Why I’m not going to write about that dreadful mass murder in South Carolina

So some selfish little moron has blown away nine people in a church in South Carolina. And predictably every blood-dancer from Barack Obama to Stephen King has already gone on a crusade to blame the gun.

Never mind that the murderer was such a sociopathic creep that he killed those innocents despite observing that they were nice to him in the hour he sat praying with them. Never mind that the murderer was a racist pig. Never mind that he was a criminal with an existing record (nature of which is so far unknown). We’re about to be plunged into another one-sided “conversation” about how all “reasonable” people will now support “reasonable” victim disarmament gun control. And how anybody who doesn’t agree is a fanatic, a racist, the possessor of an undersized penis, a hater, etc. etc. so on.

And we who understand the lifesaving properties of firearms and the freedomsaving power that enables us to own them (with or without permission of government) will be expected to answer. To defend ourselves. To defend our weapons. To defend our rights.

Well, baloney.

Let those who want to speak on behalf of constitutionally guaranteed rights do so by all means. Let those who want to cite statistics do so. Let those who want to point out the history of blacks protecting themselves and their communities with firearms do so. Let those who want to point out the folly of gun-free zones do so. Let those who want to get in the trenches and fight the coming onslaught of anti-gun legislation do so.

All these things are valuable and I’m not saying otherwise. I’m only writing from my own partisan soul (and I suspect the other partisans here wouldn’t be far from agreeing). I’m saying I’m not going to address the bloody deeds of that arrogant cretin or the demands of his blood-dancing fan club. (And make no mistake, the Obamas, Bloombergs, Kings, Schumers, Feinsteins, and Wattses of the world are his fan club, since he and his fellow murderers enable everything they dream of imposing on the world.)

I’m not going to address him or them because they don’t matter.

Our freedom to own firearms and to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities stands beyond them all.

Pass a law demanding we submit to universal background checks? We will flout it.

Pass a law demanding that we turn in our standard-capacity magazines? Make us obey.

Pass a law insisting that we register whatever you consider the politically unpopular weapon of the moment? Come and find them.

Pass a law attempting to make the Second Amendment more conditional than it already is? We’ll laugh. Because we don’t get our freedom from any piece of paper and we won’t surrender any more of our freedom for some piece of paper, either.

Ban this or that type of ammo? More will slip through porous borders. More will be made in secret places. Ammo isn’t complicated.

Ban homemade guns or the increasingly marvellous tools to produce them? Oh my, you dream, you dream, you dream, you pathetic control freaks in legislatures and police departments everywhere. That genie is long out of its bottle.

Pass laws that punish us for the deeds of creeps like South Carolina’s church shooter or the nutcase of Aurora? The merely confirms what we already know: that you “controllers” consider us your enemy even when we are not — which ends up making us your enemy in fact.

You want to provoke violence? Then take more freedom. Or try to. Then blame the peaceable for the crimes of the wicked.

You only imagine — you dream — that you can stop us from owning the tools of self defense and home and community protection.

Go on and dream it, all you blood dancers. Dream on and leave us alone and all will be well. Dream — and try to impose your sick fantasies on us, and you’ll discover you’ve created yourself a nightmare.

Beyond that, the only answer to would-be murderers is to defend against them. And there’s no need to answer anybody in their blood-dancing, victim-disarming fan clubs because the only and ultimate answer is that we are free no matter what they try to do.

And that’s self-evident.


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18 thoughts on “Why I’m not going to write about that dreadful mass murder in South Carolina”

  1. Bravo, Claire!

    It’s always struck me that two people can look at the same event and come to such wildly different conclusions about it. That says something about the human mind, although I’m not sure what. But like you say, in the end it doesn’t matter. Their side has failed spectacularly to persuade us, and they will find even more spectacular failure if they try violence on us.

  2. Thank you for what I needed today. You’re a peach, as they say.
    Stay sharp – been reading you for a long time. best, redclay7 6/20

  3. I saw it pointed out (forget where, sorry) that in addition to sharing types of precriptions most of these “shooters” have the same barber.

    Is there a central casting for mass killers?

  4. Inch by legislative inch they are killing and enslaving us while we flaunt are abilities of grandiose bullshit artistry.

    Where are the children of the men of old; men who had chests; men who had no expectations of returning from battle joined; but loved their God and country and answered the call to arms with a rage in their hearts.

    We are a generation of men without chests who are deaf to any such call and know nothing of love, honor or duty. We are talkers, we are pretenders, we are dead men walking.

    1. All too true. Where are the Preacher men? The Black Robe Regiment of Washington’s day? Ah, yes… they are the new and improved version; The Pink Panty Battalion. They speak submission, to “Godly Authority”. Where is God in Authority?
      The Black Robe Regiment was more feared than Washington’s pathetic little army, for they stirred the souls of the citizenry. Let the citizen’s know this, that the lawless ones care not what laws are passed, and that is what the ultimate lawless ones do… and they know it. They provide aide and comfort to the enemy, while turning us into outlaws…
      Thus is has always been, because we are stupid. We rejected God’s admonition to not have kings ruling over us… how has all that king stuff worked out over the last 5 or 6000 years?

      But know this, the excellent commentary above, is righteous, and the good guys will prevail in the end.

  5. Claire,
    Change the first paragraph to briefly comment on Karl Rove’s idiotic comment and repost without changing a thing.

    SPOT on.

    The only proper sociatal response to the Charleston incident, any past incidents and any future incidents is all good men and women act now. Good people must purchase a PPD (personal protective device), get some training with that gun (PPD), carry that gun everywhere, avoid “gun free zones” if possible and work to change gun free zones to CCW welcome zones. Next time some evil person attempts what happend in Charleston they get stopped immediately and hopefully by more than one responder.

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