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Just a small reminder here that v*ting is still open until Saturday in Lucky Gunner’s effort to give away the money it’s due to receive from the Brady Center. Since it appears the Bradys have given up their appeal of the court judgment against them, the money is no longer theoretical. A bunch of lucky gun groups are going to get a share.

Although The Zelman Partisans have slipped a few places in the ranks, we are still comfortably ensconced in the middle of the pack. CCRKBA and Pink Pistols have moved farther ahead of us, but the NSSF has dropped farther behind. All in all, and thanks to you, we’re doing great for an obscure special-interest group that didn’t even exist this time last year.

The biggies lead the pack, of course. The NRA/ILA and Gun Owners of America are looking to take about one fourth of the prize between them, with some big state groups close behind. But remember — it’s not winner-take-all. Lucky Gunner is awarding the prize proportionally, so even a small vote total can earn a contribution. And just by being up there, we’re getting known.

You can only v*te once per IP address. But even if you’ve already v*ted, you can still spread the word via your social networks, blogs, etc.

Thanks for supporting TZP!


And when it comes to supporting us — and getting yourself some cool gear — don’t forget our new custom kippahs; they’ve gotten raves from those who’ve bought them. And then there are those sleek Kershaw spring-assist knives. I use mine every day; it’s got a super-sharp blade that keeps its edge even under considerable abuse.

Better yet, if you become a three-year member, you get discounts on store merchandise. All members get an intro packet that includes our embroidered morale patch and more.

Here are the kippot, outside and inside:




Note to members

A few of you haven’t yet created logins, which you need in order to get your discounts. In some cases, this may be because the email with the login link (sent to your PayPal address) bounced. If you want a login but don’t have the link, please drop us an email at tzpstore-at-zelmanpartisans-dot-com and we’ll get it taken care of.



Great stuff! How can you resist?


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