POLL: Will hoplophobes finally get that it’s not all about GUNS?

After last week’s monstrous mass-murder-by-truck in France, is it possible that American hoplophobes will finally begin to get that guns aren’t the problem — that vicious humans are the problem and that they’ll use any weapon to carry out their evil will? Give your opinion here or below.


9 thoughts on “POLL: Will hoplophobes finally get that it’s not all about GUNS?”

  1. The results and even the questions of this poll are bugging me. They know what they are doing. They went to yale and harvard and princeton, chicago business, they are not stupid. They know what they are doing and it is willful. They want the guns for assurance of power and money for themselves. You make a grave error if you think they are dumb or just blind to reality. Their reality is you, subjected unto them, any way they can achieve it.

    1. I agree that the PTB in the anti-liberty movement know exactly what they are doing. However, the mass of hoplophobes is made up of the “true believers” who buy the rhetoric unquestioningly. I think these are the ones addressed in the poll, as we are well aware that Soros, Bloomberg, et al are an evil breed of their own, to be addressed not as phobic but as deliberately manipulative and oppressive.

      1. You’re right. I should have specified and probably, unthinkingly, disparaged the the poll, but never the poll writer. (love goes to Claire.)
        I should calm down a little, it’s a long fight. I had picked the second option.

    2. Yes, I too agree it depends on WHICH hoplophobe you are talking about.

      The true hoplophobe, i.e., the one who is just irrational on the subject of guns, won’t look at facts. Gun=scary to them, end of story, no more need be said, shut up you evil person! They are exploited by the leadership, some of whom might also be true hoplophobes…others just recognize guns are a hazard to their agenda (which may or may not involve a gas chamber or equivalent).

      As such I can’t answer this poll, it’s demanding I make an unwarranted generalization about my enemy’s motivations.

  2. Those in the know knows exactly what it is all about;

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” Mao Zedong

    It ain’t about guns nor rights, it’s all about power, who can fight back and who has to submit!

    Because to those who want to control we are only their cattle to be used for their benefit and cattle with guns is surely a scary concept!

  3. Wasn’t there a case in Oregon a year or two ago where a kid killed people with a car, a knife and a gun, and all the anti’s talked about was the gun? They’ll never be forced off-message by mere facts.

  4. I didn’t get to vote until Friday night. Most people here will probably agree that the anti-gun side won’t ever let facts stand in the way of their agenda. That being said, many anti-gun people are also simply afraid and uninformed about guns and gun rights. Those are the people we have a chance to reach. Our outreach must be done kindly, with respect, and in measured ways to ensure that we do not just turn those types of people off with an attitude that can at times be, for lack of a better term, macho. I am not trying to offend any female gun rights supporters, of whom there are many, I am simply stating what I have at times seen, both in person, and online in several forums.
    That doesn’t mean we should ever stand down, or back up in our own strong feelings and support for gun rights. What it means is that we must also understand that if we hope to one day win this war on our freedoms, it will involve many battles, and those battles cannot be won by alienating those we wish to win over to our way of thinking about freedom and rights.

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