By The Rocket’s Red Glare

Americans and the rest of the world have been assured in no uncertain terms that the Iranian nuclear arms deal will keep us, and the rest of the world safer.

The Iran nuclear deal “will make America and the world safer and more secure”, President Barack Obama said on Saturday.The 159-page agreement between six world powers and Iran was finalized this week in Vienna, after extensive talks. On Saturday, Obama used his weekly address to seek support among voters, prior to the congressional vote on the deal and against a backdrop of Republican-led opposition.“This deal will make America and the world safer and more secure,” Obama said.“Still, you’re going to hear a lot of overheated and often dishonest arguments about it in the weeks ahead.”

He has for 3 years referred to any opposition to giving nuclear capability and money to a country that hates America and Israel as “noise”.

But now we have the John Kerry brokered deal. And it will keep us and Israel safer.

There’s been a little squabbling over it.  President Sotero assures the Jewish community that oppose giving a country determined to wipe the one Jewish state in the world off the map nuclear capabilities that they need to put their “emotions” aside. He then assured everyone that he was pro-Israel. I suppose this was necessary since he is in favor of allowing a country determined to wipe Israel off the map to have a nuclear weapon. But he also feels that once the agreement has been signed sealed and sold out by Congress that Israeli-American relations will improve. Since the deal also involves giving Iran the technology to defeat any attempts Israel might make to defend herself by pre-emptive strikes I find this delusion astonishing.

As he has in previous speeches and interviews, Obama sought to refute criticism of the accord point by point. He disputed the notion that Iran would funnel the bulk of the money it receives from the sanctions relief into terrorism, saying Iranian leaders are more likely to try to bolster their weak economy. He also said the agreement wasn’t built on trusting Iran’s government, which frequently spouts anti-American and anti-Israeli rhetoric.

Keep that bit in mind.

Last month, National Security Adviser Susan Rice admitted that some of the money due to be released as part of the deal negotiated by the U.S. led P5+1 “would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we have seen in the region.”

Ok, first this is the woman that makes the round of Sunday Talk shows telling America the reason for the attack and resulting deaths in Benghazi was a youtube video. Second, Susan Rice and the word “Security” should never been in the same sentence, let alone job description. Beyond that her idea of “bad behavior” defies understanding. Bad behavior is a two year old stamping it’s feet and yelling “NO” at it’s mother, it’s a teen-ager speeding or your horse kicking, nipping or bucking. But I guess if you are part of the Sotero regime then terrorism is “bad behavior”, you know, just part of the “noise”.

Aside from the soon-to-be-released billions, Iran’s finances will also be strengthened by the easing of trade embargoes that have seen a horde of major international business – many from P5+1 countries – rushing to sign lucrative deals with the ayatollahs. Earlier this week, British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond scoffed at the fears of Israel and many Arab countries in the Middle East, saying the deal would “slowly rebuild their sense that Iran is not a threat to them.” Less than 24 hours later, the spokesman for Iran’s top parliament member said, “Our positions against [Israel] have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated.”

Last week I was pretty much away from the computer, but the first part of last week I found out that rockets has been fired into the Golan by Iran. So I wonder if Barry, Phil & Susie will suggest that Iran go into a time out?

But wait there’s more. Iran is wisely and peacefully spending your taxpayer money every bit as carefully as the obamas on one of their many vacations.

How silly to think American tax money would ever be spent to harm Israel. They’re probably just cranky and need to go for a nap, right Susie?

Especially shocking considering Iran had been engaged in activity hostile to Israel for he last 20 months in the North. Who ever could have imagined it would continue on a bigger scale if they had more money and basically no restrictions?

Wonder if barry is making the rounds at cocktail parties saying “Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I really thought they’d put that money into their economy! That was why the people voted for the current regime”.

Then there are the various and sundry terrorist organizations now competing for funding from Iran & it’s unfrozen assets. They do this by committing terrorist acts against Israel to show Iran they can produce results for the money. So Susie, is that “bad behavior” or just “acting out”?

If you want to consider that often what happens in Israel becomes mirrored in America I shudder. Or as I hear a radio talk show host from Israel say often “Coming soon to a theater near you” when talking about what America is creating for herself.

All this has been about nuclear weapons, and putting America, Israel and the rest of the world at risk. And Barry is willing to do that as he assures America it will keep “us” safer. Despite evidence to the contrary, he says it will keep “us” safer.

So next time you hear Barry talking about how “common sense gun control will keep us safer” and that most gun owners want it, remember a couple things. He lies like a rug and two he ignores all evidence to the contrary to further his agenda.

If he is willing to put the world at risk with a nuclear weapon in Iran’s hands, why would you even wonder if the safety of you or your family is really his concern? I suppose though, if we ask ourselves who the “us” is that he wants to keep safer, his statements would make sense if it is the muslim terrorists and thugs. Because his plans and ideology certainly will keep them safer. Perhaps he identifies more with them, thus it will keep “us” safer.


Iran's peaceful program
Iran’s peaceful program

9 thoughts on “By The Rocket’s Red Glare”

  1. OK, look, I get it. The Zelman Partisans project has to find its own voice, and that voice may not be precisely the same as JPFO’s voice before the betrayal and sale.

    Nonetheless, it’s disappointing to see what used to be “Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership” substantially turned into “Zionists for the Preservation of Likud’s Veto on US Foreign Policy.”

    1. I’m pretty sure when the rockets land in Israel they do not differentiate between Likud, Hatnuah, Zionist Union, or the Pirate Party (yes there is one). Nor do the discern Jew vs Arab. The innocent die with the rock throwers. The current American regime has on multiple occasions assured the world that the Iranian deal will make it safer. That Iran would not use the money for terrorism. But it is, already. Somehow the Arab states surrounding Iran do NOT find this reassuring either, it is not only Israel that is very worried. We all should be. The chants in the street of Iran are “Death to America” as well as “Death to Israel”. With all the people that have poured across our borders you don’t think there could be a problem here?

      If the President is willing to lie and deceive on something as big as a nuclear program/weapons why would he even turn a hair to lie about gun control keeping us safer. Any time you hear “it’s for the children” you can bank on it, that they are fixing to try to take another bite out of our rights. He will give nuclear capability to Iran but doesn’t trust law-abiding Americans with a 30 round magazine or an AR-15? Seriously.

      Beyond that, there is ONE Jewish state, in all the world. I happen to believe the original boundaries and land grant are located in a really big, really old book called the Tanakh/Bible. It seems that what is happening there is being reflected in America. One example Jews and Christians are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, and are attacked when they are finally allowed to go up by the muslims. They often riot to create conditions that cause the Police to prevent the Jews & Christians from being able to ascend during their allotted time period. The Temple Mount is located in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and Jews are not allowed to pray there. I live in a fairly rural area, and yet one of the local schools is going to install muslim foot baths. There is no room in the school for Christians or Jews to go and pray, but there are going to be muslim foot bathes, at taxpayer expense of course. Army Chaplains are not allowed to use the Bible for counseling, nope. A football player is demonized because he wants to pray? The recent Synagogue attacks and the increase in them? I won’t even start with the timing on the riots in Israel and Baltimore and Ferguson.

      The Likud is the reason that the Police have used restraint when Jews were attacked on the Temple Mount, they remove the offending Jew, but do NOT arrest the attackers. If you think this endears the Likud to me, you are mistaken. Personally, I am much more a fan of Manhigut Yehudit.

      But a Zionist? You’ve got me, guilty. I believe in Israel, I believe it is the home of the Jews and I believe it was given to them by G-d. I think there is much we can learn from them as well. But a Zionist? Right down to my pink painted toenails.

      But understand this, this column was mine,and my opinion. I do not claim that my views are those of everyone else at TZP. We all hold our own views on different subjects. But on the Second Amendment we stand together, unwaveringly.

    2. Tom, one need not be a Likudnik to be against genocidal freaks like the mullahs in Iran and their ally in the White House. I detest the spineless Netanyahu and his party. The only solace is the certainty that he, like every one of his predecessors is laboring under having been shown his metaphorical “manila folder” by the Colonial Office in D.C. Twice in the past few years a decisive military option was scuttled. Once for technical reasons and once because of the “folder”.

      Not all of the Wests Jews are against the deal:

      If someone threatens me or those I care about with death, I am not going to be side-tracked into intractable discussions about .45ACP vs. 9mm Parabellum. Leave that to the NRA.

      Neither am I going to masturbate on Left-Libertarianist theoretical models of non-aggression. There are plenty of others to carry that load.

      For me, it is brutally simple. Some people want me dead and mean it. I intend to stop them.

    3. Yeah, Tom. It truly is a disappointment. If I want to hear about neocon imperialism, I just look at the mainstream “news”. That’s not what I come here to read about.

      Jews, guns, America. That’s what I thought this site was about. If only they would stay on topic…

  2. The only people who believe that Iran if they were to get nukes would not use those nukes against Israel & US are the people who think the leaders of Iran are a bunch of liars.

    For myself I take them for their word.

  3. Sheila,

    You write that you “happen to believe the original boundaries and land grant [for Israel] are located in a really big, really old book called the Tanakh/Bible.”

    Do those boundaries include Washington, DC, and the areas it collects tax revenues from?

    I don’t hold with states in general, but I don’t dislike Israel any more than I dislike most states. In fact, I like it better than I like some states.

    That does not mean that the United States has any responsibility to guarantee the borders you mention, to shell out multi-billion welfare checks to the government controlling the territory within those borders and multi-billion dollar payoffs to neighboring states to respect those borders, or to predicate its foreign policy on what’s good for that government rather than what is good for itself.

    You’re correct that there’s a lot of lying going on, and Obama is certainly one of the liars.

    Among the other liars are those who keep shouting about an Iranian nuclear weapons program, without ever so far producing so much as an iota of evidence that any such program exists. These same people tell us that we have to believe every crazy pronouncement by Iran’s religious “Supreme Leader” when he e.g. says he’s going to destroy Israel, but that we shouldn’t believe him when he issues a fatwah saying that the development, possession and use of nuclear weapons is a sin against Islam and that his regime will not do that.

    Finally, if the overthrow of the Islamist regime in Iran would be a good thing for Israel, then Israel should welcome lifting of sanctions. The mullahs wouldn’t last six months if it was them, instead of the US, standing between the people of Iran and the goods and services of the world.

    1. “Let me make clear, Matteo (Italian Prime Minister), that Israel doesn’t oppose a civilian nuclear program in Iran. We oppose a military nuclear program in Iran,” Netanyahu said during an official visit to Italy. “And regrettably, the deal with Iran allows it to keep and expand a formidable nuclear infrastructure that is completely unnecessary for civilian nuclear purposes, but is entirely necessary for the production of nuclear weapons.”

      Under the deal, as various sunset clauses take effect, “Iran within 13 years (will have) the ability to make as many centrifuges as they want, enrich as much uranium as they want to whatever level that they want,” Netanyahu charged.

      “And this will put the Iranian Islamic state that practices terrorism worldwide, it will put it on the threshold of an entire nuclear arsenal,” he added.

      Anyone who want to put nukes in the hands of the crazy Iran’s religious “Supreme Leader” must be crazy too.

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