Poll: Other Self-Defense Means

Those who work in areas where carrying a firearm for self defense is not prohibited, or who are self-employed, are lucky. There are times many of us must go to work, or travel, or simply must live in an area where carrying our firearms is either not practical, or outright prohibited.

So what do we do?

What type of self defense tool do we carry?

Practical and commemorative. Because no one should be left defenseless!
Practical and commemorative. Because no one should be left defenseless!

There are options that should be considered. We here at the Zelman Partisans certainly are considering them. We continue to expand the products we offer to include those that might be useful, not just commemorative.

The knife above is certainly cool, but what else would you carry in lieu of a gun? What’s practical and concealable? What kind of self-defense tool do you carry if you can’t carry a firearm?

Let us know below.



10 thoughts on “Poll: Other Self-Defense Means”

  1. The poll is flawed; it should allow for multiple answers rather than only one. For example, I carry a knife, or spray, or even a tomahawk, among others, depending on venue and circumstance.

  2. I think a lot of people carry knives because it’s easy and almost traditional, but question how many could stick it in if it came to that. Just showing it to a goblin won’t have the hoped-for effect. You don’t know you can until you have.

    I have been Maced in the eyes, and count it among my three all-time most painful experiences. But it inspired me to beat that person to a red paste, so I have no faith in Mace.

    I carried guns illegally for many years, always in fear of the cops. Finally got tired of being more afraid of cops than of *other* bad guys and (blessings upon all those CCW activists) moved to a place where nobody gets upset at a flash of pistol.

  3. As did Joel… I moved to a place where there is little or no disincentive to carrying a gun. I’ve heard all the excuses, and each person must choose for him/herself, but it was the best option for me.

    I’m not agile or strong enough to use any of the other options meaningfully. I don’t actually know many people who are…

  4. I carry a gun & a knife every where I can then if I can’t carry a gun &/or a knife; in addition I always have one of these in my shirt pocket;


    Under $5.00 and always remember;

    An adult heart pumps blood at several litres per minute.
    An adult has about 4 or 5 litres of blood, so could bleed to death in a few minutes, if someone’s jugular vein, brachial artery or femoral artery was cut or punctured (get to know where they are btw) .

    If an attacker has this kind of problem for him to stay alive he is going to have to be attending to his problem & not you!

    1. I used to use a Koh-I-Noor mechanical pencil that was absolutely solid; (it doesn’t seem to be offered any more but it looks like this: http://www.kohinoorusa.com/products/pencils/mechanical/rapidomatic/index.php only with an all steel body) it felt nice and solid and heavy; one could imagine it being part of a sabot round. Except for one thing–if you ever dropped it on its needle tip the tip would bend and the “lead” would basically break into small pieces as it fed.

  5. When I was in Israel I had two tactical pens. I couldn’t carry, and your purse is often inspected when you go in military museums and sometimes other places, carrying my TZP knife was out. I wouldn’t want to lose it. The one I was taught with was the Sheffield https://www.amazon.com/Sheffield-Tactical-Pen-Black/dp/B01ABEJUZU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467095487&sr=8-1&keywords=Sheffield+tactical+pen and it is nice. My teacher said he had made it through many airports with it, and it is nice and it does write very nicely.
    I fell in love with this one, a sexy red Uzi https://www.amazon.com/UZI-TACPEN5-RD-Aircraft-Aluminum-Tactical-Glassbreaker/dp/B00DS9YLA0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467095438&sr=8-1&keywords=red+uzi+tactical+pen It writes beautifully, takes Fischer space pen refills so can write at an angle, and a lot of my accessories are red. It’s pretty and practical. I don’t think anybody gives a second glance to a girl writing with a red pen.

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