but sadly merely injured, Alton Nolen (30). The latter was a “Vaughan Foods employee who had been suspended hours earlier,” but returned to exact revenge on the workers.

Nolen “encountered the first victim, Colleen Hufford. He killed her and severed her head. He then turned his attention to Traci Johnson, and began slicing at her throat, when Mr. Vaughan saved her life by shooting the butcher.

The best part:

KELLY: Did you know Mark?


KELLY: You had never met him before?


KELLY: Describe what that was like for you.

JOHNSON: I don’t know. I really don’t know. Just fear still because, you know, because he was telling, when Mark came around the corner, he was telling him to get off of me and he wouldn’t get off of me.

KELLY: Did you see Mark’s gun?

JOHNSON: Yes, I did.

KELLY: And so, do you remember the exchange that Mark had with Nolen?

JOHNSON: He told Nolen to get off of me. I think he shot him the first time and it missed him and that is when Nolen got off of me and made a mad dash for Mr. Vaughan and that’s when he shot him two more times.

Nolen’s motive was a lethal combination of disgruntled employee, hate for whites and a love of Islam.

Reserve Deputy Mark Vaughan, who, as I hinted, refused to appear on the Kelly extravaganza, did receive an Award of Valor from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office.


V*te early and often!

Well, not quite. Vote as the rules and your conscience allow. But we just got this nice note from Lucky Gunner:

Anthony here from over at Lucky Gunner – thanks for the note and the heads up. I apologize for the delayed response, we’ve been hit with a number of requests to add groups today. While I’m familiar with JPFO I hadn’t heard of y’all until today so I wanted to dig in a little bit to find out more.

I just added The Zelman Partisans to the list on our voting page and wish you the best of luck.

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Thank you for what you’re doing, Lucky Gunner!


Will TZP have some luck with Lucky Gunner’s great gift?

UPDATE: Just got a nice note from Anthony at Lucky Gunner saying The Zelman Partisans have been added to their list!

When the Brady Bunch sued Lucky Gunner and two other vendors, their motives were purely political. They were using victims of the Aurora theater shooting in a naked attempt to put legal businesses out of business.

The judge was not amused. Earlier this year, he not only found in favor of the defendants, but ordered the Brady organization to pay their court costs. Last week Lucky Gunner announced it would be doing something wonderful with any funds it recouped: it would give them to firearms-related groups. And it would do so in proportion to v*tes cast by you and me and the next guy.

At first, they had a dozen or so groups on their list. They added a bunch more yesterday and they originally said they’d accept nominations through June 26.

The Zelman Partisans is not among the new additions. I know several supporters have suggested us and I emailed Lucky Gunner myself yesterday to ask if we could be included. I don’t know whether they’ve cut nominations off early, but assuming the June 26 cuttoff holds, we still have a chance. So if you’d like to give TZP a boost, please contact Lucky Gunner and ask them to add us. Then give us your v*te — and tell your friends!

We’re still small and new, so we might not draw a lot of votes, but it would be great to give it a try. Whether or not Lucky Gunner ever adds TZP to their list, what they are doing is simply wonderful and they deserve kudos from the whole gun-rights community.


These “Stiff-Necked” People: Who? What? Why?

How did it come to this?

Who are these “Stiff-Necked” people, just freed from hundreds of years of enslavement under the Pharaohs of Egypt?

How did they end up there?

Why are they now free; granted the escape of millions of people from the absolute control of a regional superpower?

Why are these ragged and debased people given protection, guidance, and even nourishment through a series of dramatic and unrelenting miraculous interventions? All lead by a convicted murder who, after years on the lam in the desert, returns as their spiritual and physical shepherd?


The Israelites had lived in their tribal lands in what is now most of modern Israel, and adjacent portions of today’s Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, since a very unusual man and his wife traveled all the way from Ur Kasdim, in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, through mountains and deserts, to purchase and settle their family and make a home.


This man, Abraham, rebellious son of an idol maker, challenged all the prevailing beliefs of the time, asserting that all of the universe was from the act of, and under the absolute dominion of, but ONE, unique, all encompassing, incorporeal, limitless, G-d.

This man, Abraham, was directly communicated to by this G-d, first, while being raised hidden in a cave, as a young child, and many times thereafter.

Abraham was a descendant of Shem; the youngest son of Noah a witness to the Great Flood, and the Covenant  renewed at its end

Shems’s grandson, Eber, unique among his siblings, refused to participate in the construction of the Tower of Babel, and thus he retained not only what he learned from Shem, but the original language in which he was taught. This language is Ivrit, what we call in English, Hebrew.

Abraham was the great-great-great-grandson of Eber.

Eleven generations of this family in all had been taught by Shem, before he died. From Shem, via Eber, through Abraham, all the way to Jacob.

Abraham and his wife Sarah braved many challenges, and yet prospered. Together they developed a reputation among the great and small alike for intelligence, morality, and gracious hospitality to all who sought out their tents. Abraham and Sarah recognized that all mankind’s blessings, indeed all of existence, came from G-d.

So, when challenged by G-d with a terrifying, soul-wrenching test; to sacrifice his adult son, Isaac, to this same G-d, both father and son were nonetheless willing. At the last moment, Heaven stayed Abraham’s hand.

Abraham and Issac Rembrandt van Rijn, 1634
Abraham and Issac
Rembrandt van Rijn, 1634

This event, known as the Akedah, established an eternal promise, from G-d himself, to Abraham, Isaac and (through Jacob) their descendants to have title to this good land forever. So long as they loved G-d, and followed his guidance, they would multiply and prosper. A nation of priests; witness to the World that Hashem is G-d and He is “One”.

Indeed, through Isaac and his children, and their children, and their children, the message, devotion to G-d, and their promised prosperity was solidified. So was the unquestioned title to their land. Their HOME. The People of Israel dwelt in the Land of Israel.

Thus it was, that, facing a terrible drought, the children of Jacob; now known as Israel, sought permission of their neighbor, the Pharaoh of Egypt, to feed and water their livestock ,to sojourn, in the outlying fields of Goshen, on the Nile Delta, only a few days walk from their home, TEMPORARILY.

Next: Seduction, Debasement, and Slavery on the Nile


As If We Didn’t Know Already

Karl Rove is a jackass.

I know this is not news to most of us who have even the slightest knowledge of American politics. After all, Rove was one of the “geniuses” behind the eight years of Bush we were subjected to between 2001 and 2009. And now he’s dedicated himself to spearheading efforts to elect… um… “electable” candidates – and by “electable,” I mean having no morals, ethics, or strong views due to a passionate desire only to get elected, vice actually serve the populace.

Well, as if you needed more proof that Rove is a tool, he’s decided to up his cred as one of the most dangerous and pathetic humans in the political sphere. When Chris Wallace asked Rove in a Fox News interview about the Emmanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, SC  how we can, “stop the violence,” dimwit sniveled that the only way to guarantee they will stop is to “remove guns from society.”

Now maybe there’s some magic law that will keep us from having more of these. I mean basically the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough “oomph” to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen.

Well, of course that’s not going to happen! Because people like us stand up to people like Rove and his beloved compromisers! After all it’s Rove and crew that helped give us gun control-loving Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate in 2012.

But what Rove said is more dangerous and stupid than you might think. For one, it gives gun grabbers ammunition to claim, “Look! Here’s a conservative admitting that repealing the Second Amendment would dramatically reduce gun violence! BIPARTISANSHIP!

But it’s even more stupid, because it presents a false premise. Not only is it logistically and practically impossible to remove guns from society, but it allows the gun grabbers to set the rules of the playing field. GUN violence is not the problem. Violence writ large is.  And additionally, as the British experiment has proven after the UK all but banned firearms after the Dunblane massacre, removing guns from society does absolutely nothing to mitigate the problem.

Removing guns from society will not reduce violence. The Cumbria shooting still happened in the UK – even after the government instituted stringent gun control – resulting in 12 fatalities and 11 injuries. Terrorists still bombed the public transport system in London in 2005. Japan has virtually eliminated all shooting deaths by banning most firearms, but that doesn’t mean violence has gone away.

And yet, Rove stupidly allowed the gun grabbers to frame the narrative and put the right to keep and bear arms in the crosshairs, so to speak.

Perhaps if the gun grabbers stopped pushing for the disarmament of this nation’s most vulnerable potential victims and started promoting responsible gun ownership, personal responsibility, and self defense, we could drastically reduce violent rampages like the one that claimed the lives of churchgoers in South Carolina.

And as for Karl Rove… STOP TRYING TO HELP!


No surprise, the killer hated Jews, too.

Sheila already covered part of this in yesterday’s powerful post, but it bears repeating and re-emphasizing as a glimpse of how a racist murderer sees his potential victims. As the New Yorker notes about the manifesto posted by the Charleston, SC racist murderer (bolding mine):

The manifesto reflects a stark and twisted obsession with minorities and race, particularly African-Americans but also Jews and Hispanics. It is drenched in white-separatist racial solidarity; mordant self-pity; and conspiracy thinking. The text moves from blunt hatred (“Niggers are stupid and violent”) to a kind of lunatic auto-didacticism: “In a modern history class it is always emphasized that, when talking about ‘bad’ things Whites have done in history, they were White. But when we lern about the numerous, almost countless wonderful things Whites have done, it is never pointed out that these people were White. Yet when we learn about anything important done by a black person in history, it is always pointed out repeatedly that they were black. For example when we learn about how George Washington carver was the first nigger smart enough to open a peanut.” (I’ve left all of the grammatical and spelling mistakes uncorrected. It seems the least one could do.)

The anti-Semitism in the text is such that it is a wonder the killer did not make a stop at a local synagogue on the way to Emanuel A.M.E. Church with his .45-calibre handgun. (“Just like niggers, most jews are always thinking about the fact that they are jewish. The other issue is that they network. If we could somehow turn every jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on.”)

Vulnerable populations + vicious loons + “gun free” zones = a welcome mat for murder.


You Heard That Where?

The attack in South Carolina was the latest in a series of horrors that have occurred in Gun Free Zones. And the roaches have been scurrying out of the woodwork. To no one’s great surprise Hillary said she still hates law abiding citizens and can’t wait to see them dead. Well, sort of, she might have phrased it more like a politician, but that’s the essence of it. Barry of course has been saying that for years. His name IS still barry this week, right?

But to the subject at hand. It has come out that the alleged killer (Lt. Col. Grossman says we do not use mass murders names, the name can fade to oblivion) chose the church because it was a gun free zone and didn’t have security. Like other mass killers, some of them elected politicians, they wants disarmed victims.

But the reporting on the incident is interesting. Actually reporting, chuckle, chuckle, is interesting. When the police HQ in Dallas were attacked a CNN anchor called it “brave”. Why yes, that is the same CNN that has been caught using footage of fully automatic weapons being fired while reporting on a story about semi-automatic weapons. More than once.

Then we have a guest on MSNBC who stated that had anyone there been able to defend themselves it would have been amazing if even three people had been left alive. Seriously. Disarmed, defenseless (now dead) people are safer. I’m sure MSNBC’s 11 viewers nodded along sagely.

So MSNBC and CNN both favor disarmed victims, and CNN thinks that an attack on Police is brave. Well, she is in great company. Hamas recently declared the death and wounding of a disarmed hiker and a friend as a “Heroic Operation”. Apparently Danny Gonen and a friend had been hiking were heading back when a peaceful Arab waved them down asking for help. They stopped and he asked for water. Then shot them.

So where did you hear that? If it was on CNN, or MSNBC (in case of it’s 11 viewers stumbled onto our site) you might mull over the view point with which it’s being reported. CNN thinks it’s brave to attack police and MSNBC thinks if you can defend yourself and have a chance to fight to live you are less safe. Which is probably why I’ve heard talk show host Mark Levin call them MSLSD. At least hamass is more honest in this case. They hate Israel and are happy to see innocent defenseless people slaughtered. What does that say about the mainstream news media. Seriously, if they can’t even report a news story that has already happened, why would you trust them with a weather forecast?

As a side note, the South Carolina shooter had a view on Jews as well.

Unlike many White nationalists, I am of the opinion that the majority of American and European Jews are White. In my opinion the issue with the Jews is not their blood, but their identity.  I think that if we somehow could destroy the Jewish identity, then they wouldnt [sic] cause much of a problem. The problem is that Jews look White, and in many cases are White, yet they see themselves as minorities. Just like niggers [sic], most jews [sic] are always thinking about the fact they are jewish [sic]. The other issue is that they network. If we could somehow turn every jew [sic] blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on.

I do not pretend to understand why jews [sic] do what they do. They are enigma [sic].

Yes indeedy. That pesky Jewish identity…..must erase that pesky Jewish identity. Got news you piece of pond scum fish excrement, others have tried, others will try, others are trying now. Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League is not the answer. The old sticks and stones thing. Armed Synagogues, armed Churches now we are talking answers. There is one higher and greater that I believe will have something to say about erasing the Jewish identity.

Thank you Y.B. Love this one!


Why I’m not going to write about that dreadful mass murder in South Carolina

So some selfish little moron has blown away nine people in a church in South Carolina. And predictably every blood-dancer from Barack Obama to Stephen King has already gone on a crusade to blame the gun.

Never mind that the murderer was such a sociopathic creep that he killed those innocents despite observing that they were nice to him in the hour he sat praying with them. Never mind that the murderer was a racist pig. Never mind that he was a criminal with an existing record (nature of which is so far unknown). We’re about to be plunged into another one-sided “conversation” about how all “reasonable” people will now support “reasonable” victim disarmament gun control. And how anybody who doesn’t agree is a fanatic, a racist, the possessor of an undersized penis, a hater, etc. etc. so on.

And we who understand the lifesaving properties of firearms and the freedomsaving power that enables us to own them (with or without permission of government) will be expected to answer. To defend ourselves. To defend our weapons. To defend our rights.

Well, baloney.

Let those who want to speak on behalf of constitutionally guaranteed rights do so by all means. Let those who want to cite statistics do so. Let those who want to point out the history of blacks protecting themselves and their communities with firearms do so. Let those who want to point out the folly of gun-free zones do so. Let those who want to get in the trenches and fight the coming onslaught of anti-gun legislation do so.

All these things are valuable and I’m not saying otherwise. I’m only writing from my own partisan soul (and I suspect the other partisans here wouldn’t be far from agreeing). I’m saying I’m not going to address the bloody deeds of that arrogant cretin or the demands of his blood-dancing fan club. (And make no mistake, the Obamas, Bloombergs, Kings, Schumers, Feinsteins, and Wattses of the world are his fan club, since he and his fellow murderers enable everything they dream of imposing on the world.)

I’m not going to address him or them because they don’t matter.

Our freedom to own firearms and to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities stands beyond them all.

Pass a law demanding we submit to universal background checks? We will flout it.

Pass a law demanding that we turn in our standard-capacity magazines? Make us obey.

Pass a law insisting that we register whatever you consider the politically unpopular weapon of the moment? Come and find them.

Pass a law attempting to make the Second Amendment more conditional than it already is? We’ll laugh. Because we don’t get our freedom from any piece of paper and we won’t surrender any more of our freedom for some piece of paper, either.

Ban this or that type of ammo? More will slip through porous borders. More will be made in secret places. Ammo isn’t complicated.

Ban homemade guns or the increasingly marvellous tools to produce them? Oh my, you dream, you dream, you dream, you pathetic control freaks in legislatures and police departments everywhere. That genie is long out of its bottle.

Pass laws that punish us for the deeds of creeps like South Carolina’s church shooter or the nutcase of Aurora? The merely confirms what we already know: that you “controllers” consider us your enemy even when we are not — which ends up making us your enemy in fact.

You want to provoke violence? Then take more freedom. Or try to. Then blame the peaceable for the crimes of the wicked.

You only imagine — you dream — that you can stop us from owning the tools of self defense and home and community protection.

Go on and dream it, all you blood dancers. Dream on and leave us alone and all will be well. Dream — and try to impose your sick fantasies on us, and you’ll discover you’ve created yourself a nightmare.

Beyond that, the only answer to would-be murderers is to defend against them. And there’s no need to answer anybody in their blood-dancing, victim-disarming fan clubs because the only and ultimate answer is that we are free no matter what they try to do.

And that’s self-evident.


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