Buyers speak: Hear what they say about TZP custom Kershaw knives

We have just 29 of our TZP custom Kershaw spring-assist knives left and there’s no telling if we’ll continue to carry these after this batch is gone.

So time to hear what some of our knife buyers have to say about them. We asked a few of the earliest purchasers and got these testimonials:

Knives arrived sharp as advertised and appear to hold their edge with repeated usage – while not adverse to sharpening good blades, it’s gratifying to see quality material. Knife has easily replaced previous daily carry as has been the case for those gifted to special friends. Great knife!

— DD (buyer of seven knives)


I am a proud owner of one of your custom Kershaw knives.

It is truly a gentleman knife in its sleek appearance but however once you activate the quick action it becomes a compact tactical weapon that has the bite of a jaguar.

It is a modern day sicae that every true partisan should carry!

— Comrade X


Kershaw produces a fine EDC knife in the Leek; it’s light, easy to open single handed, and sharp out of the box. What I like most about my Zelman Partisans customized version is the reminder, every time I use the knife, of what TZP stands for: no compromise, no surrender.

Furthermore, each sale supports TZP and the extremely worthy mission of carrying on Aaron Zelman’s work in a form that he would undoubtedly approve. The TZP Leek would make a fine gift for like-minded individuals.

— RJ


Such sharpness! I carry my TZP folder every day and have abused it enthusiastically to do everything from opening packages to scraping off old caulk. It never goes dull. Both the point and the edge are as razor-like and unblemished as the day I got it. I also like that it has two mechanisms for opening it and has both a positive lock-open and lock-closed (to keep it from opening in my pocket and stabbing me with that ultra-sharp point).

— VP

So there you have it. If that sounds good to you, please visit our store and purchase your custom Kershaw spring-assist folding knife while you can. (Several other good items there, too, including our new “Whomp the Wacky” targets.)

And remember, if you’re logged in as a three-year member you get a substantial discount on everything in the store. It’s a 10% discount for Three-Year Founding Members, 15% for Three-Year Founding PREMIUM Members.


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