The Zelman Partisans have an offer for Ted Nugent

The following is a news release for the gun media and any mainstream media that might be interested. We urge TZP readers to spread the word to their media contacts.

February 9, 2016


Ted Nugent planted boot firmly in mouth on Monday when he used a graphic on Facebook to make a point about gun-grabbing politicians that clearly implied that victim disarmament (aka “gun control”) is the work of a vast Jewish conspiracy.

Catching flak for anti-Semitism, he responded by saying that Aaron Zelman — a prominent Jewish PRO-gunner until his untimely death and the inspiration for The Zelman Partisans — called Nugent a gun rights hero. Nugent also stated (spelling his): “I adjust my yamika at my barmitzva playing my kosher guitar.”

Nugent is correct that Jewish individuals play an outsized role in U.S. anti-gun leadership. (Aaron Zelman, in his inimitable style, called them “bagel brains.”) It’s also true that Jews play an important role in defending gun rights. Zelman’s lifelong work and the existence of the recently formed Zelman Partisans serve as proof.

Invoking some hoary, fictional Jewish conspiracy is ridiculous. If Nugent insists on blaming entire groups for the deeds of a few members, why pick on Jews? The victim-disarmament movement is also largely an urban phenomenon, so how about blaming everybody who lives in a city? Women are among the most prominent anti-gunners, so why not post about the “international female conspiracy”?

Oh, but that would be obviously wrong.

Jews are simply an easy and familiar target for blame.

If Nugent means it when he says he’s really pro-Jewish, then The Zelman Partisans say, “Have we got a deal for you. Hey, Ted: If you show your support for pro-gun Jews by joining The Zelman Partisans, we’ll send you not only our standard beautiful membership package; we’ll throw in a TZP ‘yamika’ for free.” Better known as either a yarmulke or a kippah, the TZP version features a Star of David crossed with both an AR-15 and a Mauser 98 of the type WWII-era Jewish partisans captured from Nazis and used against their oppressors.

The Zelman Partisans appreciates Mr. Nugent’s intent in noting the misplaced idealism of those Jews who support victim disarmament. But we wish to remind him that Aaron Zelman’s true legacy of ‘Never Again’ lives on in the hearts and minds of those who understand the dangers of gun control. TZP’s motto says it all: “Jews. Guns. No compromise. No surrender.” That’s on the TZP yarmulke, too, Ted.


About The Zelman Partisans: TZP was established in 2014 to maintain the late Aaron Zelman’s vision. We are a group of Jews and friends who stand uncompromisingly for the right to keep and bear arms — and the entire Bill of Rights. We will keep a close eye on both the enemies of our rights and the compromising “friends” of the Second Amendment who try to sell us out while pretending to be allies.


22 thoughts on “The Zelman Partisans have an offer for Ted Nugent”

  1. I sent the link of this article to somebody who can contact him. It’s “through channels” so there is no telling what will happen, but I hope he responds.

    1. [Edited for clarity. Commenter is semi-literate, with a dubious understanding of grammar and spelling, and the use of capitalization. He is not yet aware of the existence of punctuation.]

      “I’m a repugnant bigot who comes to a site dedicated to protecting our rights and spews poison. I will go fap in my happy sock now to the dulcet sounds of der Fuhrer’s speeches with Wagner playing in the background.”

      1. I’ve saved “f*ckisrahell’s” original comment and might post a riff on it later.

        I’m always struck by the fact that so many members of the “master race” totally lack the ability to spell, research, or present their arguments in lucid, grammatical sentences.

        If these are the world’s “superior” beings, what does that make the rest of us?

  2. “We will keep a close eye on both the enemies of our rights and the compromising “friends” of the Second Amendment who try to sell us out while pretending to be allies.”

    Sounds good. And in keeping with the gist of the post I’ve got two words for you: Bloomberg as to the former, and Sanders as to the latter.

  3. something always seemed a little off with ted and his enthusiastic support of gun rights. not sure why, but never did trust him all the way. maybe this is why. and his nra support when they seem all too willing to compromise as well. prove me wrong , teddy.

    1. Just wanted to come back and say that Ted did prove me wrong, thanks to Nikki. Good for both of them. Ted is still a little bit much for my tastes, but he is a patriot and a friend of TZP, so a friend of mine.

  4. I think it’s a forgivable mistake on Ted’s part. Just list the biggest gun-control advocates you can think of quickly and see how many are Jews. Schumer, Bloomberg, Feinstein come to mind immediately. – at least for me. Sure I know there are plenty of other folks who are not Jewish on ‘the naughty list’, but there are still more Jews on there as well. Maybe the comment didn’t need to be made at all – but if nobody ever said anything that could have gone unsaid, we’d have to shoot those #*%~suckers instead of arguing with them.

    1. Wait… I thought that was a bunch of Saudi Arabians and a couple of Egyptians, funded by a rich Saudi Arabian hiding in Afghanistan and Pakistan, punishing America for its interference in Middle Eastern affairs, so he could establish a grand Islamic state.

      Or was it a FBI/CIA plot to get the PATRIOT Act passed to enslave Americans?

      No, I think it was CIA incompetence failed to connect the dots on Operation Bojinka, masterminded by a couple of Pakistanis.

      Could have been a Bush plot to control Afghanistan so they could start the oil pipeline and invade Iraq to avenge Hussein’s slurs on his daddy, though.

      Oh! Right: It was a secret society out to kill Gaia so the Others could invade and destroy the universe. Oops; that one was an F. Paul Wilson “Repairman Jack” horror novel.

      Sorry. I get confused by all these lunatic conspiracy theories. Have you considered speaking to your doctor about adjusting your meds?

  5. I suspect this is yet another case of Ted’s extreme version of “bluster first, think second”. Send the boy a bottle of super glue with that yarmulke. Tell him it’s lipstick.

  6. No no, the Israelis weren’t behind 9/11. Logistically it is impossible. That was the start of phase II of the super secret spy program. This is the phase that we began to train “spy” vultures, “spy” dolphins, “spy” hawks, “spy” horses. The very popular “spy” squirrels was in phase I.
    So between training all the animals as well as practicing to steal shoes from people like Asghar Bukhari, there would just not have been time to fly the jets into the world trade center tower.

    Apart from that, killing a huge amount of innocent people isn’t really what you see from Israelis. Nor is it part of the Judeo-Christian set of values.

    But for future reference, I can give you this handy guide I found on Twitter:
    Handy guide to who is responsible for your missing items: Shoes=Mossad. Socks= CIA Car keys=MI5
    Reading glasses=Illuminati Sunglasses=NSA

    But 9/11? No.

  7. You’re being pretty nice to Nugent, who got his slimy message out to 8k people or something. Our message goes out to wtf fewer.

    1. For my part, I’m certainly troubled by his posts. However, I’m willing to allow him a chance at redemption for a principled reason and practical reason.

      Many years ago, Nugent spoke up for a friend of mine who ran afoul of a lying cop. I think I owe him a chance.

      Practically, if he can redeem himself, he could help TZP boost its visibility.

        1. this seems to make up for a lot. still don’t trust him completely, but actions here say a lot. and the traffic he can send over here can help spread the message that Jews do indeed believe in the 2nd amendment freedoms as guaranteed by the constitution. Besides, there are more important things to worry about than him. Like the whole rest of the world.

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