Poll: Buying New Guns?

gunsA recent Rasmussen poll reported that Americans are buying guns at a record pace.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that nearly one-out-of-four Americans (23%) say they or someone in their immediate family has bought a gun in the past year. Seventy percent (70%) have not, but six percent (6%) aren’t sure.

The majority of the respondents claim their purchases are for self defense. What about you guys? Are you purchasing more guns? Why?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Buying New Guns?”

  1. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. If Shrillary is elected, there will be another run on guns and ammo. She will displace Barry O as gun salesman of the century.

  2. I have what I need and am not in the market for anything this year. I am focusing on ammo, storable food inventories, and home improvements designed to make us more self-reliant in the event of an emergency, natural or otherwise.

  3. No, I’ve got all I need, and a few I can no longer physically manage. I’m going to look for a good shotgun class and continue to practice with the guns I can shoot well now.

    In the event of an emergency, those guns I no longer shoot can become loaners.

  4. just focusing on ammo and storage food, though if a Garand or a Star of David marked Mauser came along that I could afford, I’d be all over it,,,

  5. I just gave my son a .22 cal rifle that belonged to my late dad, and so when I saw a cheap mossberg online for sale for 110$ free shipping , I jumped on it. I am not actively looking to buy right now, but I do have a savings jar set aside just waiting for the right deal. Now it is a hundred bucks lighter.

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