The greatest current threat to gun rights?

orlando-shooting-about-terror-not-gun-controlGun rights are constantly under attack. Anytime a shooting happens, gun control groups and anti-gun legislators spring into action in an effort to condemn our Second Amendment rights.

As soon as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died, Barack Obama tried to install a new Justice – Merrick Garland – who likely would have been a disaster for our gun rights.

Gun grabbers use any strategy they can, including lies and obfuscation to opportunistically push their agenda, and some gun owners and organizations are only too happy to compromise away our rights – either out of fear of losing even more, a desire to appease the clamoring hordes, or a simple lack of understanding of our gun rights and our Constitution.

With all the threats out there, what do you think is the biggest one? These are hard choices, but intentionally so. Maybe once we figure out what you all believe is the biggest threat and why, we can figure out how to address it. Together.

Provide as much or as little by way of explanation for your choice in the comments, but do comment and let us know the reason for your choice.



8 thoughts on “The greatest current threat to gun rights?”

  1. If the currant crop of nazicrats want to end gun violence there is a simple solution , have anyone voting for queen Hillary sign away their gun rights, in support of her anti gun agenda. That would disarm most criminals IMHO.

  2. Hey Mrs. Grundy, mind your own business! At the base of it all is the willingness of one person to impose their will on others, through the use of government. These are the same people who whine about stereotyping Blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics, yet are happy to stereotype gun owners. Anti-gun people are not really anti-gun, they are anti private gun. They thoroughly promote gun use by government agents, especially to take our guns.

  3. You keep asking this question and the answer remains the same… The greatest current threat to all liberty and “rights” is the belief – outright or unrecognized – that any non-voluntary government or “laws” they produce have any legitimate authority to control our lives or limit those rights. The whole idea that some people can be given the power to control any part of our life, and then that, somehow, those people in power can be controlled… That’s the problem.

    “Gun rights” are not separate from the others. People have to take back self ownership and self responsibility for everything before they can hope to protect their guns – or their freedom.

    And it’s not going to happen by asking, begging or even threatening the politicians and statists they’ve “elected.” It’s not going to happen by electing the “right people.”

  4. Once progressive socialist democrats realized that they could “REINTERPRET” our 2nd amendment rights to be an “allowance” to the same limited low capacity sporting arms allowed to Europeans (Who have NO 2nd amendment rights) insuring their harmlessness to government power – and that there are complicit progressive socialist democrat judges in place to UPHOLD THEIR REINTERPRETATIONS – THE SECOND AMENDMENT WAS DOOMED!

    The Obama administration ENFORCES “political correctness doctrine” while ENCOURAGING the dismantling of our constitution. He threatens to cut federal funding to NC if they do not comply with transgender bathroom laws, and encourages state leaders in blue states to EFFECTIVELY REPEAL THE 2nd AMENDMENT.

    We need a NEW POLITICAL PARTY TO ENFORCE THE 10th AMENDMENT (And destroy political correctness doctrine)

    10th Amendment:
    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, NOR PROHIBITED BY IT TO THE STATES, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

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