Dear World

I’ve decided to try to be creative. I made ya’ll a movie. The reading was part of a radio program and then I spent time collecting pictures I thought would go well with each part and tried to make the timing on the photo and the reading come out right. Yeah, I love ya’ll that much. So this is my first, and possibly only, multimedia video column.

Not long after I heard this recitation as part of Walter Bingham’s radio show I heard about some Jewish leaders in Rhode Island who are lobbying some of the pro-self defense legislators in the state to make it easier for criminals to attack defenseless people. They felt that if good, law-abiding citizens did not have the means to defend themselves and criminals were aware of that, then crime rates would surely drop. That children would be safer as they watched their parents attacked, unable to have the means to mount an effective defense of themselves and their children. Well, perhaps I’m paraphrasing a bit, a little.

But I was sad to hear this. Like I said, after having heard the recitation, and hearing the cries for more defenseless victims I can only shake my head. There are those that think they can find logic in why some are attacked. Dafna Meir was attacked because she lived in Otniel. No, she was attacked because she was Jew living in Israel. The horrible photos are from the Har Nof Synagogue massacre. Not to mention Hevron. There have been attacks on Churches, Synagogues and Jewish Community Centers in the U.S. And law enforcement have managed to stop some before they happen. I read a column that says ISIS now has a hit list of 15,000 people in the U.S. One entire church is on it. Some of the people have been notified by the FIB FBI that they are targets, many have not and the list is not publicly available. I guess what with covering for Hillary and all, it takes away from the time available to let people know they are targeted by ISIS. In the article it talks about an attack that was recently thwarted at a large church in Detroit.

But as I listened to the speaker, and thought about the images I could put with the reading I can’t help but wonder if those community leaders calling for defenseless victims shouldn’t do a brief review of history, at the least a brief review of Israeli history. Seems like there is an old saying. Something about “Those who ignore the past….”

So, without further ado, your movie….סרת


3 thoughts on “Dear World”

  1. Heh-Heh. Sheila, I see you’ve found the works of the mighty, and controversial, Reb Meir Kahane, BDE. Now you are on a whole NEW catalogue of “lists”. Welcome to the dark side. The beer-keg is right over here.

  2. It’s a whole mindset thing. It encompasses a lot. Israel will never get a “good job review” from the U.N. or the world. Neither will gun owners. Too many have been indoctrinated, are low information or have forgotten history. The “leaders” in Rhode Island attacking the pro-gun legislators have forgotten history I suppose, or they aren’t thinking about living in modern day Israel either or anytown USA.

    Same with gun owners that want to compromise on our rights. We’ve seen what happens in other countries who tried to get a “good job review” by compromising with anti-gun people. It always turns out poorly.

    Dear World, it’s a good mindset.

    Y.B. I am SO there, I’m bringing Israeli coffee, bamba & halvah!

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