Poll: Let’s Repeal…

Given the latest act of terrorism and typical gun grabber reaction of screaming about everything from bans to repeal of the Second Amendment, it’s tough to be optimistic.

But this week’s poll asks you to do just that. Be optimistic. If only one federal gun control law could be repealed this year, which law would you most like to see gone?


9 thoughts on “Poll: Let’s Repeal…”

  1. Of the choices available, the cold logic in me says the ’38 FFL is the most egregious but, my faith requires that I protect the “least of these.” I must choose the Gun Free Kill Zones of schools.

  2. If you take out GCA’68, the amendments to it, which include parts of FOPA’86 go as well.

    The ‘safe travel’ sections of FOPA are never followed by the states it was supposed to keep from harassing traveling gunowners anyway, so no great loss there.

    We would revert to NFA’34 (I don’t know whether you left this one out on purpose or not) which a court determined had fundamental constitutional flaws and was unable to be enforced. GCA’68 was the ‘cure’. So all that would be left would be FFA’38 until we got to the 90s.

    1. All good points. With the crop of idiots being elected we’ll be lucky to keep what we have. D’s and R’s share a common stupidity. Now we have oath breakers like Joe Manchin (D, Senator from West VA) saying that due process is the problem.

  3. I put in other, for the National Firearms act of 1934. It seems to me that this was the start of ALL the mischief. Up until then, gun laws were a non starter, because second amendment. After NFA 1934, Congress was able to weasel in using the ‘commerce clause’ .

  4. The father of them all, NFA 34 (aka Tile II). The first of the worst. ALL gun control laws, big or small, are unconstitutional on their face and anathema to lovers of individual liberty.

  5. The only gun law that is constitutional is “shall not be infringed’ and why do we have that right?

    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.” Adolf Hitler

  6. The 1968 Omnibus Crime Bill because it would probably be the easiest to overturn. All of them plus any not list must be overturned.

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