Well, sending money is a start. But …

A certain notoriously compromising gun-rights activist has begun what is billed as a brilliant new campaign to combat Michael Bloomberg, Obama, Hillary, et al. As far as we can tell, the campaign consists entirely of scare tactics to get other people to send him money.

Now, we at TZP are most certainly not opposed to receiving donations or memberships. We’re grateful for your contributions and we promise to put them to good use for freedom and gun rights (with emphasis, as always, on lifesaving, holocaust-preventing civil rights). Being funded is most definitely a good start!

However, we fail to see how “send us money” could ever be considered “the most important action you can take to protect your right to keep and bear arms.” Or how it could be construed, by itself, as being a powerful campaign against BloombergObamClintonian evil.

I hate to be cynical (and what follows is just my own personal view), but doesn’t it seem as if something more that “you give, we take” is required for a real campaign against gun grabbers?


3 thoughts on “Well, sending money is a start. But …”

  1. And yes, SAF has funded some great legal work by Alan Gura. CCRKBA, OTOH, is a lobbying group. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Amendment_Foundation#Citizens_Committee_for_the_Right_to_Keep_and_Bear_Arms).

    Anybody remember the last notable item CCRKBA lobbied for in Congress? Little thing called Manchin-Toomey?


  2. Being that I live in Washington state & having seen Alan handiwork firsthand therefore I can never support anything Alan does.

    A few years back the anti gunners had a bill called HB1588, some of the pro gun members of the legislature told me they had it bottled up and here’s comes Alan with one of his compromises to get it passed.

    You might wonder what happened with HB1588, it was defeated ultimately but then the anti gunners made it into something to become known as 594!

    What did Alan do then, he gave us 591 to completely confuse the issue and guaranteeing the passage of 594!

    Alan makes a living out of the gun issue, but with friends like Alan those of us who really support the 2nd amendment don’t need any more enemies IMHO!

    Death before slavery!

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