I am WOMAN hear me whine?

I saw a column a few days ago about a University of Miami Law Professor who was opposed to a campus carry bill making it’s way through the Florida senate.

MA Franks, another self-defense expert, urged lawmaker to reject the legislation. Franks is a law professor at the University of Miami who specializes in self-defense law and is also an instructor in Krav Maga, a Israeli form of hand-to-hand self-defense.“Guns are highly effective in committing crimes. They are rarely effective in preventing them,” Franks said.Franks said law enforcement officers and military members receive extensive training in firearms yet “struggle to use them effectively and accurately,” citing an 18 percent “hit rate” in gun fights involving the New York Police Department.“The fact of the matter is guns escalate aggression. They create a false sense of security. They encourage violence as a first resort,” Franks said.Franks also rebutted the argument that concealed weapons could prevent rape, noting most assault victims know their attackers. “Unless someone is going out on a date with her hand on a gun, this is not going to help her,” Franks said.

Apparently unmoved by the victims of rape that testified in favor of the bill, Franks believes that a woman would be unable to use a gun to defend herself.

WOW. A Professor of law, but, but the degree came from Harvard so that could be part of the problem.

I had a conversation with my Mom this morning, we were just reminiscing about my Dad, and things I had wanted to be “when I grew up”. At one time I considered lawyer, or perhaps open a auto repair shop staffed by women. A place where women could come and not feel intimidated. Dad didn’t like either of those. At the time those conversations took place women weren’t really in either of those fields. Back then there were still some jobs that were considered “men’s work”.

I remember the women’s liberation movement. Fairly well. Women were fighting to be accepted into fields that typically weren’t open. They wanted equal pay for equal work.

The first female police officer (actually functioning as a regular officer) was 1972. The academies didn’t make it easy for them to get through and often their teammates didn’t want them on the team.

The first female fire fighter to work solely as a paid fire fighter was in 1974. There were women who were volunteer fire fighters in the 1800s. There had also been BLM crews made up of solely women, but the first regular fire fighter if you will, was 1974.

The first integrated unit where men and women served together in the military in a war zone was the 1991 Gulf War. Prior to that women had been in the military, but usually as support staff, medical or clerical jobs. Going back to the War for Independence and the un-Civil War women did serve in combat units, but they disguised themselves as men. It was a process not an event. In 1974 the first six women became Air Force pilots, in 1976 the military academies became co-educational.

Women fought hard to have the opportunity to have these non-traditional jobs. If I had a daughter attending an expensive college and had one of her professors telling her that she was incapable of using an effective tool to defend herself I would be appalled and outraged, and she would be out of there and into a good school in a Miami minute. If I were alumni of the school and had a professor telling women such things I would drop support. I realize colleges are a hotbed of liberalism and progress and so to return to such an outdated and false sterotype is despicable.

So who is this ancient crocodile that is so threatened by a woman being able to defend herself against someone or a group bigger and stronger than herself?

Well, this is where it gets really sad. MA Franks, is Mary Ann Franks. A woman. Sadder still? She is a Krav Maga instructor. She recognizes the importance of self-defense but would deny her sisters the use of one of the most, if not the most effective tool to do so.

She is young now, she can do Krav Maga, but is she foolish enough to think that ALL women can? I realize she earns money teaching a way cool martial arts form, and kudos to her for that. But she lives in la-la land (sorry, forgot about the Harvard thing) if she thinks that there are no older students or students with physical disabilities. The most vulnerable do not need an effective form of self-defense? And they are every bit as deserving to live safely as the people that can afford to take her classes or have her physical abilities.

To have someone who has worked to be in a role that at one time would have been dominated by men telling others that women are incapable of using a gun is allowing her liberal ideology to damage lives. Perhaps she needs to get off the campus and into the real world where she could begin to use her mind and begin to think.

What a shame. What a selfish, silly, ungrateful child.


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  1. She needs to get clear on some facts; her base assumptions are wrong, so her conclusions are quite naturally wrong, too.

    “Guns are highly effective in committing crimes. They are rarely effective in preventing them,” Franks said.

    If you’re using Brady Campaign numbers, maybe. Keep in mind that to the Bradys (and most anti-gun groups), using a gun in self-defense doesn’t count unless the attacker dies. No dead body, no DGU. To them, the millions of DGUs each year that end with no shots fired aren’t really DGUs, since the attacker might have stopped for any reason; it didn’t have to be that their intended victim had a gun pointed at them.

    Franks said law enforcement officers and military members receive extensive training in firearms yet “struggle to use them effectively and accurately,” citing an 18 percent “hit rate” in gun fights involving the New York Police Department.

    The mistake here is implicitly equating NYPD’s firearms training with military firearms training, or even any civilian firearms training program worth its salt. Most NYPD officers shoot maybe one or two boxes per year in qualification; that’s all the department covers for them. Any extra they have to buy themselves, and most just don’t. So of course they have terrible “hit rates”.

    Most CCW-ers, on the other hand, take their responsibilities seriously, and two boxes (100 rounds) is a slow day at the range. Add in dry-fire practice, training classes on their own dime and time, etc, and you’ll find an entire community of “civilians” who are infinitely better trained and more competent than most of the NYPD.

    (As evidence: there are approx. 800,000 police officers in the US, and 11-12 million CCW license holders. How many negligent/”accidental” discharges have the police had vs. the CCW community? Q.E.D.)

  2. Jeez,

    I know of one martial arts expert who was shot and killed while working as a bodyguard and there was also a very well known expert locally in MA about ten years ago who was mugged in his home and tried to take on the gunman because he said he thought he was going to kill him. He was shot a zillion times but survived. Half of the martial arts community thought he had shown the value of martial arts, the other half rethought karate as the perfect discipline, probably got LTC here.

    I studied several martial arts when younger. I think they can be a great adjunct to carrying a .45.

  3. I’m nearly 70, with a very bad back. Some days I struggle to open the door when it is windy. I also carry a gun, all the time, everywhere… and I know how to use it. But even more important, I think, is the fact that I am acutely aware of my surroundings and keep my head on a swivel when out of my house. And that takes as much practice as the shooting part. If I can recognize trouble before it starts, I stand the best chance of not needing to use the gun. And that’s the way I like it.

    But go unarmed? Never. Not because I’m a woman… but because I am a self owning human being.

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