Sure, it’s great to see some serious pro-gun Jews, seriously arming themselves for self-defense. But …

Does this have to be the way to go about it???

Oh. Yeah. I guess when you’re dealing with corrupt cops and an impossible “police chief’s friend” type of permitting system, this is what you’re forced to resort to. Shaya Lichtenstein could have done a better job of keeping his mouth shut, though.

(Via David Codrea)


6 thoughts on “Sure, it’s great to see some serious pro-gun Jews, seriously arming themselves for self-defense. But …”

  1. Ouch. “The first rule of illegal carry license club is nobody talks about illegal carry license club.” Though it sounds as thought he feds were on to it before Lichtenstein talked to the nice man wearing the wire.

    I got a kick out of this… “‘He was no less than an arms dealer for the community in New York City,’ Nawaday said.” That part of the community, that is, that wasn’t already carrying handguns without bothering with permits and the part that wasn’t committing any crimes – other than the heinous crime of bribing cops for permits and arming themselves.

  2. And how much would I LOVE to ask him, “So, how much money did you donate to democrats? How much to anti-gun politicians? And what about the poorer of your community, the ones that can’t afford to bribe police? How do you handle the charity to help them protect their families? Or do poor families not deserve a chance to protect themselves? Has your community considered working and donating to the odd pro-self-defense candidate that might come along? Has anyone in your community considered stepping up to the plate? Obviously, you grasp the concept there will not always be someone else there to protect you and your family, how many pro-gun groups do you help support? Are you a member of TZP? Why not? In light of what has happened to you, your family and community, could you now see the benefit of supporting politicians that DO respect your life”. What a great interview that could have been!

    1. New York is just fricking amazing. You start by figuring no large organization can be that clueless, as to confuse wrong use of a firearm (which many call “unlawful” but there’s problems with that label) with defensive use, and try to ban the one to get rid of the other. Then you realize it’s not cluelessness, it’s khutzpah. And so many people are willing to let them get away with it.

  3. [“It’s just a prestige thing. It shows you’re hooked up in the Police Department and you have important, high-ranking friends,” the source said.]

    Even when it runs the way it’s designed, the NYC gun permit system is just as corrupt as the bribed cops. Every civil liberties organization in the state should be up in arms over this, but it’s about gun control, so discrimination is okay.

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