Everybody needs a good pair of binoculars

… And as of today, The Zelman Partisans just happen to have 35 good pairs for our readers and fans. These are perfect for checking your pistol targets without having to walk downrange. Or for keeping in your truck. Or hanging next to the door at your rural home. They’ve got a thousand potential uses. They’re sleek looking, too. Check the photo:


You’ll find a bigger image of them by going to their page at our store and clicking on the thumbnail.

Did I mention they make terrific gifts? Or that you might want a pair and a spare for yourself? 🙂 Consider it mentioned. We’ve got only the limited number of these, and we’d like to see them go to good homes pretty quickly.

Seriously, these are very nice for their moderate price. They’re roof-prism models with independent focus for each eye (very helpful when your vision doesn’t match on each side). They come with their own case. And they’re just $29.00 plus shipping.

How many times have you really, really wished you had binoculars at hand … and didn’t? Now you can have a pair wherever you need them — and fly your TZP colors at the same time.


5 thoughts on “Everybody needs a good pair of binoculars”

    1. If you stand in your yard at Noon, this Sunday, our Bankster sub-lease geosynchronous satellite will get your “chip” coordinates and we’ll run an EFT.


      Seriously,… we’ll be in contact and git-er-done. 🙂

      1. Thanks!

        BTW, my problem with “paypal” is that they are crooks. I had an account and they vanished my funds, said it was all my fault when I complained… and then wouldn’t talk about it anymore. Just plain old thieves.

        1. There is an option to just use your credit card and not even go thru paypal, I will not do business with them either because once you get to a certain level of business they want to have a direct line to your band account and NOBODY!!! gets a direct line to my bank account.

          However if you follow the links you don’t have to go thru paypal if you pick the credit card option.

          This sum up my opinion of paypal & the government for that matter;


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