This Week’s New Poll: The Zombie Apocalypse

Plants-vs-Zombies-2-14We decided to have a little fun with this week’s Zelman Partisans poll, and let you use your imagination a bit.

Picture yourself in a zombie apocalypse, a la “The Walking Dead.” Zombies surround you, and the only way to kill them is to destroy their brains. You’re in it for the long haul. Survival is key. They can come at you in crowds, or one at a time. They’re slow, but fairly strong, and one bite means death. What kind of weapon will you choose?

Have fun!



20 thoughts on “This Week’s New Poll: The Zombie Apocalypse”

    1. Pat, we’re trying a new way of posting the poll this week. More fun but required some adjustment. If you can’t see the poll embedded in the post, it’s probably because you have scripts turned off. The poll is also in the sidebar as usual, and that’s just a simple HTML link that you should be able to use. That link will also show the (pretty damn funny) comments after you v*ted.

  1. What funny comments? Only ones I see are the two above. 🙂

    As for zombies, the only ones I know of are all those who think they can/must control other people. They are usually easy to avoid, actually, and defense against them covers the whole range of possibilities, depending on the circumstances.

    Luckily, a brain shot isn’t the only solution. Yet…

    Besides, they are already brain damaged. Really. 🙂

    1. People should now be able to see the poll link in the sidebar without scripts. The version embedded in the post requires scripts. That one can be used without leaving the page but doesn’t (as far as I can see) show the comments made by people who choose “other.” (The comments I’m referring to are on the PollDaddy site, not here.)

  2. I chose “Other,” because I’d want two weapons. Since everything I know of zombie-killing comes from watching Walking Dead, I want a six- or eight-foot boar spear as my primary weapon. Then when they start herding on me and I’m ready to go fetal and suck my thumb because a spear isn’t an especially good infighting weapon, I want one of those wonder-nines that holds a zillion or two rounds of ammo…

    1. Good point. I chose the sword/spear/etc. non-ammo weapon, both because I’ve trained in them and because I have them around.

      If the zombie apocalypse really came to pass, when I absolutely had to leave my “safe space” (heh!), I’d prefer to have multiple options: spear (at least 7 or 8 feet), katana or machete, rifle or shotgun, and a 9mm pistol. Adjust according to mission (a.k.a. why you’re having to step out), but always have at least one “loud” and one “silent” option.

      (Yes, I’ve thought this out a bit. 🙂 )

  3. For a large mass of slow moving targets, it is hard to beat a flamethrower. The best part is that they aren’t restricted at all, and they are easy to make, too. One chap in my circle of acquaintance has a US GI surplus backpack unit…..

    ” I love the smell of napalm in the morning…… smells like…Victory!”

    1. Flamethrowers are nice, but I’d save the fuel for the clean-up afterward.

      You do NOT want to leave corpses lying out in the open to rot and get picked at by vermin and/or carrion birds. That goes triple for zombie-infected ones.

  4. 10/22 sawed off to 10″ with a bayonet(similar to walking cane blade) and a serrated blade on the underside of the stock. Very custom, hope I have time to build it.
    Plus: most common ammo.
    neg: doesn’t really allow for hands free activities. guns go bang.

  5. RPD belt fed and portable good round (7.62×39)100 and 50 round belts for on the move and 200 round bunker tins for the fort nice balance too.

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