5 thoughts on “Chag Sameach Sukkot!”

    1. Thank You, Claire! Actually, it is a bit complicated…

      Most Jewish holy-days (see what I did, there?) are predominantly very happy, with a tinge of historically-based sadness, and a huge dollop of seriousness. As comedian Lenny Bruce once pointed out (as part of a very trenchant larger routine):

      “Celebrate is a goyish word. Observe is a Jewish word. Mr. and Mrs. Walsh are celebrating Christmas with Major Thomas Moreland, USAF (ret.), while Mr. and Mrs. Bromberg observed Hanukkah with Goldie and Arthur Schindler from Kiamesha, New York.”

      Then again, even the saddest or most serious of observances is infused with hope. Hope that we will be judged by G-d with mercy overarching our failures. Hope which stares straight in the face on annihilation, and declares to the World: “YOU don’t GET to end my People. Only G-d can do that, and he promised he would not. And I BELIEVE HIM.

      As to the movie, Ushpizin… a wonderful, heart-warming, and timely movie. Glad you saw it!

      1. “Celebrate is a goyish word. Observe is a Jewish word.”

        See? Even the littlest things are complicated. 🙂 I also read, after posting my comment, that Sukkot is not, technically speaking, a holiday, but a festival.

        I appreciate invitations to “come over to the J. side” 🙂 but given that I can’t even get the English terms right, let alone learn them in Hebrew, I fear the steepness of the learning curve.

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