Oh yeah, now that was real sensitive of you

TV network WGN uses a hated Nazi badge to commemorate Yom Kippur.

Feast your eyeballs:


Yes, it was probably a “mistake.” The kind of mistake made when (I’m guessing) nobody checks the work of some millennial in the photo archives whose knowledge of history extends no farther than Taylor Swift’s first hit song. Most likely, nobody meant any harm. Still …



4 thoughts on “Oh yeah, now that was real sensitive of you”

  1. “Mistake?” Maybe so, but of course no excuse for dead bone ignorance and unprofessional behavior. Actually, the words and actions of politicians for a hundred years or more have set the stage for this. They can say and do the most outrageous things, yet it all is supposed to go away with their first hint of “apology” or even the admission they made a “mistake.” Of course, more and more now, they simply lie about it and/or blame some poor junior staff member. Hillary comes to mind, unfortunately…

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