YOU could win this rare, historic Israeli Mauser

You want to see a thing of amazing beauty? Here it is:


But it’s not only a beautiful firearm, sturdy and accurate. More importantly, this firearm — a Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz — is a treasure of history. It was made in 1940. Made in Nazi Germany for the utmost evil purposes. But one of those particularly Jewish miracles soon transformed it into a tool of liberation.

Many Mausers found their way after World War II to Palestine and the hands of Jewish liberators. However, most of those were Czechoslovakian. Few came straight from Hitler’s arsenals. What you’re looking at is a rare item.

And better yet … it could soon be yours. The Zelman Partisans have acquired this firearm and will award it to the eligible person who pays an entry fee and tells us WHY, in 50 words or less, he or she would like to be the owner of this historic weapon.

Read more and enter to WIN THIS TREASURE here. Click the link to:

  • See the history and detailed description of this Israeli Mauser
  • View a host of click-to-enlarge photos
  • Read the full contest rules
  • Enter once
  • Or make multiple entries — get discounts on your entry fees and increase your chances of victory.

Your entry statements can be plain or fancy, short or longer (but no more than 50 words). To increase your chances of winning, we encourage you to enter multiple times and we offer DISCOUNTS ON MULTIPLE ENTRIES.

Read all about it and enter TODAY! Think how proud you’ll be to display — or shoot — this rare freedom tool.


11 thoughts on “YOU could win this rare, historic Israeli Mauser”

  1. Fifty words or less? Surely you jest. 🙂 But actually, I don’t need another rifle. I’d much rather see this and all the rest of such guns handed out to the Israeli people, and the stupid “gun control” in Israel eliminated so the average person there could defend themselves.

    1. You are trying for the understatement of the year award, aren’t you?

      Of all the places in the world where the “stupid”ity of gun control ought to be manifestly obvious, Israel is Number One on the list. In that context, it’s not just “stupid”, it’s utterly delusional.

  2. Whoever wins it, please, please, please never “restore” it or try to “clean it up” at all, ever. Thousands of treasures are ruined every year by trying to make them better. Guns are NOT cars. Attempting to return a weapon to original condition destroys the value and the history. Please let it age gracefully. What a wonderful piece.

    1. That is an American conceit. In the rest of the world, actual antiques are restored and maintained in the best, original condition.

      Americans need to lose the delusion that something 50 years old is an antique, or that allowing things to rot into waste is “graceful.”

      1. I don’t think he meant “let it rust” (though what he wrote could certainly be taken that way), but rather, don’t undo aging that has already happened. He’d want to preserve it “as is” (which is supposed to be quite good and certainly serviceable).

        Actual *restoration* of collectibles (undoing damage, removing obscuring grime, etc) is often something that only someone who really knows what he’s doing, should be doing. (If you have to ask…you don’t know and shouldn’t try.) Removing the toning from a rare coin will almost certainly ruin it as a collectible, and that’s true in Europe too. For example, a gleaming, magpie-tittilating blast-white silver coin from 1800 (or earlier; truth be told that number should probably be about 1920) has almost certainly been harshly cleaned (which involves removing some of the original material) at some point in the past. “Old collection” toning is actually prized.

        1. +1 to Steve. But I take Mr. Williamson’s point. I am not a writer, nor am I educated but I would fight to the death to defend you. I like guns, I like liberty, I read my Holy Bible every day and I’m proud to be among the “worst” of the horribly provincial American hoards. You need men such as me, like it or not. I’m not pretending to be an antiques expert. Sorry if I caused you any confusion. G-d bless you sir.

  3. Israel lives! The 3rd Reich does not.
    What delicious irony resides in this historic rifle.
    Freiheit uber alles!

    1. I think it would positively *need* firing, on Yom Ha’shoah (and I apologize if I butchered that spelling) as well as Yom Ha’atzmaut , Israel’s independence day.

  4. I am an avid collector of military weapons. I am fascinated with weapons. I am interested in weapoms from the ancient ages to the modern era. I woul love to win this mauser to honor the brave Israelies who have fought for their country since 1948.

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