Two ‘Must Reads’ on the Hebron Massacre of 1929


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Hebron 1929 – My Grandfather Never Forgot
by Rachel Steinmetz

“Hebron. The media loves to talk about Hebron. Just this afternoon, as I strolled through Manhattan, Hebron flashed before my eyes. The fire engine red news ticker on the Fox News building displayed an urgent story about Hebron. Something about settlers, building permits, casualty counts. I quickly turned the corner. Hours away from the 87th anniversary of the 1929 massacre and ethnic cleansing of the ancient Jewish community of Hebron, faux controversy over building permits for Jews seemed pretty grotesque.”

“The stories of Arabs storming Jewish homes while police casually watched has been written many times over and I won’t elaborate on the details, but the barbaric savagery which left 67 murdered and dozens injured is beyond belief. Over a couple of days, the Hebron community was wiped out and Jews in Jerusalem, Safed, Tel Aviv, Haifa and moshavim were attacked, maimed, raped, robbed, looted and murdered in a variety of creative ways. The casualty list is a lengthy one.”

Read the rest here.

Then, read this account; the “Megillat Chevron” by survivor Ahron Bernzweig.

The “situation in the region” is not “complex” at all.  Some people just want you dead. Anywhere.  Anytime.  DEAD.


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