Village Idiot Victimized (again) by Joo Cabal

Scheming Joo

In late breaking news, Frazier Glenn Miller (aka Glenn Cross) , who failed to properly “(b)e certain of his target, and what lies beyond it.” *  has been convicted of of Murder, Attempted Murder, and various other charges, stemming from the Kansas City Jewish Center shootings last year.

The trial now moves into the “Penalty Phase”, where Mr. Miller may receive the death penalty.

Miller was most disappointed in the results of his trial, especially being effectively denied the venerable and effective ” Shape-Shifting Reptiloid, International Bankster, Talmudist, Christ-Killers had it coming” defense.

He punctuated his displeasure at the verdict with a Nazi salute.

* Millers hapless victims; William Corporon, 69, Corporon’s 14-year-old grandson, Reat Griffin Underwood, and Terri LaManno, 53, were all … <sigh> gentiles.


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