Will TZP have some luck with Lucky Gunner’s great gift?

UPDATE: Just got a nice note from Anthony at Lucky Gunner saying The Zelman Partisans have been added to their list!

When the Brady Bunch sued Lucky Gunner and two other vendors, their motives were purely political. They were using victims of the Aurora theater shooting in a naked attempt to put legal businesses out of business.

The judge was not amused. Earlier this year, he not only found in favor of the defendants, but ordered the Brady organization to pay their court costs. Last week Lucky Gunner announced it would be doing something wonderful with any funds it recouped: it would give them to firearms-related groups. And it would do so in proportion to v*tes cast by you and me and the next guy.

At first, they had a dozen or so groups on their list. They added a bunch more yesterday and they originally said they’d accept nominations through June 26.

The Zelman Partisans is not among the new additions. I know several supporters have suggested us and I emailed Lucky Gunner myself yesterday to ask if we could be included. I don’t know whether they’ve cut nominations off early, but assuming the June 26 cuttoff holds, we still have a chance. So if you’d like to give TZP a boost, please contact Lucky Gunner and ask them to add us. Then give us your v*te — and tell your friends!

We’re still small and new, so we might not draw a lot of votes, but it would be great to give it a try. Whether or not Lucky Gunner ever adds TZP to their list, what they are doing is simply wonderful and they deserve kudos from the whole gun-rights community.


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