2 thoughts on “Fisk ’em, Nicki!”

  1. Since I live behind enemy lines I have gotten me share of hand (finger) gestures because of my stickers; don’t know if it the Gadsden flag sticker, the Life member NRA License plate frame or the Appleseed sticker that generates so much happiness! But I’s just loves bringing cheer to the dark souls of the Fascist in my AO!

    When tyranny becomes law
    Rebellion becomes duty!

  2. Another prominent Jew with HFD, Holocaust Forgetfulness Disorder. Didn’t these people lose anyone in WW2?! These people would have tried to reason with the SS on why they shouldn’t be put in the boxcar. Good &@? # luck.

    “Famed Law Professor, Defense Attorney Latest to Suggest Second Amendment Needs to Go

    3:00PM MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 2015
    The legal profession is full of blowhards, egomaniacs, hypocrites, and elitists, but even so, rarely are all those qualities present in a single individual to the same degree as in Alan Dershowitz. At age 28, Dershowitz became the youngest full professor of law in history with his appointment at Harvard. And, yes, it went to his head. He has written that he “does not hide behind the distorting shield of false humility” and has even suggested things might have gone differently for Jesus if he had been there to represent him. When not busy indoctrinating impressionable law students in his own particular brand of politics, Prof. Dershowitz has advocated on behalf of various celebrity clients, including in highly-publicized cases involving allegations of murderous domestic violence….”

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