A Video to Make You Tear Up

It’s Tuesday morning, and I ran across this video that I felt I needed to share with you. There’s not much left to say that Aaron Weiss didn’t say in this flawless 3-minute speech.

It’s eloquent and true. Those of us who volunteered to serve in the Armed Forces know why we did so – and it’s not for that generous $1800 per month you receive as a PFC.

I graduated Johns Hopkins with a degree in International Relations, and there was little doubt in my mind about what I wanted to do. I gave it some thought for a few months, but in the end I joined the Army.

I joined, because I understood what it’s like to live in a tyrannical state where rights matter about as little as human beings do.

I joined, because I wanted to defend the freedoms and opportunities this nation afforded me – freedoms the former USSR, Nazi Germany, and every other statist hellhole has destroyed.

I joined, because when I came to this country as a kid, I realized that I had opportunities here to live, achieve, and succeed that I would have never had as a Jew in the USSR.

And I was grateful. I was grateful enough to put on that uniform and swear an oath to defend our Constitution and those freedoms with my blood and my life.

Regardless of who resides in that White House at 20220, that oath and that promise remains the same. Politicians come and go. We may agree with them, nor not. But our oath and our promise remains: should any enemy threaten our country, our Constitution, or our people we will be there.

The young man in this video understands this. He served to protect those rights we hold dear. He continues to do so on a local level as a law enforcement officer. And he let those statist swine in New York know that he – as a veteran and law enforcement officer – will actively oppose their efforts to destroy everything he swore to protect…

…and do so by hypocritically using the deaths of children at Newtown to do it.


One thought on “A Video to Make You Tear Up”

  1. Epic.

    I’ve seen it before, but it’s still epic. And yes, it’s still tear-inducing.

    I love the inconsistencies Mr. Weiss points out. It took a lot of courage to pass the bill? Really? It took courage to say “Aye” instead of “Nay”, when voting to give the state (and by extension, themselves) more power? It took courage to bravely stand up in the middle of the night against constituents who wouldn’t even see it until it was too late? It took courage to volunteer other people to enforce the bill’s edicts, while they themselves risk nothing?

    And now that those people are onto the scheme, I suppose we’re to believe it’s taking courage to double down rather than admit a mistake, is that right?

    Their definition of courage must indeed be different from ours, and I agree again with Mr. Weiss: if a clause was added in that required those legislators to put themselves at risk and be at the forefront of enforcement, they would quickly discover that they aren’t so eager to impose such restrictions.

    Best piece of advice for anyone in power: Never order someone else to do anything you aren’t willing to do yourself under identical circumstances. Alternatively (since the statists are all “For the Children!”), never order someone else’s son/daughter to do anything you aren’t willing to have your own son/daughter do under identical circumstances.

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