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Poll: causes of violence

violent-video-games-flickr-nwsThis is a complicated question. Ours is a huge nation, and there are definitely issues with violence in parts of it. We have drugs. We have gangs. We have thousands of people using psychotropic drugs.

So what is the cause? We, Americans, are a kind, generous people, and yet our homicide rate is still 3.82 per every 100,000 people.

Why? Some common causes are listed below, but I get the feeling that the question is more complicated than just a simple answer.

Take the poll, and let’s explore further in comments.


Seattle Taking Stupid Pills

OK, who put the stupid in Seattle’s water?

The city council in that den of dimwittery has unanimously approved a “gun violence” tax.

Under the new law, referred to as the “gun violence tax,” gun and ammo sales in the city are subject to a tax of $25 per firearm at sale and $0.05 for every round of ammunition at sale ($0.02 for every round of .22 caliber ammunition and smaller). Seattle’s City Budget Office estimates that the gun violence tax will raise between $300,000 and $500,000 per year: revenue raised under the tax will be earmarked for violence prevention.

Some gun rights opponents dolts claim that the tax will deter potential criminals from buying a gun which would be used to commit a violent crime.

Because criminals so often buy their guns legally? Because there are no firearms available on the black market or from a local drug dealer? Because they can’t borrow or steal a firearm? A $25 fee will somehow deter someone intent on committing violence from doing so?

A similar tax was adopted in Cook County, IL, and that apparently has not in any way prevented the carnage that’s going on over there! Do the city council members think that somehow their results will be different?

Chances are a special tax on constitutionally protected purchases will do nothing to stop crime.

What it MIGHT do is prevent those who purchase guns legally from doing so in Seattle. And once Seattle gun shops start losing business – and if they lose enough of it – they might want to consider relocating to an environment that’s more friendly to both the Second Amendment and the free market. And once they relocate, how much in tax revenue are you going to lose, morons?

Additionally, what it also will do is make effective tools of self defense more cost prohibitive to the very people who need said tools the most: the poor, who tend to live in not so nice neighborhoods, and for whom the $25 might mean either purchase of a firearm with which to defend their families from thugs who will more likely than not get their guns illegally anyway or food on the table, but not both.

Why do the elitist members of the Seattle City Council hate the poor?

Given the abject FAIL that was Cook County’s “violence reduction tax,” why do the members of the Seattle City Council insist on repeating the insanity?

Apparently the entire city council fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

I can only hope that every gun shop owner picks up and leaves the city and that businesses outside the city benefit from the sales while Seattle hemorrhages tax revenue. If there’s any common sense or justice in this world, it will happen.