Mother’s Day Musings

Mothers, most of us had or have one. There are some politicians that I’ve wondered if they weren’t perhaps hatched out of a dodo egg, but that’s another discussion for another day.


I just want to say thank you, thank you to the Mothers that actually love their children. Up front disclaimer, all my children have either 4 legs and fur, or 2 legs and feathers. And I love them all. And as challenging as it can be to be a Mother to them, I understand from those that have children with skin and two legs, they are even harder to raise. Ok, I won’t dispute that, but will take your word.


When I was growing up, I was one of the very lucky kids. By that I mean I didn’t really grow up needing to be afraid. I didn’t have dreams of monsters under the bed or the killer clowns breaking in. Why didn’t I? Because I knew that my Dad had a revolver in the underwear draw and a shotgun in the closet. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if my Dad didn’t drop them with a punch, he had the means and motive to use defensive tools to sort the issue. Now, while I view my Dad as a combination of Roy Rogers and John Wayne, I knew that when it came to his children, our safety was not a negotiable issue. I would like to think a lot of Dads are protective of their families.


So why do I consider myself so blessed? Because not only was my Dad willing and able to take care of us kids, so was my Mom. My little 5’4” Mom was a tough little farm girl. Not a lot fazed her when it came to taking care of her kid’s safety. Mom was a good Southern Baptist, and she was all about turn the other cheek, peacemaking and treating your neighbor as you would want to be treated. But there was no doubt in my mind she would look out for her brood.


“Mom, what would happen if someone broke in one day?”


“Sheila, your Dad will handle it, don’t worry”.


“But Mom, what if Dad’s not home?”


“Then I’ll handle it.”


By then I was about as tall and big as my Mom, which isn’t saying much. Sorry Mom.


“Um, how Mom?”


“I’ll shoot them.”


“Um, Mom, do you know HOW to shoot?”


Actually as it turns out, my Mom is a crack shot. Growing up on a farm, hunting squirrels or anything else she needed to, with not a lot of ammo to spare makes one a very good markswoman.


My respect for my Mother grew that day. I knew she loved us enough that she would do whatever she needed to in the effort to protect us, and she wouldn’t hesitate. I’m a blessed woman.

I knew that rather than fight and die to protect us, she would most likely fight and live to raise us herself.


I think about the pressures facing responsible Mothers these days. You have people like Shannon Watts who make a habit of telling Mothers their children don’t matter. She is supported financially by people like gazillionaire Mickey Bloomberg who I’m sure has a staff of security people armed with massive tasers and pepper spray to keep their families safe. He can afford them. We couldn’t.


Hollyweird celebs like Rosie O’Donnell, Melissa Joan Hart, Prince and a cadre of others who have private security telling us little people we will be safer if we are defenseless.


Pediatricians asking parents if they own guns, and yes, this happened to a friend of mine.


Then you have the mainstream media presenting biased stories against firearms, and for some bizarre reason people still watch stuff like CNN and MSLSD.

So to all the Mothers that stand against the pressures that would keep them from being prepared and able to protect their children, I applaud you. It has always been a sense of horror to me that I am more prepared and willing to defend a flock of chickens from a coon, possum or fox than some Mothers are to protect their children. More than one predator has met his eternal reward measured in shot. I figure I bought the critters, 2 and 4 legged, they had no choice where they wound up, I took on responsibility for them. Part of that responsibility is food, water, shelter, companionship, education and safety. Then I hear women with children (not sure they should be called Moms) say they are scared of guns, they don’t want them in their house or anywhere around their children. If there was a threat they would just call the police. While I am more than willing to admit perhaps I’m being too judgmental, an occasional failing, I can’t help but think if you didn’t want them, why did you have them? You have a smoke detector, a fire extinguisher, the pediatrician and Domino’s Pizza on speed dial, but one of the most urgent situations you could ever face you are willing to wait till someone can get there to help you. And you assume help will always be able to get there on time do you? Wow. Awesome.

So on this Mother’s Day, thanks Mom, I applaud you, and your “True Grit”. One of the highest compliments in our family, True Grit. And she has it.

Hero Moms
Hero Moms
Happy Mothers Day
Happy Mothers Day

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Musings”

  1. You’ve been trolled on that Harris-Perry article. Mother’s Day and April Fools’ day rolled into one!

    1. You’re right, RustyGunner. That article is satire. In a world where somebody can be “white Hispanic” or a black person can be an “Oreo” (black outside, white inside) it’s hard to tell, but the joke was on us this time. Thank you for catching that.

  2. My Wyoming son gave me a really neat little HiPoint 9mm carbine for Mother’s Day last year. I had mentioned that I was no longer able to shoot the SKS, the largest rifle I own… and that the 30-30 Marlin lever gun had recently become a bit much for me too.

    Now we’re all happy to know that I have plenty to choose from, and something to loan a fellow defender if ever necessary.

    1. Man! Mama Liberty!! Your son rocks! I’m speaking to my horses the minute I get home. I don’t know if they can do that, but maybe it will give them some great gift giving ideas.
      I’m so glad you had a good Mother’s Day.

  3. Thanks Rusty Gunner. I looked it over and it wasn’t a site I knew for satire. Since it’s a woman that wore tampons as earrings and has been a raving loon on a couple occasions I fell for it! As Vladka said, we now have “White-Hispanics”, so I figured her little brain had finally gone further round the bend. But my error! I apologize for that!

  4. My wife and I lived 30 miles from town; our property bordered BLM land; one day at work I get this call from her that our dog was going crazy and she looked out back and saw people trying to break into our house.

    I told her to go get her mother’s day present and hold them off, I’ll get the state cops and head out to help.

    I beat the state there, the bad guys were gone, the wife was A-OK, once the state got there we went out into the BLM and found their campsite. The State found enough information to ultimately pick them up. I was told you could hold their rap sheet above your head and it would hit the ground it was so long for their many crimes.

    At their trial they said that this women came out on the deck above them with this huge gun and screamed at them to leave which they did rather in a hurry.

    So may I recommend a Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip Persuader 20ga as a great Mothers day present in the future for every deserving mother! It makes one of the sweetest sound when cocked!

  5. Just over thirty years ago a rapist was working our area with a particular M.O. He prowled grocery store parking lots looking for pregnant women with little kids in tow.

    My wife fit that description too well. So, as she was left-handed (as am I an three of four kids), we did a little specialized shopping.

    At Mothers Day 1985 she received from me a new HK P7-M13 (Oberndorf-Neckar manufacture), two magazines, and a Left-Handed, Galco Hi-Jax holster.

    She affectionately refers to it as “My Nazi Staple-Gun” 😉 and is utterly disinterested in any other handgun (for herself), regardless of caliber.

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