Another Place, Another Time

I guess I’ve had a couple trips down memory lane lately. Well, other people’s memory as well as my own.

I saw this iconic picture yesterday hanging on a wall and it started a conversation between me and another lady sitting there. So I looked up the history on it. Far from being faked as has been supposed by some,

Lunch atop a skyscraper
Lunch atop a skyscraper

On September 20, 1932, high above 41st Street in Manhattan, 11 ironworkers took part in a daring publicity stunt. The men were accustomed to walking along the girders of the RCA building (now called the GE building) they were constructing in Rockefeller Center. On this particular day, though, they humored a photographer, who was drumming up excitement about the project’s near completion. Some of the tradesmen tossed a football; a few pretended to nap. But, most famously, all 11 ate lunch on a steel beam, their feet dangling 850 feet above the city’s streets.

For these dudes, eating lunch, having a smoke, reading a paper 850 feet above the ground was not a big deal. Another place, another time. It’s like Sheila, can we take a picture of you feeding your animals?  Business as usual.

Then I got a email from a friend of mine with pictures of tinker toys, drive in movies, Dippity Do, Howdy Doody, saddle oxfords, and many more. All things I certainly remember. Another place, another time.

Then I had a conversation with my Mom today, and we talked about the picture in the course of the conversation. How we were as a people then. Tough, strong, brave, and we wanted to make our own way in the world. We wanted our children to have more and better chances than we did. We wanted to leave the world a better place for them. And often that was in the form of hard work, dangerous work, creative work, and sometimes war. Another place, another time.

And now, our children are “children”. In college they seek counseling from the trauma of seeing a name written in chalk. They need “safe spaces” in college, and college communications professors (fired now at University of Missouri at Columbia) trying to shut down, well, communications. They need the segregated “safe spaces” that the civil rights movement fought against a mere 50 years ago. Those struggles forgotten and dishonored. Another place, another time.

Instead of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington we have the dimocratic toddler time as they enjoy their catered in meals, bathroom breaks and publicity photo ops, rather than working to do right until they collapse. They are pitchin’ a hissy fit as they try to take rights, self-defense, endowed by our creator, not them. Another place, another time.

Dimocrat toddler time
Dimocrat toddler time

Recently a holocaust survivor publicly confronted former London Mayor Ken Livingstone about several statements, one of which was hitler was a Zionist. He made several other erroneous statements and the radio host corrected him. He knew so much that wasn’t true.

“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” ~~Ronald Reagan

But it was the statement of Mala Tribich, survivor of Bergen-Belsen that hit me hard.

“I find them very offensive and hurtful when people belittle the Holocaust. When they use the Holocaust to score a political point,” she said.

“I really can’t see it. They are usually people in high places. I take them as being intelligent and educated. Yet they can stoop so low to use the Holocaust to better their positions. What really bothers me is that they do it whilst there are some survivors still around. What will they do when we’re all gone?”

As anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise world wide, entire political parties are openly anti-Semitic, anti-Israel or both, and it’s accepted or excused. They say things that would have gotten them shunned, kicked out of the political arena or the papers would have been chewing them up with the facts of their lies. Another place, another time.

Our wonderful Nicki and I exchanged some e-mails today talking about Moshe Feiglin, and she nailed it.

I just think it’s a sad state of our world that we actually hold men such as this as heroes. They should be the NORM. They should be the rule, not the exception, ya know?

And they did used to be, in another place, another time.

And so, someday the survivors will be gone, and then what will they (the liberals, the anti-Semites, the anti-Israel people) do? They will be confronted by me. And they will be confronted by Zelman’s Partisans, and they will be confronted by good, strong and brave people everywhere. People that seem to come from another place, another time.


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  1. The past several months have been a bruising for the Democratic Party on the national stage. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been the target of countless

  2. I’m not Jewish.

    I’ve spent some time being a Christian, but although I accept the “principles” and the beauty of the Bible, I reject the self-serving aggrandizement of organized religion.

    In short, I accept God but I reject churches.

    Sorry if that offends.

    In recent years I’ve seen more and more instances where innocents are murdered in the most despicable manners because they cannot find it in themselves to ‘believe’ in repulsive credos which other, more powerful people want them to believe.

    “The Religion of Peach” has been hi-jacked by militants who seek power more than glory. They impose their will upon weaker, meeker people only because they can.

    And because it brings them rewards, such as sex slaves and the approbation of their barbarous brothers.

    It’s a new Holocaust. Different players, but the same scenario. At the risk of seeming facetious, it’s like watching “Weekend at Bernie’s” six times a day for the rest of my life. I cannot believe that people sit still for these.. scheistkopfs.

    Distance, Old Age, Resources … what have I to offer but to weep?

    Very well, I weep.

  3. This reminds me of a series of a short story that Matt Bracken is doing over at Western Rifle Shooters about an Ironworker 20 stories above the ground;

    I’ve linked part 4 but start with Part One which you will find at the link also.

    The name of the Short Story is: “Piss Christ? Piss Koran!”, methinks you’re going to like this protest a bunch more than what the gun-grabbers are currently doing!!!

  4. Sheila,
    Once again, I find this from you to be not only thought provoking, but soul stirring as well. I have never met personally a survivor of the holocaust, but I have read and seen many videos describing their trials, not only in the war years, but later as well. I have also followed the cases where they tracked down war criminals, sometimes these 70 years later, and held them accountable for the crimes that they committed as members of the German war machine.
    It also has made me think what will happen not only when the criminals have passed on and escape their punishment by death, but when the last survivor of the death camps, known maybe only to G-d, finally leaves us. I feel myself at times torn, as I know that this last reminder for us will be gone and it will possibly allow those who would like to move on to feel emboldened. But at the same time, I feel a sense of compassion for them, as if like for them, in a small way, their journey is now complete, and they are now able to go home.
    It is not fair, to put such a burden on those who have suffered so much in their lives at such a young age. We who support Israel and her people must strive now to make sure that the world is not allowed to forget, not allowed to ignore, and most importantly, not allowed to repeat, the atrocity that was the holocaust. I sadly at this point am not confident that there will not be a difficult struggle in the coming years, both for Israel and for those of us who support her. Events that have taken place in the past months on the world stage are possibly just a beginning. Recent attacks against western targets by terrorists in the name of Islam only show a small peak at what I believe will be a strategy that will one day move towards Israel by these same groups. That their influence has not already spread into the West Bank in a big way is not indicative of what will happen in the coming years. I think it is no secret that radical Islam is no friend to Israel.
    I am not a professional prophet, and don’t play one on t.v., but it is just a sense of things that I get from all the information that I am seeing coming in from all quarters. It is likely that I have missed somethings that are going on, and that radical Islam has already spread into Israel and the surrounding areas. That there have been no major attacks in the U.S. since 2001 is due to dumb luck, more than expertise. Let’s hope that Israel does not have to rely on luck for protection.

  5. I fear that eventually the Shoah will pass into memory like Tzom Gedalia; Asarah b’Tavet; Teysha b’Av; and the like; all among the many tragedies that have befallen us thru the ages. דמד

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