The Lesson of Yankel Rosenbaum


Twenty-five years ago, following a tragic automobile accident, there was a pogrom in New York City.  It was arguably led by Al Sharpton, and repeatedly excused at the highest levels of New York political elites. During the three days of full-out rioting, an Australian rabbinic student, Yankel Rosenbaum, was viciously murdered for the unpardonable crime of being a Jew. The perpetrators even pulled a non-Jewish, Italian man from his car and savagely beat him, thinking him a Jew.

So, in answer to the question, “Can _it_ happen, here?” It HAS happened here. And, it almost certainly will happen again.


Fully a quarter-century later, the government of New York City’s Five Boroughs steadfastly refuse to allow their citizens tools for effective self defense.  Permission to have even a mundane, single-shot shotgun in your own home, is expensive, arduous, and complicated, in the extreme.  More effective tools are far harder to legally possess.  A handgun on your person?  Hell, the NYPD & Cyrus Vance will put you in jail and clean out your wallet for carrying a simple lock-blade knife like the one we offer here at Zelman Partisans!

The enemies of human liberty are always angling to keep the rest of us on the plantation, cane knives chopped blunt, dependent upon them, and their permission, for every human need.  To them, you, and your loved ones, are livestock.

Remember the lesson of Yankel Rosenbaum.


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