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Teach something, learn something

Once again, I indulged in my hobby of confronting less than accurate media reports. This one turned out considerably better than some, and Ed Palm deserves some kudos. I think I taught him something, but he set me straight on something, too.

The ingratitude of the NRA
Along the same lines, I’m sure it’s fun to play with a “bump stock” — a device I hadn’t even heard of before Stephen Paddock used a few of them to kill 58 people and wound 546 more in Las Vegas on October 1. Soon after that senseless slaughter, we all learned that a semiautomatic rifle equipped with a bump stock can simulate fully automatic fire.
Such was my experience in 1967, when I was in Vietnam. The Marine Corps had just transitioned from the semiautomatic M14 to the new M16. Unlike the M14, all M16s featured a selector switch, allowing for semi- or fully automatic fire.

Regarding the first bump-fire point, I noted that: “Nope. A bump-fire stock is training wheels for people who have trouble pulling the trigger quickly. It’s inaccurate, and bump-fired rifles are prone to malfunctions. There’s a reason that police and military don’t use them, despite being far cheaper than automatic weapons. (And since LE sources reported the Mandalay Bay shooter had at least one rifle converted to full auto as well as bump-fire stocked rifles, and the sheriff claims the asshole fired over 1100 round s in 9 minutes — more than two rounds per second, even with weapon and magazine swaps — I wonder how many of the rounds came from bump-fired rifles.)”

Major Palm still had doubts:

“My understanding is that a bump stock will enable an AR15 to cycle more rapidly than by just pulling the trigger.”

To which I replied: “No. A bump-fire stock is a purely passive device in which the receiver slides freely, back and forth. It in no way changes the action of the rifle. For a somewhat more detailed description, written for someone who admitted knowing nothing about firearm so excuse the simplistic language, see “Training Wheels,” at the The Zelman Partisans (a Jewish pro-RKBA group).

“In fact, some rifles are less reliable when bump-fired, because the weapon is not properly supported; rather like limp-wristing a 1911. Add in the loss of accuracy, and I think they’re silly.”

He thanked me for the information. Score one for me, I hope. It may not change his mind, but he strikes me as honest enough to consider the point, unlike most to whom I’ve reached out.

Where I blew it was on the M14: “Since the M14 is actually a selective-fire rifle like the M-16, I find myself a bit dubious regarding your firearms knowledge. And military experience. It seems unlikely that your Vietnam combat unit had all been issued the M14M “developed for use in civilian rifle marksmanship activities such as the Civilian Marksmanship Program.” Or the M14 SMUD, unless yours was an EOD unit.”

And there I made my mistake. While I knew there were (and still are) semiauto variants, I didn’t think they were all that commonly issued in Vietnam. Obviously I’m a little too young to have been sent there to fight, so my impression was anecdotal, based on conversations with VN vets who had carried M14s. For whatever reason, each one I spoke to described a select-fire weapon (one with an amusing tale of a lost front sight).

(And yes, I was unnecessarily rude. I apologize for that, too.)

Major Palm set me straight:

“I take it that you have limited knowledge of the deployment of the M14 in the Marine Corps. The M14 selector-switch is a modification that the great majority of Marine Corps M14s didn’t have. When I was stateside, and when I was in the rear with the gear in Vietnam, my M14 didn’t have a selector switch. Before the M16, the Table of organization called for one man out of each four-man fire team to have a selector switch and to be able to fire fully automatic. Whether that was really the case in infantry units, I don’t know.”

In fact, he checked with some other vets and found that one select-fire in twelve was more common than the TO 1:4

Major Palm is the first person I spoke to who admitted to having a semi M14 in Vietnam. Whether by chance I had previously happened on the one-in-four (or twelve), or they had original issue rifles before the need for the semiauto modification became clear, I don’t know. Maybe some of them were even blowing smoke up my… where ever.

Point is, I took tales for fact, and hadn’t checked it for myself. So I was wrong.

And this is one reason I continue contacting folks write on gun control. Sometimes it’s possible to get correct information across. And sometimes they can teach me something.

Thank you, Major Palm.

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Support Your Local Sheriff, Maybe

One of my friends favorite movies is “Support Your Local Sheriff” with James Garner. I loved it too, he has such great delivery with his lines. Sometimes when we’re on the phone we might jokingly toss one of them into the conversation. I know it’s not a great copy of the movie, but you’ll get the point from the clips I put together, yeah, I love ya’ll that much!

But when the chips, or bullets, as the case maybe were down, it was Jake (Jack Elam) who came to the rescue wasn’t it? We’re still seeing incidents of law enforcement officers killed, sometimes while sitting in their cars. Despite the fact some of these officers were black, I’ve yet to hear of Black Labs Matter saying much of anything. These were people who wanted to make a difference in the world by helping people, seems like they could spare a second. Their lives matter too, didn’t they? I guess those officers didn’t have a “Jake” handy to watch their backs.

So I got to wondering about armed citizens involving themselves in active shooting situations.

Of course they do, there is a short list of them in this WaPo article by Eugene Volokh from 2015

There was a study done by the FBI in 2014, and it has what I think are some interesting bits in it.

In addition, though officers responded quickly (i.e., median time 3 minutes), shooters inflicted devastating damage beforehand. This adds to the growing evidence that citizens must have insight on how to respond. The FBI’s support for strong citizen awareness, detailed in the “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol, is endorsed by all other federal agencies. The data establish that when prepared, the potential victims themselves can stop the shooter.

Give a whole new meaning to “wait a minute” doesn’t it?

There was 110 Active Shooting incidents that met the criteria for the study occurring from 2000-2012.

Events by Year
The Number of People Shot and Killed


The primary location of ASEs. Business locales (e.g., retail stores, office buildings, and factories/warehouses) were the most frequently attacked locations. Schools, both K-12 and institutions of higher education, were the second-most attacked locations at 29 percent. Approximately 1 out of 5 ASEs occurred in outdoor environments. The other category includes places, like military bases and churches, that did not fit into one of the other categories. It also is worthwhile to note that 18 percent of the attackers went mobile during their attacks; that is, the perpetrator started at one location and then moved to another while still actively attacking. Most frequently, attackers simply walked to another nearby location, but in some cases they used an automobile to move between more distant attack sites.

Hmm, interesting. From looking at the list, it seems to me, the majority are “Gun Free Zones”. Business can choose I think if they want to be “Gun Free, except for the bad guy” of course. But I’m betting if you are in one of those big malls, the majority of them are posted, and probably the same terms apply for the businesses renting space there. Schools and colleges are of course no carry zones, and churches are often no carry and military bases have been since Bill Clinton.

So what did they use? I bet like millions of those evil, black rifles, right? Um, not so much.

In about 60 percent of the attacks the most powerful weapon used was a pistol. In 8 percent it was a shotgun, and the most powerful weapon used was a rifle in about 25 percent of the cases. Shooters brought multiple weapons in about one-third of the attacks. Perpetrators brought improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to the attack site in 3 percent of the cases and wore body armor in 5 percent.

Well that tears it! I’m going to start calling for IED control! Nobody needs and IED! Mind you, I expect it to be every bit as effective against criminals as their beloved “Gun Free except the criminal’s Zones”

Of the cases studied only 51% were still going on by the time Law Enforcement arrived, and remember, their median response time was 3 minutes.

Of the cases that ended before the police arrived, 67 percent (34) ended with attackers stopping themselves via suicide (29 cases) or by leaving the scene (5 cases). In the other 33 percent (17) of the cases that ended before the police arrived, the potential victims at the scene stopped the shooter themselves. Most commonly they physically subdued the attacker (14 cases), but 3 cases involved people at the scene shooting the perpetrator to end the attack.

And it appeared to me the majority of the cases occurred in GFZs, which could account for only 3 of the incidents being stopped by an armed citizen.

And this study didn’t include any of the terrorist attacks that have happened recently. Well, considering the Ft. Hood shooting was classified as “workplace violence”.

Since we’re seeing an increase in the attacks on both citizens and law enforcement it would seem to me like the two would be well served by having an large amount of civilians trained and carrying to save innocent lives, of both the law enforcement and civilians. But that depends on who you have elected to the office. So let’s look at a couple of different examples, shall we?

First up, we have Sheriff Wayne Ivey the Brevard County Sheriff in Florida. I admit it, I think this guy is awesome. He is calling for citizens to be armed, trained and tells of the training the Sheriff’s Office offers. How cool is he?

Then we have Austin Tx police chief Art Acevedo who takes a slightly different approach. He calls for neighbors to turn each other in if they are “gun enthusiasts” and are “full of hate” so the police can “vet” them. SCUSE ME??

But then I saw another video in the sidebar about the Austin Police Department. WOW. Apparently they have like literally NO crime in Austin. The police arrested a jogger, for jaywalking. And worse than jaywalking? She didn’t have her driver’s license on her, because she wasn’t driving, she was jogging. Papers please. They handcuffed her and threw her in the back of a squad car. Old Ace came out and defended it and said she was lucky worse didn’t happen to her. This is what Austin TEXAS elected?

Citizens, it does matter who you vote for, especially in local elections.

Law enforcement, do you really want to be this guy? There were at least some citizens that tried to help, but if the men attacking him had gotten his weapon away? What stops a bad guy with a gun when the only gun came from the only police present?


Doing the blood dance

We’ve seen it time and time again – politicians doing a ritual dance in the blood of victims in order to promote a political agenda and using tragedy to advance their schemes.

We saw it when Cindy Sheehan used the blood of her hero son Casey, who was killed in Iraq, to advance her anti-war agenda and launch her political career.

We saw it recently when both political parties saw it fit to use the Gold Star family of Army CPT Humayan Khan as a means to promote their candidates in a national election.

It happens every time a psychotic murderer goes on a rampage. The cries for more laws that would do nothing to stop any future carnage grow louder and louder, and those whose only purpose is to advance a political agenda mislead, lie, and use grieving families as tools to advance their odious goals.

What I find unconscionable is how brazen these liars have become.

Last month Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) introduced the nauseatingly-named Help End Assault Rifle Tragedies (HEART) Act. And if the name isn’t enough to make you want to regurgitate last week’s lunch, wait until you read what this noxious piece of… legislation aims to do.

S.3171 and H.R.5739 would “prohibit the transfer, loan, or other disposition of a machinegun or semiautomatic assault weapon to an individual under 16 years of age.”

So, essentially, it will end youth shooting sports. It will prevent young people from learning and training with semi-automatic rifles. It will kill off programs that teach responsible gun use and ownership, focus, and accountability to thousands of young people.

Worse yet, they’re using lies and misleading grieving families into becoming props for their abhorrent ends!

“Right now we live in a country where a suspected terrorist can go online to Instagram and buy and find an assault weapon that could be handed to a child at a gun range for shooting practice,” he said. “There is no other nation in the world where that is allowed to happen.”

WUT the hell?
WUT the hell?

Yeah, get this straight! You can buy guns on Instagram! And terrorism! And children!

That incoherent rant came out of Markey’s maw when he introduced this travesty on July 12th. Because we can’t pass up the opportunity to somehow work terrorism into a pack of lies to help pass an odious bill that will do nothing but destroy programs that teach thousands of kids competition, sportsmanship, and responsible gun ownership.

And worse yet, the two slimy fascists also tricked a grieving family into being poster children for their agenda!

The children of Charles Vacca, a firearms instructor, who died in 2014 when a 9-year-old learning to shoot an Uzi at an Arizona gun range shot him, have been roped into pushing the political agenda of Markey and Gallegos. This bill would ban the use of common semi-automatic rifles by young people under the age of 16. I’m fairly sure this is not what their father – an Army veteran and range instructor – would have wanted.

But this is how the gun grabbers operate.

They take advantage of tragedy. They try to tempt, cajole, and mislead grieving families of victims of tragic accidents with promises of definitive steps that they claim will increase safety and reduce tragedies such as the ones that took the lives of their loved ones. They promise their loved ones’ names will live forever in legislation which they promise will reduce future tragedies. They use their grief to their advantage. They promise a lot.

And they lie.

What the HEART Act will do is prevent the next generation of shooters from competing in their sport of choice.

What the HEART Act will do is prohibit young people from learning critical gun safety skills.

What the HEART Act will do is toss focused, disciplined, talented, well-trained kids like Shyanne Roberts, whom two years ago I called “The Future of Gun Rights in America” out of their competitions.

What the HEART Act will do is make Olympic gold medalists like West Virginia’s Ginny Thrasher, who just won the first gold for the United States in Rio, obsolete, much to the glee of gun grabbing, classless swine, who have taken to the Internet in an attempt to ridicule, ostracize, and demean Thrasher and the United States in order to condemn our rights and freedoms.

Jerks like this Brian Santa Maria, whose biggest accomplishment seems to be managing a Curves in California, would be only too happy to surrender the pride of the United States to quivering cowards like himself who would rather see us disarmed, unskilled, and subservient to petty tyrants.

What this reprehensible, fraud-ridden legislation will do is destroy youth shooting sports in the United States.

shyanneAnd this is exactly what a new organization called Youth Shooters of America and the Zelman Partisans want to prevent.

These types of legislative proposals pose a danger not just to Shyanne’s ability to compete, but also to other young people’s ability to learn gun safety, and hone discipline, skill, focus, and personal responsibility.

Education, not bans, will help prevent these tragic accidents. By banning the use of these firearms by young people, these legisleeches will do nothing but make them taboo and increase curiosity and accidents.

And by lying to grieving families and exploiting their anguish for political gain, these opportunistic swine are confirming themselves to be nothing but indecent, mercenary charlatans, who care about little else other than promoting their agenda.

Luckily, the Senate and House versions of this lunacy haven’t gotten any traction, and are currently languishing in subcommittee. The House version has six co-sponsors, and the Senate version has one – Dick Blumenthal – the same Dick who has repeatedly lied about his military service.

But as ridiculous as the majority of the current gun control proposals pending in the 114th Congress are, they may be more dangerous than we imagine.

They may not pass, but they change the landscape ever so subtly. They express concerns about “gun violence.” They push for funding for “gun violence research.” They have cutesy names like “Gun Show Loophole Closing Act,” express support for special “months” to be designated “gun violence” months, and they name odious, dangerous, tyrannical legislation after victims of crime and negligence.

Words matter. Language matters. How we describe our freedoms matters. When you allow change the ideological landscape to change, you are losing the battle for our rights.

And we cannot allow this to happen.


Into the Herd

Recently I had a lovely opportunity to spend some time with three people that wanted to learn to shoot. While I’m not a REAL firearms instructor, I knew enough to teach basic gun safety and had a place they could shoot. So I coached them through rifle from the prone position only, shotgun and handgun. They all seemed to enjoy themselves very much. I was heartened to hear the young girl, college age comment it wasn’t guns that are bad, it’s who is doing what with them. They all seemed pleased with having the chance to learn and get familiar with some basic tools and they seemed very pleased with how they shot. They should be. They all did a fantastic job. But best of all, they had fun. It was a good experience for them. I was so very proud of the three of them and made it very clear. When I wasn’t kicking their feet, but other than that. I mostly drank coffee, coached, corrected and encouraged. I kept my political commentary and legal commentary to a minimum due to time constraints. Two of the young’uns had to be at work at a certain time.

But one part I just couldn’t contain myself. During our handgun portion I was asked about carrying, how often did I carry, I did carry didn’t I? Of course. I said that most of the time it seemed when people had to pull their emergency equipment that the attacking party reconsidered their current itinerary. BUT, that didn’t mean they would. That a person needed to consider before they ever decided to carry that if the need arose, could they, would they kill someone to protect themselves or someone they were with? That you shouldn’t ever pull your weapon hoping to run a bluff. The people that prey on others are predators and they will sense that. NEVER put your sights on something you aren’t willing to destroy.

I guess this was so strongly on my mind because recently in Tel Aviv there was a Israeli Arab that attacked a pub crowd killing two and wounding others. Witnesses noticed an armed civilian who failed to try to neutralize the terrorist. They don’t know why, but speculation is that he was afraid of being prosecuted or arrested for awhile. America has Mom’s Demand Sanity Action and Gun Senseless crowd to deal with. Israel has “Gun on the kitchen table” who have successfully got the government to restrict the number of weapons issued to security guards and civilians. They apparently have had no effect on the amount of illegal guns in the arab communities as yet though. The terrorist left the pub massacre and went on to kill a cab driver who picked him up. He is still at large presumably in Tel Aviv.

This seems to be happening more. There have been police officers assaulted because they were afraid of becoming Darren Wilson, and afraid to do their job due to the “Ferguson Effect”. Civilians afraid to defend themselves because they are afraid of becoming George Zimmerman and having Black Panthers (or anyone else) publicly put a price on your head. Law abiding citizens are the ones under attack from the law, the government wants people to be afraid to defend themselves and they want the guardians to be afraid to defend the law-abiding. The only ones it seems this administration is intent of defending are thugs.

Which, I guess explains barry’s recent plans on gun control. If they aren’t afraid, make them unable.

I’m not really sure what prompted my three guests to decide they wanted to become a bit familiar with lifesaving tools at this time. I didn’t ask. It didn’t really matter. Bringing new people that understand tools and know how to use them into the herd is good, no matter what gets them here. But I do know what motivated me to teach them. A labor of love. People have different ways of thinking about things and different ways of saying “I love you”. And perhaps they are beginning to realize or consider what some have already discovered the hard painful way. “Without a rifle, you are nothing”.

So at the end of the day, I felt pretty good about things. I had successfully introduced and furthered some education on rifle, shotgun and handgun. I can take them apart a clean them. I was thinking I might not be far from a superhero cape. Until I tried to make a rice dish I wanted and discovered while I can do those things, I can not cook rice properly. I guess the superhero cape will be on hold for a while.


Ammo winners

Congratulations to MCR and CW*, the two winners in our drawing for 9mm ammo from Ammunition to Go.

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Controlled violence, or pistols and other things that go boom.

Guest commentary
Exclusive to The Zelman Partisans
by William Lehman

Various friends and family have come to me over the years to ask questions such as “What type of pistol should I buy? Should I have a shotgun in the house?” and variations on this theme.

Seems some folks think I know a bit about the subject. Well, after carrying a firearm for more than 35 years, much of it for pay, I suppose they’re right. I was a cop for eight years, and in the military for 20. I’ve owned my fair share of weapons, and though my ankles and knees are not up to copping any more, I stay in the loop. I have drawn a weapon in the line of duty – both police and military – and to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never shot anyone.

Many of the following words of advice are not original to me; some of them are paraphrases of such greats as Col. Jeff Cooper; many of these words are distilled wisdom I’ve picked up from guys that REALY know something.

So, you want to join the members of that most unique society — those who are willing to take personal responsibility for their safety? OK, here are the rules:

First rule: You need to answer the following question: will you actually be willing and able to shoot someone in the head or heart, and watch them die before your eyes, maybe while wiping the blood off your face? (Most gunfights happen at a distance of less than 10 feet.) If the answer is “no,” you shouldn’t carry.

A firearm is not a magical talisman you whip out of your pants or purse, speak the magic words, “I have a gun,” and make evil disappear. You’re going to have to be willing to USE it.

Now, in most instances, merely brandishing a firearm is sufficient to make the bad guy suddenly realize he had an appointment across town that he’s now half an hour late for. But bad-guys are animals, and like animals, they can smell a bluff. If you go waving that Tacticool SIG with the laser sights, extended mag loaded with .45 ACP rounds, sporting the trigger job, flashlight, and bayonet in his face expecting to scare him, but without actually being willing to use it, and you may have just given them a high-dollar present with a lot of stupid baubles on it…

Oh, and probably your life, because after taking your firearm away, he will likely kill you. Of course, he would have probably killed you even if you weren’t armed, but at least you wouldn’t have added to his arsenal.

I understand that some folks are just mentally incapable of taking a life. OK, if you can’t, you can’t. Stay with someone who can, or understand that you take a very small, but existing risk of being robbed, raped, and then killed.

If you would rather be a martyr to the cause of non-violence than a survivor who has to report what happened to the police, and maybe live through a trial for daring to defend yourself, cool. Stop reading now, the rest of this is not for you.

Did the peaceniks leave yet?


I don’t understand that sort of mind set, but I know people, even people about whom I care about very much, who have that outlook. I view these folks the same way I look at those who suffer from a self-inflicted, incurable illness and are doomed to die of it. It’s unfortunate, but ultimately the decision was theirs.

The rest of this essay is for those of who have decided it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by six.

Second rule: All guns are loaded. Always. Unless you personally checked it, know its condition, and have not let it out of your hand since that time, it’s loaded and there’s one under the hammer.

A while ago, I had an accidental discharge with a gun I always kept loaded. I knew it was loaded, but what I did not know is that my roommate had taken it to the range, and reloaded it afterward with all six rounds, meaning that the round under the hammer was live. When I handled it, my thumb slipped off the hammer and I had an accidental discharge, because I did not properly check my firearm. Best advice is to never assume. Never.

Third rule: Never put your finger in the trigger guard until you have your sights on the target.

Fourth rule: never cover anything with your muzzle that you are not willing to destroy.

These are common sense rules we have all likely heard before, but they bear repeating. Again and again.

Fifth rule: Carry the biggest caliber that you can comfortably control. If the best you can control is a 9mm, I’ll tell you what ammunition will be effective, because only a very few, brands and types of 9mm ammo are effective man stoppers. And if you can’t handle the recoil of a 9mm, start working out, because anything less than a 9mm, while effective under the proper circumstances, will be difficult to use effectively to stop an oncoming threat.

Imagine hitting a moving target the size of an eyeball, while scared out of your gourd, and trying to stay alive. If you can hit a man in the eye, or the bridge of the nose, or the throat, while he’s trying to stick, shoot, or bludgeon you to death, you don’t need to read this, because you’re an assassin.

That said, the prudent pistolero does not get in a gunfight with a caliber that doesn’t begin with a “.4” (.40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .45 LC, .45 GAP, .44, .41. or the two exceptions to the rule: the .357 and the 10mm).

Sixth rule: Try different pistols before you buy one. Shoot a lot, and shoot many different types. Shoot with friends. Try out their firearms. Most gunnies don’t need an excuse to go out and shoot. After you shoot a lot, you’ll find something that fits your hand and that you can shoot comfortably. Buy one just like it. Spend the money to buy a GOOD weapon; you’ll have it for life.

Guns can be heirlooms. Buy a decent handgun, give it a modicum of care, and you will hand it down to your kids, and they will hand it down to their kids, and so on, and so forth. This tool will maintain value better than almost anything other than maybe gold, so buy a good one and take care of it.

Finally: Never plan to get into a gun fight. Pistols are like fire extinguishers. They are there for emergencies. Why would you go anywhere with the expectation of trouble? If you’re expecting trouble, you might want to bring more firepower than just a pistol. Long guns, shotguns, and armed friends should accompany you if you are really expecting problems.

Remember the only fair fight is the one you win. Chivalry is for competitions. In war — whether nationally declared or street — when your life is on the line, giving the bad guy an even chance is a good way to end up dead. And unlike reenactments, movies, or video games, when you’re dead, you’re dead. Your kids get to squabble over your inheritance, and I have to go to your funeral.

I hate funerals, except for those of my enemies.


William Lehman is a retired Navy, medically retired police officer, who currently works for the Navy as a civilian and writes the John Fisher Chronicles — an urban fantasy series based in the pacific Northwest.


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Sounds like a case of premature detonation

On my own blog today, I synthesized all the information we had so far on the San Bernardino shooting into some hypotheses. I won’t copy/paste the entire thing here, but I will give you the bottom line and let you decide if you want to read my entire thought process.

I wrote this piece as events were unfolding. I also tried to take everything we knew then and know now into account when examining the events in San Bernardino. There are some strange details about this attack that make it seem like it was a bit more spontaneous than a normal jihadist attack. And if you actually read to the end, my assessment is that there may have been a bigger attack planned, but Farook probably lost his temper at the party and launched an unplanned, spontaneous attack on his coworkers, rather than waiting to execute a bigger event elsewhere that he and Malik probably planned. In essence, this is my attempt to analyze the actual details of the event and provide a deeper analysis than just “OMG JIHAD!”

Why do I think this was a case of a jihadist losing his temper and launching an attack early? Several reasons.

According to this CNN update,  “Syed Rizwan Farook — one-half of the couple behind the San Bernardino shooting massacre — was apparently radicalized and in touch with people being investigated by the FBI for international terrorism.”

Given the large number of pipe bombs and lots of ammo found in their house, and given the fact that this guy and his wife were apparently radicalized, and that a band of Middle Eastern men have been reported to have been hanging around,  I think they had something bigger planned. A bigger attack, perhaps, with IEDs and pipe bombs, that was abandoned when Farook stormed out of a holiday party in a rage.

I think these guys aren’t well known for self control. I think something angered him at the party, and he stormed out, went home, and decided to exact his revenge.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this bit of absolute stupidity.

Representative Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) declared, “multi-automatic round weapons are easily available, even though not in California, but they can cross the state line” on Thursday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live.”

Sanchez said, “the reality is that Congress has been trying to get at some of these issues for the last five years, and we haven’t been able to. We let the Assault Weapons Ban, which was led by our Senator Sen. Dianne Feinstein, we let that lapse. So, you know, multi-automatic round weapons are easily available, even though not in California, but they can cross the state line, as you know. The second thing is, we really haven’t done that much about mental health. I’ve been working with my colleague, Rep. Grace Napolitano (D) here out of the Los Angeles area, to try to get mental health services more available for people, and it hasn’t happened. And then lastly, there are a lot of loopholes in our current laws. So, we can ask people to be registered. We can have waiting periods. A lot of the law-abiding gun purveyors, sellers that sit in our districts, they are following those, but then we have this thing called gun shows, which come into town, sell everything, don’t do these background checks, and there are way too many problems in trying to get this done. And the Congress has a responsibility to close those loopholes, and make it safer for Americans.”

When facepalm is just not enough.
When facepalm is just not enough.

Someone please get me a Stupid to English dictionary, because I seem to lack the comprehension skills to understand what “multi automatic round weapons” are. Are those round guns that point directly back to the shooter? Are they a lot of automatic? Did she take her Lithium today before opening her maw and coming out with so much stupid, that the Man on the Moon is facepalming?

Who elected this creature?

Oh… nevermind. California.



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So. Here’s what we’ll do. Every person who is a TZP Founding 100 Premium member as of November 30 will be eligible. On December 1, the names of all Premium members will be put into a hat and a person not connected with The Zelman Partisans will draw two.

Each of the winning Premium members will be sent a code for two free boxes of 9mm ammo and instructions for redeeming them. Simple.

If you’re already a Premium member, you don’t have to do anything. You’ll be entered automatically. If you haven’t yet joined, we’d love to have you. Premium is a three-year membership that gives you (among other things), a 15% discount in the TZP store, an embroidered morale patch, and a personally autographed copy of RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone. And on December 1, it’ll also give you a shot at two free boxes of ammo.

Is that cool, or what?

One more of the many good reasons to support your favorite no-compromise Jewish pro-gun group!


Free 9mm Ammo for taking a newbie to the range

TZP just received this from Brandon Black of Ammunition to Go:

I thought you’d appreciate a new initiative we just launched that will put 100,000 rounds of 9mm ammo into the hands of new shooters for free. We’re calling it “Ammo Ambassadors” and any shooter who takes a newbie to the range will get the free ammo.

We want to make it as easy as possible for people already familiar with shooting and guns to bring somebody who has never shot before to the range and safely teach them about firearms. With an election just around the corner, the more people we can inspire to get familiar with what gun owners actually do with their firearms, the better – especially in this political environment.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Find a new shooter who hasn’t been to the range and experienced the joy of shooting before.
  • Download a target off our site and take them to the range.
  • Snap a photo of the new shooter with their target and upload it to our site.
  • You’ll get a coupon code that’s good for two boxes of free 9mm ammo from Magtech – along with free shipping.

We have 100,000 rounds of Magtech 9mm ready to ship right now. We’re hoping to find 1,000 Ammo Ambassadors to take 1,000 new shooters out to the range in the next few weeks.

The details and the target are available here.

It’s on the honor system, guys. So go out and be honorable. Take that neighbor, girlfriend, significant other, son, daughter, or other person who’s never experienced the awesomeness of shooting a firearm and do your bit to keep the shooting community growing.

Funny this comes up just when we’re polling about favorite EDC calibers — and 9mm is coming out on top (24 of the 72 votes cast so far).