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David Codrea linked to a column.

Angry Feminist Who Wants Same Rights As Guns Gets LEVELED With EPIC Response!


  • Cosmetic [features] would be banned.
  • Ugly women would be banned.
  • Too-large breasts would be banned (those deadly aircraft-downing 50s, you know).
  • Too-small breasts would be banned (concealable, dontcha know).
  • Registration… well, America already makes humans register, so she’s good there.
  • Speaking of concealment, burkas without a Concealed Dressing License would be illegal.
  • Unless, presumably, she’s ugly (see #2).
  • High capacity… Nah. Not going there. But still.
  • I suppose there might be an Integrated Breast Identification System that… well, think fingerprinting.
  • California would require microtramp-stamping of all women.
  • I thought these lefties hated discrimination based on color. Evil Black Wo… WTF?
  • Come to think of it, women would be banned from schools.
  • And shopping malls, to the relief of many a husband’s wallet.

And here I thought the ban bunnies’ cars=guns comparisons were stupid.



LSU art student Jordan Marcell speaks of the “intent” in the creation of firearms. A lot.

Opinion: Guns dangerous by nature, effects not containable
“Even when not performing their purpose, the ever present danger with firearms, is that— somehow— they will.”

Too much, and yet still misses two points.

Let’s start with that intent. Marcell claims to believe that firearms are simply built to be deadly destroyers of biological life, and that this is a continuing and progressive trend towards ever more deadly weapons. If that were true, there would be no handguns produced, as long guns can project bigger, faster, more damaging rounds than could — effectively — any handgun. If simple killing were the goal, I’d stick to a AR-15 pattern rifle and a vest full of 30 round magazines, and junk the compact polymer pistol in wimpy 9mm which I do carry everyday.

I don’t carry that handgun to kill. I carry it to defend myself (and others, should the circumstances warrant). My handgun was not designed by Ruger to be the penultimate killing machine. It’s designed to be carried routinely and comfortably and to provide basic protection.

Or take this little number.

Does anyone seriously believe that was designed for anything other than punching holes in paper? One could use it to kill, but so could such a determined person bash in his victim’s skull with Marcell’s coffee mug.

Next, consider Marcell’s fear that all firearms will perform the deadly purpose mistakenly attributed to the inanimate gadgets.

According the CDC, in 2015, 36,252 people died by firearm; that includes homicide and legal intervention (such as self-defense) and accidents. We’ll pretend each death was accomplished with a separate firearm: 36,252 guns.

Conservative estimates of firearms in civilian hands in America range from the wildly implausible 265 million to a more likely 500 million, to a possibly over the top 750 million.

If you studied math, rather than Marcell’s “Studio Art” you probably see where I’m going with this.

36,252 firearms were seemingly used in accordance with the “intent” Marcell believes imbued their design. Out of 265-750 million firearms. If Marcell were correct then — conservatively — 99.98632% of firearms suffered gross design failures: 264,963,748 guns failed to kill anyone (as they are allegedly designed to do).

You’d think that if 60-130 million gun owners (estimates vary as wildly as estimates of firearms) thought their guns had malfunctioned, there would be a monumental class action lawsuit wending its way through the courts. As some anonymous Internet wag noted, “If guns kill people, where are mine hiding the bodies?”

Or, just maybe, those inevitable deadly effects are “containable,” because of the intent of the owners.

There is no “intent” conferred upon firearms. As always, intent resides in the person operating it. Yes, even in negligent or accidental discharges, some had the intent to do something — likely stupid — with the gun.

So Marcell missed two points. Did you notice a third point which he implied?

“A firearm, as a tool, is an instrument that was created with the purpose of eliminating biological life— or killing, if you prefer that term.”

“Killing.” He fails to distinguish between murder and self defense. Or to differentiate between murder and hunting for food. Or murder and putting down a terminally suffering animal. Even in “killing” intent varies. Unless one is a liberal arts student incapable of more than simplistic over-generalizations bearing no resemblance to reality.

If Marcell equates all killing to murder, I wonder what our young student eats. Surely not meat, yet…

And you who feed on nothing but plants
Don’t hold your pride so high
For plants are living, and just might feel
And they take so long to die.
– Fisher’s Chant, Leslie Fish

Does Marcell heartlessly murder suffering plants for sustenance?


Torch a synagogue? No problem. It’s just expressing a political opinion.

In Germany, at least. A second court has now confirmed:

A German regional court in the city of Wuppertal affirmed a lower court decision last Friday stating that a violent attempt to burn the city’s synagogue by three men in 2014 was a justified expression of criticism of Israel’s policies.

Johannes Pinnel, a spokesman for the regional court in Wuppertal, outlined the court’s decision in a statement.

Three German Palestinians sought to torch the Wuppertal synagogue with Molotov cocktails in July, 2014. The local Wuppertal court panel said in its 2015 decision that the three men wanted to draw “attention to the Gaza conflict” with Israel. The court deemed the attack not to be motivated by antisemitism.

Now perhaps in a legal sense, the motivation shouldn’t (but probably does) matter. Attack a building because you hate its occupants or attack a building because you hate the policy of a country and the damage is the same — and in this case blessedly light. The concept of a “hate crime” is Orwellian on the face of it.

But Germany, of all nations, ought to recognize an attack on Jews and Judiasm when it sees one. To tell yourself — and the public — and the perpetrators — that torching a synagogue in Germany is a form of legitimate political protest against Israel is delusional. Either that or it’s excuse-making and enabling.


OH NO!! Not the ___________!

Yeah, I’ll come back to the ___________! A couple of stories caught my eye the other day and got me to thinking. It happens.

So while I was kind of digging around seeing where I wanted to go with this, I ran across some other interesting things to share with you.

One of the things I was looking at was the number of violent crimes against women. And in the course of looking around for this, I ran across some things I hadn’t realized. For example, all around the world it seems in 2016 there was a wave of acid attacks against women. Acid is thrown onto women. This is in addition to the large rise in the number of sexual assaults against women. Many of them perpetrated by recent “immigrants” or “refugees”. The term used depends on the reporting of the country you are reading about. And terms used are important. For example, the “Judge” that decided the young soldier that shot the pieceful Falestinian that had just stabbed another soldier was not a threat. She stated this clearly by saying the “TERRORIST” was not a threat. Jack Engelhard has some pretty interesting commentary on this.

And what you call a person that perpetrated an attack, back to that bit. Well, in some countries you just don’t. The massive amount of sexual assaults last year in Germany was covered up, by the politicians and the media. It now has it’s own wikipedia page. But then the media and the politicians came to their senses and did the right thing by reporting it. Naw, just kidding. The social media outrage, first of the assaults and then the cover up, was huge, then they couldn’t ignore it. Not so much about protecting women as their image. I mean, what paper wants to be thought of as slimy, or in the same class as the NY Slimes? But at least an explanation was finally found. A helpful prominent muslim imam has this to say. It’s all the women’s fault.

In the wake of the Cologne attacks, a prominent Muslim imam, Sami Abu-Yusuf, told reporters women were to blame because they “dress half naked and wear perfume.”

It’s true, the German papers don’t want to warn women by telling them to look out for “Taharrush gamea”. Not that there is much the women could do about it. In fact, German police won’t tell you who to watch out for, because that would be racist. It’s a top level down policy decision. The police on the street in German said they are used to dealing with drunks around the holidays, but dealing with a mass of men that surround a woman or a few women and assault her? They’re seem to be handling it with the “um, what do we do now?”policy. This policy didn’t seem to work, so the German authorities got more aggressive. They began posting signs in different languages telling the new immigrants it’s not okay to grab a woman’s butt. But where they came from it’s fine. What happened to “respecting other cultures” Germany? The Germans also are having to sort out what to do with the influx of immigrants with child brides. While pedophilia is illegal in Germany, where the immigrants came from it’s not pedophilia. Sort of you say potato, we say potato.

It seemed the Swedish newspapers were very critical of the German newspapers reporting such things. Sweden prides itself of being a feminist supporting state. However, when the reports came out about the assaults on the German women, there was outrage. No, not that the German women had been attacked, but that the newspapers admitted, finally, that it was almost all Merkel’s immigrants who had done it. Then stories of the assaults in Sweden started coming out. Some politicians spoke out against the immigrants and in favor of protecting the women. The National Police Commissioner of Sweden came out and said he was so revolted he vomited. No, not about the women being attacked, but the politician that was speaking out against the immigrants. The rank and file police have said they are afraid to say what is happening.

As a result, immigration cannot be discussed frankly in Sweden. If you mention anything negative about refugees or immigration, you’re accused of playing into the hands of the reviled far-right. As a result, even legitimate concerns are silenced or labelled xenophobic.

And so Sweden has a very different idea of protecting women’s rights, or being a feminist than at least I would.

But the HuffPo has an amazing idea of protecting women’s rights. In a story about violence towards women, and attacks on women it praises Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because he is such a strong “feminist”. Why? Because he supports funding abortion. Huh? By the same token, President Elect Trump was reviled. Partly because he doesn’t, partly because he said something bad and may have even done it. But in my little mind, there is a massive difference between saying something horribly offensive and throwing acid on a woman, gang raping her or killing her. But to HuffPo, well that’s how it is, that’s what they call respecting women’s rights.

So, when a politician tells you they respect women’s rights? Just be aware that may not mean wheat you think it means.

So, solutions. We need better solutions than Ketchup heiress john kerry produces.

One possible solution? The wearable alarm. No, it can’t call 911, but it can be programmed to call a friend or family member to come find you, or your body, as the case may be. But to some folks, this is a very empowering tool for women to have and use.

My personal favorite story? The 74 year old grandma that drove off a armed man wearing mask and gloves who broke into her home. She grabbed her own pistol and shot at him. It was in Texas, so she’s not in any trouble for shooting at him. It’s a shame she seems to have missed him, so he’s still out there. But the police said they have no problem that she shot at him. Now to me? THAT’S being supportive of women.

But then there is another class out there. This is the class that finds a President Elect who said something disgusting and may have done something disgusting to be the biggest threat women face. A fate more horrible than, well, something like living in a town with like, NO Starbuck$. And they have come up with a weapon so powerful, it boggles the mind. And they are fixin’ to deploy it. OH NO! Not the knitted, pink “pussy power hats”!!!!

Pink Pussy Power Hat
Pink Pussy Power Hat

There is going to be a March on Washington DC, the 21st of January. To make a strong statement for women’s rights. That a man who said something vile in the past is now elected. And it’s a world wide event too! There’s a A “pussy power hat” tracker , that shows where they all are. A group of female social justice warriors organized the march.

I’m sitting here thinking “you could be marching to object to crimes against women, or against women being legislated into being defenseless and disarmed. You could be marching against high taxes on firearms and ammunition that prevent poor people in bad neighborhoods from being able to afford the tools to defend themselves.” Yes, they could do those things that would empower women, that would help women remain safer in these odd and changing times and places. But they aren’t. In fact, I’d guess most of them are against such things.

Words matter, yes they do. The judge’s words “terrorist” giving away what they know about the man that was shot. Words that are left out of police reports and media coverage that keep citizens unaware of a dangerous phenomena that has begun because to tell the truth is racist. Vile words uttered that can’t be taken back no matter what, they are out there. Words matter, yes they do.

But NOTHING is as powerful as the knitted pink pussy power hat. Oh NO, NOT the pink pussy power hat! I’m sure the pattern is on the website somewhere…..I think I’ll stick to something else pink in a higher caliber. But that’s just me, and I’d like to think I’m a higher caliber kind of gal.


Europe Arranges the Deck-Chairs

Ever since the end of World War II, Europeans have had a fixation in some variation of “hate speech”.  It may be something as overt as legally banning neoNazi or neoFascist organizations.  It may be prosecuting “revisionist” authors and speakers.  Or it may be the general growth, supported by leftist political and academic leaders, of condemning anything not approved as “racism”.

Sadly, rather than directly confront these ideas, and dispose of them by shining a light of critical analysis thereon, and perhaps socially shunning their adherents as dangerous fools or thugs, they instead use the force of government to determine which ideas and advocacy is permissible.

Generally, even deprecating humor, like used so skillfully by, say, Mel Brooks, is set aside for ineffectual forms of censorship.  Censorship which only serves to enhance the uncritical mystique of these organizations, authors, movements, and ideas. Worse, the various governments, their abiding elites, and usually, a lick-spittle media, fall in lockstep, with this program.

The convergence of inexorable demographic, economic, and political realities and the growing, militant, and insidious, dependent, underclass presented by the so-called “Syrian Refugee” is creating a huge rift between the native populations of Europe, and their respective governments. Most are not from Syria at all, and most are not, as the term is commonly understood, “refugees”, but why dwell on these little details, right?

This rift has grown to invigorate and legitimize a broad range of “nationalistic” movements, to the horror of the paralyzed establishment organs.  The establishment desperately repeats the condemnations of popular sentiments, by labeling them as “racist”, when as often as not, they are nothing of the sort.

Witness the threats and machinations in the face of weakening the idiotic supra-governmental European Union, via “Brexit”.  The fact is that this organization, (really, like any government) only serves as a broker to victimizing the stronger and more responsible peoples to the benefit of those less so… with a hefty skim off the top, for good measure.

An important bellwether of this farce is the changing status of the European Jew.  Those few Jews who remain in Europe, are increasingly split in two camps:

One; the secular. As in all other lands and ages of the last 3500 years or so, they inexorably fade from history’s stage, via low reproduction, assimilation, and intermarriage.  Until they are, simply… gone.

Two; the (at least somewhat) observant.  Just as in America, (and Israel, for that matter) they adhere to the principles that make them (to the revulsion of many) “eternal”.  They reproduce.  They marry among their people.  They survive, as a people.

Post-war Europe, out of a sense of guilt, mixed with a desperate need for adaptable, smart, productive, citizens, hitched their wagons to, among others, the few remaining (and, as it happens, largely secular) Jews.

Most of the surviving Jews had left for new lives in America or Israel.  The only exception were those held captive by Communism, and ground away mercilessly, in the Soviet Union and its satellites.

Now, with the twin prongs of the “Refugee’s” often violent, and savage, worldview, and the utter ineptitude & hostility, of their governments to address it, made worse by those few legitimate threats within “nationalist” movements, the smart Jews are packing up, and leaving.

Those that remain hide their Jewishness from the public eye, withdraw their children from public schools, avoid synagogue attendance, and often re-double efforts to assimilate into multi-culti, generic, Europeans.

In exchange for this loss, Europe is gaining a huge body of young Jihadis, and welfare recipients, with highly suspect ages – backgrounds – intentions.  Sweden has become the Rape Capital of Europe. Denmark is barely better. France and Germany are subject to a wide variety of terror attacks by their new “Culture Enrichers”. Ask the British man on the street about Rotherham.


After two thousand years of abusing Jews, as with the First Muslim Conquests, Europe is receiving a very harsh lesson.  And there is little sign that they have learned a thing in all that time.

Although America is not Europe, it shares some of its frailties.  Our elites frequently ape the Europeans cultural & political fads.  Will we make the same kind of mistakes, as well?  Will we also  arrange deck-chairs, while _our_ ship slips below the waves?



Decorum and the “Armed Society…” thesis

Before I start, let me get a couple of things out of the way.  First, I did not vote for Mr. Trump.  Second, I am not in favor of a “Wall”, either actual or metaphoric, for a variety of reasons.  Third, I do not fit comfortably in either the “Conservative” or Liberal” political camp in America.   Okay, here we go…

Over the weekend a video has been flying about on social media.  The original poster says he was in the community room / common area of his apartment or condo complex and it shows two others, a man and a woman berating him continuously for over ten minutes over his “wall” shirt, and ultimately everything about him.

He keeps his cool.  He does a poor job (about what most of us would actually do, given the inevitable stifled emotions) verbally defending himself.  He repeatedly asks the female to stop touching him, and asks them both repeatedly to leave him alone. To no avail.

If this had happened to me, I might have kept my composure through the first two or three minutes. Ten minutes of this?  No way.  Sadly, no way.  I’m not proud of this, but, ten minutes of this crap?

I also would have gone silent after less than a minute.  I would like to think that I’d have the presence of mind to simply call the landlord’s security team and ask for assistance.  If that did not scatter them, I probably would have quietly closed up my computer, packed my stuff, and then drug those two people out of the building, saying simply, “Learn when to shut your mouth”.

Lots of discussion has centered on this episode (typically labeled as Liberals accosting a Conservative in California) with the usual “us vs. them” elements, and most notably, the anticipated “An armed society is a polite society”, assertion.

One discussion I was in on addressed the “Armed society” aspect, albeit poorly.  It is this idea which I’d like to comment on.

It has been my experience that parts of the country one might describe as “Western” are often as not in the West, geographically.  Yet, one aspect common to these areas, and the people who inhabit them, is a far more refined sense of the line between being neighborly, and butting into someone else’s business.

Like it or not, humans both want to live in social settings, and yet have a large degree of autonomy.  When that balance is struck, we do well together.  When not, excuses for creating or strengthening institutions like the State, start to gain credibility.  To everyone’s detriment.

The episode in the video above comes about when there is an imbalance between the freedom to act and having to experience the consequences of that act.  If those two expressed their displeasure at the shirt (even vigorously) and then went on with their lives, it would amount to nothing.

The problem is that they felt free to harangue him without limit.  And they were correct in that risk analysis.  The risk of experiencing harsh consequences for their verbal assault, then and there, were nill.  The law, if present, would quite possibly go after him.  At least they would draw moral equivalence between the bullies and their target.

The presence of guns is not the cause of a “polite society”.  It is an emblem of one.  It says, especially if carried openly, “I am ready and willing to live as a free man or woman, accept the consequences, and refuse to shunt off my responsibilities on others.”

Personally, and socially, the further we stray away from that, the more likely it is that the scales will be balanced with, often over-reaching, violence.


What kind of wall is that again?

This post appeared first on TZP’s Monday email alert.

Plans to ban guns based on appearance march on. Late last month, Washington Ceasefire and Ceasefire Oregon announced a joint effort to get “assault weapons” banned in both states.

Specifically, they want to create a “West Coast Wall.” Building on California’s existing bans, they want to make the entire U.S. west coast … um, wait, what do they want to make it? I live here and I don’t even know. More on that in a moment.

The groups say they want legislation that uses “Connecticut’s ban on assault weapons as a guide.”

Whether they chose Connecticut because there’s something they particularly like about that state’s instant-felon creation machinery or because Connecticut = Sandy Hook = emotions overriding thought, I don’t know. At a glance, that state’s AW law seems to focus on banning — very strictly — the usual “shoulder thing that goes up” type features, and standard-capacity magazines, as well as a list of specific firearms and their derivatives.

One thing the Ceasefire activists surely do like is that the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld Connecticut’s law, giving them a leg up in the enforcement department if they’re able to impose their legislative will.

But the thing I wonder about is that “West Coast Wall.” What is its exactly? How will it work? One can merely speculate.

  • Is it a wall as in “blockade”? Do they believe that somehow they’ll succeed in locking the entire west coast of the U.S. so that those eeeevil assault weapons won’t be able to get in past the Golden Gate, the Columbia, or Puget Sound? Or so that, on the eastern boundaries, all those murderous, rampaging weapons will be forced to pile up uselessly at the borders of Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona, unable to penetrate the True Blue West?
  • Is it a wall as in prison? I suppose. In a way. Surely they hope (without actually calculating the numbers of felons or the cost of imprisoning us all) to put every violating gun owner behind bars. But hasn’t anybody told them how laughably porous prison walls are when it comes to contraband getting in and out? Can they actually imagine that decreeing guns to be illegal will make them go away?
  • Is it a wall as in “wall of noise”? Before announcing their big plans in July, the combined state Ceasefire groups polled a whopping 310 people in Washington and Oregon and concluded that 65 percent of apparently everybody favors banning undefinable but obviously scary “assault weapons.” Sixty-five percent is short of the 90 percent that’s become the standard claim for these things. So maybe the activists figure that a West Coast Wall of clamorous propaganda is needed to bump up that figure.
  • Is it a wall of nonsense? Can we sit down with these Ceasefire people? Can we find out whether they can tell a muzzle brake from a folding stock? Shall we listen to them tell us that magazine bans work because once the “bullets” in the ‘zines are all shot, there are no more magazines left? Shall we ask them how one of those “shoulder things” endangers lives?
  • Or is it a wall as in “Berlin Wall”? A wall that enables the few to impose their will on the many? A wall that authorizes government enforcers to arrest and kill harmless people, a wall that’s feared but always defied, a wall whose very existence ultimately reveals the failure of the builders’ own philosophy?

“West Coast Wall.” Has a powerful sound, doesn’t it? Nice alliteration. Good meme. The antis have always had us gunfolk beat in the slogan-and-meme department. But what it means, if it means anything at all, remains a mystery.

Will Washington Ceasefire and Ceasefire Oregon succeed in building the thing, whatever it may be? Hard to say. Both states are very blue, but it’s always been a different shade of blue than the benighted mid-Atlantic or even California. Sort of a free-and-easy, here-have-a-latte shade of blue. Both states were sufficiently live-and-let-live to be among the earliest to legalize recreational marijuana. Police statism clashes with the laid-back, outdoorsy, brew-pubby, salmon-and-blueberry Pacific Northwest culture.

In Washington over the years, a few key legislators have held the line on victim disarmament. But in the past activists have turned successfully to the initiative process (as they did in 2014 when, with mega-billionaire funding, they imposed universal background checks).

Washington’s grassroots pro-gun defense has sometimes been weak and compromising. Fortunately, up-and-coming activists (especially the many roused by 2014’s defeat at the hands of the billionaires) are less willing to go along to get along.

Oregon’s grassroots are stronger, but on the other hand, their legislature lacks Washington’s long-time and well-placed legislative gun-rights defenders. Both states have rural, pro-gun eastern sides whose populations are outnumbered — but also getting very tired of being pushed around by — effete urbanites near the coast.

Hard to say what’ll happen. If the banners succeed, it’ll be interesting — as in the Chinese curse — to find out exactly what type of wall they build. Whatever it is, do they really imagine it’ll hold us?

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Folks still after Nugent

I have a suggestion for him.

Ted Nugent shows protested over singer’s controversial remarks
“The fair reflects the values of the entire county, and having Ted Nugent perform at the fair would reflect tolerance of racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, xenophobia, ableism, and incivility toward people who protest his remarks or cancel his shows,” former social studies teacher Jennifer Vogt-Erickson wrote.

He should email the ditz a copy of his Honorary TZP Membership certificate, and wear his yarmulke on stage.

As for Vogt-Erickson, she should learn a little more about Ted Nugent before bleating like an ill-informed, self-entitled fool.

Is Nugent perfect? Of course not. Who is? Despite his flaws, am I still willing to have him as an ally in the fight for freedom?


“Ableism”? She’s frickin’ upset that he can do stuff she can’t?


JPFO now backing gun control?

So says David Codrea about the once-noble organization from which TZP sprang. (And for which Codrea, yours truly, and several other TZP volunteers once wrote before JPFO was sold into the hands of a supporter of the Manchin-Toomey-Schumer gun-control bill.)

Even if this is just yet another case where the poor guy handling JPFO’s alerts was left to scramble for material on his own without guidelines or caveats, this does appear as if JPFO endorses the latest “no due process” nonsense that’s coming from both anti-gunners and the more spineless of supposed Second Amendment supporters.

(H/T ML)


Dear Douchestick – Don’t quit your day job

I’m a science fiction geek. I love the Star Wars movies, the superhero comic movies, classic science fiction from Asimov, Heinlein, and Bradbury, and yes, even the Star Trek reboots (please don’t start throwing tomatoes at me)!

What makes me absolutely crazy is actors whom I otherwise admire, deciding to use their rather large soapbox to push odious political agendas. They have a mike. They have the influence by virtue of being famous, and by having numerous admirers. And they take advantage of these tools to spout about issues on which they are often ignorant. Ridiculously ignorant. So stupid…

Can you see why the sci-fi nerd in me wants to take Hamill’s light saber and stick it up his… ignorance?

Mark Hamill – a guy who played what essentially is a citizen warrior rebel against a powerful authority – is now telling us that we, peons, only have the right to keep and bear arms that existed at the time of the creation of the Bill of Rights and promoting more government control over We the People!

I’m not even going to touch the whole “dumbass can’t spell ‘amendment'” issue!

The problem with celebrities promoting idiot causes is that many times, while their intentions may be good, their ignorance of the issue prevents them from seeing just how stupid their statements are!

If Hamill is convinced that the Second Amendment only protects the right to own a musket, then the First Amendment only protects his right to spew his lunacy using 18th Century writing implements. His right to spew on national television is not protected, and I’m pretty sure the Founders didn’t have Internet either!

And of course, the ever-present loons at Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, glommed onto Hamill’s douchery like dobermans on a tasty steak! Because there’s nothing these authoritarian tools love more than idiot celebrities who promote their causes for them!

Here’s a clue, Mr. Hamill: stick to your day job. You’re a decent actor, but constitutional law, philosophical discussions about natural rights, and history are not your strong suits.