V*te early and often!

Well, not quite. Vote as the rules and your conscience allow. But we just got this nice note from Lucky Gunner:

Anthony here from over at Lucky Gunner – thanks for the note and the heads up. I apologize for the delayed response, we’ve been hit with a number of requests to add groups today. While I’m familiar with JPFO I hadn’t heard of y’all until today so I wanted to dig in a little bit to find out more.

I just added The Zelman Partisans to the list on our voting page and wish you the best of luck.

So please go here and v*te for The Zelman Partisans. Just scroll down to the bottom of the list.

Then spread the word. Ask your friends to v*te for us, too!

Given that we’re new and still small, we know we’re likely to draw only a minor percentage of the total and that’s dandy. Unlike some of the bigger, more established groups, we have miniscule overhead and we can make a little stretch a long way.

Thank you for what you’re doing, Lucky Gunner!


5 thoughts on “V*te early and often!”

    1. Thank you, Chris — and any other early v*ters. I see we’re already at 42 v*tes — which doesn’t sound like much but puts us not far from the middle of the pack. Not bad at all considering we were just added yesterday afternoon.

      Next goal: To get us onto the pie chart. At the moment that looks as if it requires getting at least 2% of the overall v*te. That would put us up there with SAF, GOA, Pink Pistols, NRA, and some of the big state gun groups. We can do that!

      Even if the Bradys never pay up and no financial contribution comes to us from this, this can literally help put us on the map. Well, the chart. 🙂 But it’ll help get both our name and our mission recognized.

      1. Oh, and if any of you great TZP supporters would like to post about this on TZP’s behalf on your own F*c*b**k pages, Twitter feeds, or blogs, that would be fantastic!

    1. So true, Steve. But it sounded good, didn’t it? And after all, we do live under the Chicagoan Obama administration. 🙂

      We may not be able to v*te twice. But if you’ve got friends, officemates, or a blog, or a Twitter feed, or a FB page, you could do a big favor and keep spreading the word. We’ve got another whole month.

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