6 thoughts on “This is how you do it”

  1. Darn you, Joel ( at the pingback ). Your “Lumberjack / Motorist” crack made my tummy hurt, I laughed so hard. 😉

  2. I know you’ll all be shocked to hear this, but the BBC and AFP have absolutely nothing about this story on their web pages. Not one word.

  3. But this part is really cute:
    The ramming is the latest in a three-month period of near-daily attacks. Since mid-September, Palestinians have killed 19 Israelis in stabbing, shooting and vehicular attacks. At least 113 Palestinians have died by Israeli fire in the same period, of whom 76 are said by Israel to be assailants. The rest were killed in clashes with Israeli security forces.

    Israel blames the violence on incitement by Palestinian political and religious leaders. Palestinians say the attacks stem from despair at ever shaking off Israeli rule

    They still think that by pointing out that more terrorists have died than victims that it makes the Israelis “the bad guys”, and wait, wait! Despair at shaking of Israeli rule? But, um, well, in fact, you do CHOOSE to LIVE in Israel…..much like in Canada say, you live under Canadian rule…Seems to escape nbc.

  4. “Lakeisha Holloway to Be Charged With Murder in Deadly Las Vegas Strip Crash, Police Say”
    “A 24-year-old woman accused of driving a car on a sidewalk and through a crowd on the Las Vegas Strip, killing one and injuring over 30 others, wouldn’t tell police why she drove on the sidewalk, but did say she remembered a body bouncing off her windshield and breaking it, the arrest report reveals.”

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