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Mark Vaughan, Armed And Awesome

“True bravery is shown by performing without witness what one might be capable of doing before all the world,” said a wise man named La Rochefoucauld, centuries ago. That man’s definition excludes most of America’s contemporary heroes. But not the executive of Vaughan Foods. Mark Vaughan is the real deal.

As reported (if you can call it that) by Megyn Kelly impersonating Barbara Walters’ journalistic porn, this reserve Oklahoma County deputy shot, but sadly merely injured, Alton Nolen (30). The latter was a “Vaughan Foods employee who had been suspended hours earlier,” but returned to exact revenge on the workers.

Nolen “encountered the first victim, Colleen Hufford. He killed her and severed her head. He then turned his attention to Traci Johnson, and began slicing at her throat, when Mr. Vaughan saved her life by shooting the butcher.

The best part:

KELLY: Did you know Mark?


KELLY: You had never met him before?


KELLY: Describe what that was like for you.

JOHNSON: I don’t know. I really don’t know. Just fear still because, you know, because he was telling, when Mark came around the corner, he was telling him to get off of me and he wouldn’t get off of me.

KELLY: Did you see Mark’s gun?

JOHNSON: Yes, I did.

KELLY: And so, do you remember the exchange that Mark had with Nolen?

JOHNSON: He told Nolen to get off of me. I think he shot him the first time and it missed him and that is when Nolen got off of me and made a mad dash for Mr. Vaughan and that’s when he shot him two more times.

Nolen’s motive was a lethal combination of disgruntled employee, hate for whites and a love of Islam.

Reserve Deputy Mark Vaughan, who, as I hinted, refused to appear on the Kelly extravaganza, did receive an Award of Valor from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office.